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Cozynauts: A Fantastically Fun Colony Builder

Have you ever wanted to start your own space colony from the ground up? Cozynauts let’s you do that! Your corporation has sent you out into the galaxy to discover new materials. You land on a new, desolate planet and believe it’d make the perfect place for a new colony. The only problem is your space pod only has room for you. So, you get to build this colony from scratch! 

Set out on a grand adventure as you traverse this alien planet in search of resources. At first you’ll need to carry your items by hand. As you progress, though, Cozynauts offers a variety of upgrades. Eventually you’ll be able to build a hover cart that will follow you as you gather. Then, you can build a whole production line to streamline the process. Of course you get to craft a variety of items, too. Expand your colony by building houses and other amenities like shops. Just don’t forget to supply them with oxygen! Then, pretty up the place by crafting decorations for the colony. 

When you’re not gathering resources and building your colony, Cozynauts offers some other great cozy gameplay. Grow crops in the greenhouse and cross-breed them to discover new crops. Use those crops to make delicious meals to restore your stamina. Catch alien bugs and fish with your net and fishing pole, then donate them to the data center collection, sell them, or use them in recipes. Not all critters are friendly, though, so be careful! You can also adventure into the underground to gather different materials and critters. Fight enemy robots and mini bosses, while searching for the remnants of an alien civilization. 

Play solo or invite a friend to join you in your colony-building endeavors! 


Coming Soon

Cozynauts is currently listed on Steam where you can add it to your Wishlist. It has a planned release date of some time in the beginning of 2024!

Cuisineer is a dungeon-crawling restaurant game that I think is perfectly cozy!


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    Cozynauts: A Fantastically Fun Colony Builder