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Cozy Crest Let’s You Farm Using Elemental Magic

Cozy Crest is an upcoming cozy farming sim perfect for those of you who enjoy Avatar: The Last Airbender! Created by indie developer UnlaeD, this game lets you immerse yourself in a magical world full of elemental magic. Play in singleplayer or with up to four players to build, farm, explore, and master your powers. 

This adorable cozy game will have you building your very own cozy homestead from scratch. Cozy Crest puts you in charge of building your home from the ground up, and even lets you decorate the inside with furniture and decor. Then, set out on a journey to explore the gorgeous world around you as you swim, climb, and even soar through the sky using your glider. Master the four elements (earth, air, water, and fire) to reveal treasures that only respond to elemental magic. You can even use your magic to plow, plant, and water your crops! Or explore procedurally generated dungeons and fight monsters with your elemental powers. Even build up community relationships with your neighbors to gain exclusive benefits. There are also 12 romanceable characters if you want to fall in love! 

Release Date

Cozy Crest is currently listed on Steam where you can Wishlist it. There is no specific release date available, though it’s set to come out sometime this year!

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    Cozy Crest Let’s You Farm Using Elemental Magic