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Coral Island 1.1 Update Is On Its Way

Stairway Games has announced the upcoming 1.1 update to their lovely farming sim, Coral Island! I, like many other gamers, have been eagerly waiting for the next update as the game is rather unfinished. However, the 1.1 update will add what many players have been impatiently waiting for: Merfolk relationships and romances! This update is essentially the ocean update and adds more than just relationships, though. 

What to Look Forward To

Coral Island is expanding its horizons with the 1.1 update by adding four new members to the Merfolk Kingdom. Get to know the ocean dwellers by building relationships with them through interacting and gifts. Learning their likes and dislikes will lead to them opening up to you about their story, but some of them might even fall in love with you! There’s even a new wedding location to discover for those of you who enjoy hunting down all of the options. 

Of course, the name of this game is farming, and Coral Island certainly hasn’t left out the ocean for that. 1.1 will introduce a new plot of land for you to decorate and farm on. This time, it’s located under the water! There are new ocean crops for you to plant, as well as critters to raise. Take care of the aquatic creatures inspired by real life animals like the shellcluck, mermoo, inkhog, carapoultry, and seashroud. Each one produces new and useful products. And of course there is new ocean decor to decorate your underwater farm with. 

The ocean and Merfolk aren’t the only ones being added to this update. According to the roadmap for Coral Island, 1.1 includes some other fun stuff. Players will finally get access to the Savannah, as well as new storylines and content. You’ll get to raise ostriches and buffalos on your farm, as well. Plus, there’s a new town rank to achieve, attractions, a tourist system, more outfits and decor, improvements to the dialogue system, and improvements to hats! 


Release Date

Coral Island’s 1.1 update is expected to release for Beta Access on May 20th! There will likely be more info about the full roll out for all platforms at a later date. You can find the game on Steam.


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    Coral Island 1.1 Update Is On Its Way