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Cool Little Things That You Can Do In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Even the smallest of details and features can make a game considerably better. Before the release of New Horizons, I published two articles (which you can read here, and here) about the amazing attention to detail players could look forward to. Now that the game is here, we can truly appreciate the effort that Nintendo has put into the game.

I’ve covered some of the more obvious elements of the game, but I’ve also noticed some rather neat little things that you might not know. Here are our favourite cool little things that you can do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Hop Over Holes And Small Parts Of Ponds

I don’t know why I found this so exciting. But in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can hop over holes and the smaller parts of ponds. To do this, you simply press the joystick in the direction of the hole/small area of water that you wish to hop over. ?️

Sell Weeds And Use Them To Craft Items

Weeds are not as much of a pest as they were in previous games. In fact, you can sell them to the Nooklings (which will also earn you Nook Miles) and use them to craft items such as the Leaf umbrella or Hay bed. ?


Flower Power

Tom Nook will give you a recipe for a flower wreath after a few days of gameplay, and this only requires 3x yellow, 3x red and 3x white cosmos to craft. ‘Pretty’ neat huh? ?

Are You Tired Of Tires?

In previous games, any tires you reeled in whilst fishing were worthless and considered trash. However, if you ‘catch’ a tire whilst fishing in New Horizons, you will then get the recipe for the ‘Tire toy’ which requires a tire to craft it. ?

Uproot By Eating Fruit

This might not be such a ‘little’ feature, but it is rather cool and impressive nonetheless. By eating a piece of fruit, you can literally dig up an entire tree, store it in your inventory, and relocate it. ?

Let There Be Light

If you catch a fish, you can display it in a tank in your house. However, if you face the fish tank and press the A button, you can turn on a light in the tank. To turn it off, you simply press A again. ?

Use A Toilet To Rid Yourself Of Any Fruit You’ve Eaten…

Many internet users initially thought that this was a joke. Nope. If you sit on a toilet after eating fruit, it will get rid of your fruit-powered strength. Simply put, you can essentially poop in New Horizons. ?

Darling Leave A Light On For Me…

If you’ve left a light on inside your house, it will be visible from outside which is pretty cool. However, it’s a good job that Tom Nook doesn’t require you to pay utility bills.. ?

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    Cool Little Things That You Can Do In Animal Crossing: New Horizons