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    svgApr 2, 2024Animal Crossing

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    If you want to share a unique Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing themed gift this year, look no further. Browse some super adorable themed gaming merch and so much more – browse my shop to see my entire collection and on Etsy here.

    Stardew Valley Gardening kit & Stardew Valley Gaming Mat

    Stardew Valley Gaming May

    This Stardew Valley inspired DIY gardening kit comes with everything you need to grow your own beautiful plant. The printed weather proofed ceramic pot has a drain hole and a tray so that you can safely water your plant friend. The print features a wide variety of characters and memorable scenery from the game. The kit includes a reusable zipper pouch, a bamboo gardening stake to name your plant, instruction cards, stickers and so much more!

    Animal Crossing Themed Gardening kit – Tiny Garden Pals

    Much like the Stardew Valley kit, everything is custom made with the tiny world of Animal Crossing that fits in the palm of your hand in mind. Perfect to grow the included seeds or a succulent of your likings. It comes with a tiny shovel, made for the kit, the tiny planter is last imprinted so it won’t fade, it also has a drainage hole and a bamboo coaster. There is a small canvas soil bag themed after Leif. A no fail instruction card along with a tiny bamboo plant stick also themed after our gardening friend Leif from Animal Crossing. 

    Animal Crossing themed Coin Purses… and more!

    This super soft Animal Crossing inspired Coin Purse comes in the design inspired by everyone’s favorite video game. Choose between a midnight blue Fossil, golden Bell Bag or the ever adorable Celeste from ACNH inspired coin purse. If you want to go for the ultimate fan bundle you can choose the tripple pack that includes all three of them, perfect for gifting or to keep all to yourself.

    And so much more…

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  • svgFeb 14, 2024News

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    If you’re unfamiliar with Kynseed, it’s a lovely farming sim that dives deeper and brings more to the table than most farm sims. Run your farm and customize it to your tastes. Run a business of your choice like a blacksmith, apothecary, or general store. Craft items, battle monsters, and get to know the townspeople. Even get married and raise children!

    There is so much to do and experience in this gorgeous game, and now there’s a huge update called “The Big Build Update” that has recently been released. If you already own this game, the developers suggest you restart with a brand new character so you can get the full experience of all the new things.

    The Big Build Update

    The following is the huge list of content this update brings to Kynseed.

    • Customize the look of your farm’s interior and exterior.
    • Buy new farm plots.
    • A certain Fairweather item might also give you a further area to customize
    • New farm structures.
    • Repair structures like bridges to access new areas.
    • Fix statues and stalls to make travel and commerce easier.
    • Repair houses that can be destroyed by the encroaching evil creatures of the land.
    • New Axe and choppable trees for wood collection
    • New Stone resource.
    • Track all your progress through Progress Screen with a picture that fills in as you go.
    • 400+ challenges to complete
    • Items screen gives a breakdown of number found, total collected and the highest rating acquired.
    • Relationship screen tracks all current npcs and your relationship with them.
    • Story/Event keeps a history of parts of the game you have already discovered.
    • Shops give a brief overview of how your shops are doing.
    • Customization catalogue shows you all items you can unlock and what activities will unlock them.
    • New Noticeboard Tasks
    • Talent system means each NPC, including your children, has their own skill which can be used to your benefit.
    • New dialogue
    • New relationship cutscenes
    • The type of an NPC’s like/dislike can now be seen on their info
    • NPCs now travel between levels and have had other AI tweaks.
    • Your previous family can visit from time to time

    Plus so much more! There are bug fixes, some story pacing adjustments, and batch crafting. Unlock proverbs, there’s a star rating for items, and a new instant message system that alerts you to events, tasks, and shop alerts for low stock. And there’s even more than that, which you can go check out on Kynseed’s Steam page!

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    League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena that released way back in 2009. It continues to be one of the most played online games worldwide, and now Riot has teamed up with Graveyard Keeper’s developer to take on a whole new genre: farming sims! 

    Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story is a delightful farming and crafting sim set in the city of Bandle, home of the furry yordles. You play as one of those yordles, a shy one who lives in Yarnville. It’s an isolated little island obsessed with knitting, but 101-year long apprenticeship has come to an end, and you yearn to see what the world has to offer beyond the portals that connect the world. A party you attend goes awry, though, and the portals collapse as a result! 

    Equipped with your unique knitting magic, you’ll embark on a grand adventure to restore the portals of Bandle Tale! Team up with some of the champions from League of Legends who will help you in your quest. Encounter a variety of curious creatures. Also gather resources to craft some neat items with, and awaken the magical portals. That’s not all, though! You’ll get to throw parties and festivals for the town to entertain your fellow residents. Grow crops, cook tasty dishes, and even build gadgets to delight your guests with. 

    Will you restore the portals?

    Release Date

    Bandle Tale is listed on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Epic Games, and GOG. There is no specific release date, but it is expected sometime this year!

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    Thirsting for a city builder and management game that doesn’t involve people? Look no further!

    United Penguin Kingdom is exactly that. You’re building a settlement for penguins while satisfying their needs. Build homes, decorate the town, assemble entertainment venues, and produce whatever else your penguin settlers may need. You’ll need to fight off killer whales and thieving seals while you do all of that, too.

    This is no low-tech village, either. United Penguin Kingdom makes use of different workplaces to grow food, produce materials, and make medicine for its citizens. Plus, energy generators are necessary for running homes, workplaces, and coolers. When they’re not working or chilling at home, your penguin settlers will enjoy spending time at museums, ice skating rinks, game centers, and so much more. Schools are important for your penguins, too, so make sure there are enough seats for them! 

    Can you grow your humble settlement from a tiny little village to a whole kingdom?

    Release Date

    You can find United Penguin Kingdom on Steam. There is no release date available, but you can add it to your Wishlist!

    Want more city builders? There’s Gourdlets, a builder with no objectives, just creative freedom. There’s also As Far As The Eye, The Wandering Village, and Dwarrows.

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    I’ve been playing dotAGE quite a bit since I got my hands on it. It’s been an absolute staple in my Steam library. It’s easy to pick up and put down, or so easy to get completely engrossed in and lose the day. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, you can read my previous mention of it here, and I even have a review of it. 

    Now, there’s a Christmas update! This update gives players a new story to play where Santa is exploiting his elf Pips and needs to reach a certain quota of gifts. It’s your job as the Elder to help Santa reach that quota! Aside form a higher difficulty level, the story has a few things to spice it up and make it different from the rest of dotAGE

    – New resource: Gift!

    – Four new buildings!

    – A new map with evergreen trees and snow all around!

    – A new job: Santa’s Helper!

    – A special doom event with a twist!

    – A new flow specific to Santa, with a shorter run and custom seasons!

    Will you be able to save Christmas?

    You can find dotAGE on Steam!

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  • svgNov 15, 2023Indie Highlight

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    Did you ever watch Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away and think to yourself “I’d love to run a bath house for spirits”? What better way to get to interact with the fantastical and wonderful, after all. Well, now’s your chance! Spirittea offers that opportunity. You drank the Spirittea and now can see all of the different spirits that are causing trouble in town. Humans have stopped worshiping and leaving them offerings, so they’ve become lost and purposeless. 

    Your job in Spirittea is to find those mayhem-causing spirits and help them solve their problems! They’ll only become paying customers of the bathhouse once you’ve helped them. This might involve getting the spirit a bowl of spicy noodles, digging up their long-lost treasure, or some other task. You’re also in charge of running the bathhouse, so you’ll need to keep it running smoothly. Sweep away cobwebs, provide clean towels to customers, collect used towels, and keep things dry and organized. Provide tasty meals for your customers while ensuring their bath water is heated to their preferred temperature. And make sure you plan carefully. Some spirits dislike each other, so sit them apart from each other, while placing friends together for best results! 

    When you’re not busy running your mountain-side bathhouse, be sure to talk to the townspeople of Spirittea. They each have their own unique personalities and schedules, as well as hobbies. Plus, many run the local shops which will be helpful in decorating your home. The shops can make a variety of furniture to fit your interior decorating tastes. Make your simple house a cozy home fit for you! 

    Available Now

    Spirittea release November 13th, and is now on Steam, Switch, and Xbox!

    Japanese Rural Life is another relaxing sim game! Set in the Japanese countryside, you farm, fish, and spend time with your pet.

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  • svgNov 2, 2023News

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    Roots of Pacha is a lovely farming and life sim set in the Stone Age. You and your tribe mates will discover new ideas and inventions, as well as bring those ideas to life. Improve your community as you explore the world. Tame animals, make friends, even get married! And of course, you’ll run your own farm where you plant a variety of crops to use in jams and other recipes. 

    Now, Roots of Pacha is receiving another fun update that brings more content, and goodies! This update will add a new animal, called the auochs. This cow-like creature will be tameable by playing its own unique song. Move them to a barn on your land and gather fur and milk from them. Plus, they may even play a major role in future game updates! 

    Roots of Pacha is adding quite a few new additions for NPCs, too. Voda will be romanceable now. You can join her in the woods to visit with the wolves, and more. Plus, there will be new NPC cut scenes, as well as gifts from those NPCs you’ve achieved a high enough friendship level with. Receive 16 new recipes, 10 new hats/masks, 11 furniture pieces, and 2 new accessories. Then there’s unions. Players have wanted to be able to break unions (marriages) for a while now, and now they’ll be able to! So, if you like to marry everyone in a game for completionism, this is your chance! 

    Then there’s these fun new Roots of Pacha additions: 

    • Sitting on chairs will restore your stamina
    • You can now grow herbs and mushrooms
    • Use traps in savanna to get meat, or butcher animals you’ve raised
    • The race maps were polished
    • Performance optimizations implemented
    • Fruit tree costs lowered, plus a new one added that makes animals never get sick
    • Fish will have quality levels
    • Japanese language added as a playable option
    • Cross play will be available with Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox releases.

    Finally, and perhaps the most exciting, is that Roots of Pacha is coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation November 28th! An Xbox port will come sometime next year. You can also find it on Steam now.

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  • svgOct 25, 2023Indie Highlight

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    Sticky Business is an adorable and vibrant game where you run your very own sticker business. You pick from a variety of design elements to create thousands of fun possibilities. Then, you can add pretty papers and extras to each package as you hand pack them for customers. 

    And now Sticky Business added some spooky Halloween elements with a recent update! There are now new stickers to choose from like cute ghosts, fun little bats, and pumpkins. Plus, there’s two new packing papers to celebrate the holiday. Throw in matching treats to each box or use the new glitter material for a pop of fun. Pair that with September’s update and this game is getting better and better. That update added more color varieties, better sticker grabbing, and some other general sticker elements. It’s the ultimate cozy design game!

    The developers also improved the auto-save feature to automatically backup game files so you can play without any worries. 

    Available Now

    You can find Sticky Business on Steam, GOG, and!

    You can read more about Sticky Business, and some other Steam Next Fest demos I enjoyed playing here.

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