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    Check out these Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley inspired games.

    Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley have captured the hearts of millions of fans, it just makes sense that more and more games try to combine the best out of the two.

    If you enjoy at least one – but lets be honest, most likely both of these adorable games, then there is a chance some of these hybrid games will sneak into your ever growing games library one day.

    Lets take a look at four carefully selected games that capture the spirit out of our two beloved games.

    Potion Permit

    In Potion Permit you find yourself in a cute quaint village filled with dozens of unique characters that may need just a little of your help as some of them encounter health issues. It is your job to accurately diagnose their symptoms and then go exploring to find the proper herbs to create a potion that will help them feel better. Potion Permit lets you build and decorate your home, adventuring, make friendships and so much more!

    Potion Permit is truly magical, if you love to fire up your cauldron head over here.

    Kitaria Fables

    In this game you jump into the role of a fully customizable kitten that may appear absolutely adorable but packs a bunch of powers that are needed to fulfill the many requests villagers may ask you to help them with.

    You find yourself in a village where you can also have your very own home. Whenever you hang out at your house you can customize the look and feel of your cat-tastic character. But the fun awaits when you leave your four walls. Villagers of all kinds are populating the cozy village around you.

    Kitaria Fables is coming to Nintendo Switch and all other major platforms.

    Coral Island

    You start the game by arriving as a newbie to a small island, with only five-hundred gold in your pocket. Luckily, that is just enough to buy yourself a farm to start a grand new life in this wonderful place. Get to know the locals and start to expand your farm to help the local community thrive. Do your best to create a magnificent ecosystem that will survive through the changing seasons.

    Take a closer look at Coral Island here.


    palia fishing

    Much like in Animal Crossing you will be able to build and decorate your house from the ground up. You are also free to roam the large open world in hopes to find a piece of land that suits you the most. Find a quite plot by the lake or climb the mountains and place your house high up in the sky with stunning valley views.

    In addition to placing, building and decorating your house you will also be able to grow a garden, plant and harvest crops as much as you desire.

    Check out the gameplay trailer for Palia right over here.

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  • svgMay 28, 2021Animal Crossing

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    With E3 around the corner lets take a look at a possible Animal Crossing New Horizons DLC Expansion.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons is available for over a year now. After a seven years break between New Leaf and New Horizons the AC community was eager to jump into a whole new adventure on a brand new console.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons packs everything an Animal Crossing fans heart desires. Tons of items to collect, a big island to decorate and terraform, costumes content, adorable villagers and just so much more.

    But after a while fans noticed more and more the things we came to love so much from previous games that just weren’t included in New Horizons.

    Gaming has changed

    To understand the possible reason behind the lack of features we have to take a look at the gaming industry as a whole. Gaming has changed – New Leaf is a perfect example of this turn. When Animal Crossing New Leaf released it was considered a complete game and therefore there were no expectations of frequent content updates.

    Nintendo released one major update many years after its original release – Welcome Amiibo which added MEOW points and the campsite to be able to scan Amiibos. Every other feature found in the game today was there the day it launched back in 2013.

    New Horizons launched with a basic set of features with the promise that Nintendo would add more content in the future and deliver events via downloadable updates. While there were plenty of content updates in New Horizons first year, such as swimming in the ocean and seasonal items, the big hopes and dreams fans had were left unfulfilled.

    The return of Brewster, Kapp’n, multiple missing villagers, villager home visits, more shops, Club LOL and more are yet to be added to the game.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons most successful game in the franchise

    animal crossing new hoirzons sales records

    New Horizons has sold more than 33 million copies worldwide so far, which makes it the most popular Animal Crossing game ever released. It surpassed New Leafs seven year lifetime sales of 15 million copies within only 12 months.

    With a huge fanbase like this it is undeniable that Nintendo must have considered a DLC for the game. Other Nintendo games such as Pokemon Sword and Shield, Zelda Breath of the Wold and even Splatoon a game developed by the Animal Crossing team has received paid DLC.

    Given how Nintendo and the gaming industry as a whole have changed, it may be very possible that the big N is currently working on a paid DLC. Based on prices for other Nintendo Switch games, this DLC would most likely be $19.99 and should come with enough content to justify the price tag.

    Would you be happy to pay for a DLC that could possible introduce more shops, Brewster, and other highly desired features? Perhaps something that is new to the Animal Crossing series?

    With most games now releasing with fewer features and more often than not even featuring micro transaction, I would personally welcome a DLC to make New Horizons the best and most complete game in the series.

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  • svgMay 11, 2021Animal Crossing

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    The Miitopia demo has sparked a lot of creativity among fans.

    For the ones who are not familiar with the game yet – Miitopia was last available on Nintendo 3DS and celebrated much success among fans of cute adventure RPGs. The adorable game packed a lot of similarities with games such as Fantasy Life with many options to customize your very own journey.

    Miitopia has not even released yet but players are already putting the demo Nintendo listed on the Switch eShop to test. The Miitopia Mii creator unleashes an unlimited amount of options.

    Some fans of the game have created some of their favorite video game characters in the style of a Mii, Among those creations are Eugene from Animal Crossing that turned out especially well.

    But beyond just some of the most lovable Animal Crossing characters, players have made some breathtaking designs, take a peak below at some of the wonderful creations fans came up.

    Miitopia Release Date

    Miitopia will release for Nintendo Switch on May 21st. If you would like to get creative yourself, a free demo is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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    Harry Potter fan or not, these magic focused games on Nintendo Switch are a must play.

    There is never a bad time to play a spooky games with a heavy focus on magic and witches, even if Halloween isn’t right around the corner. I always feel in the mood for some more magical games and what better way to cozy up in the evening with some of the most fantastic and witch focused games!

    Take a look at these magic games that are currently available or will be coming to Nintendo Switch.



    Ikenfell is a pixel-art-stylised turn-based RPG game that features a group of troublesome magic students. The game utilises timing-based battle mechanics to allow players to power spells and block attacks. Ikenfell is set in a vast and mysterious magic school. Inside the school, players will encounter numerous monsters and bosses to fight, discover hoards of hidden treasure, and uncover dark secrets never meant to be discovered.

    Release date and availability

    Ikenfell is now available on the Nintendo eShop.

    Nine Parchments

    Nine Parchments

     In Nine Parchments, runaway apprentice wizards seek the elusive lost nine parchments in the hope of completing their spell books. The wizards acquire spells, but without learning the proper safety procedures that come with them. This hasty progress inevitably leads to a few fatal accidents.

    Release date and availability

    Nine Parchments is available on Nintendo Switch.

    Calico – Magical Girls Running Cat Cafe

    Running a magical cat cafe is not the only things that players can do. The game also incorporates enjoyable aspects from other popular gaming franchises such as Animal Crossing. Similarities between Calico and Animal Crossing include the simulation aspects of both games, and the ability to place furnitire and decorations in your buildings. A perk about Calico however, is that the animals will not leave, the shop never closes, and crops never die.

    More details, release date and availability

    Learn more about this adorable game right here

    Calico is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

    Witchery Academy

    Witchery Academy

    Witchery Academy is a fantasy life role playing game where you must complete tasks in a school for witches and wizards. Learn all the ins and outs of the magical world; like potion making and mastering a wide array of spells. 

    More details, release date and availability

    For more information about Witchery Academy, including a trailer – head over here.

    Witchery Academy has no release date yet but is expected to release on PC and Nintendo Switch.

    Little Witch in the Woods

    little witch in the woods

    In case you missed it, Little Witch in the Woods is an upcoming adorable indie game about living the life of a little witch that resides in the forest. Brew potions, resource ingredients, make friends and just enjoy your magical life in this beautiful world.

    The developers recently invited myPotatoGames to check out their game at the Busan Indie Connect Festival, and you can bet your bottom dollar that there is a demo review coming very soon. Until then, we have been given permission to share some new details that the developers have released for the festival. 

    More details, release date and availability

    The game is coming to Steam this year and is also planned for Nintendo Switch

    More info on Little Witch in the Woods.

    Witchbrook – The Stardew Valley of Magic

    In Witchbrook the player will take on the role of a student inside a magic school, something a Harry Potter fan might be familiar with. During the course of the studies, players will be on a path to discovering who they really are. 

    The game will take the player on a journey through various activities that all help you work towards a successful school life. Withcbrook offers a lot of side activities next to the very busy study schedule that players will have to master.

    More details, release date and availability

    Find out everything we know about Witchbrook – the Stardew Valley of magic right here.

    Witchbrook is coming to Steam and is anything but confirmed to release on Nintendo Switch. No official release date has been announced yet.

    Ova Magica

    Ova Magica is a super cute indie game that has everything a life sim lover could want. This captivating life sim has farming, crafting, resourcing and even a bit of creature collection with turn based battles! The developer of the game has recently successfully funded the game on a Kickstarter campaign, allowing her fans to be a part of the creation of this wonderfully charming upcoming adventure.

    More details, release date and availability

    The game is confirmed to release on Nintendo Switch this year.

    If you’d like to see more information including a gameplay trailer for Ova Magica, head over here.

    Pretty Princess Party

    For those that may have missed it, Pretty Princess Party is the official name of the Western version of Pretty Princess Magical Coordinate. In the game, you play as a budding princess who must learn all the things a proper royal lady will need to know for her tenure. 

    These things include horse racing, cake decorating and dancing. As you master these different royal attributes, you will unlock lots of goodies to decorate your castle, over 1,300 to be exact!

    More details, release date and availability

    Pretty Princess Part is now available on Nintendo Switch.

    Take a look at the trailer and some more information right here.

    Rune Factory 5

    Rune Factory 5

    For anyone not familiar with the upcoming RPG game, Rune Factory 5 begins by putting the player into a small town called Rigberth. You will become a Peacekeeping Ranger to protect your village. Marvelous already announced a bunch of new features coming to the latest installment of the popular franchise. One of the new additions is the ability to team up with townfolks to go exploring together. 

    More details, release date and availability

    Rune Factory 5 is coming to Nintendo Switch in May 20th, 2021 in Japan. A western release is planned for sometime later this year.

    Take a peak at the latest trailer showing of the town of Rigberth.

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    My list of 9 games for cat lovers wasn’t complete without Cattails, based on popular request I have taken another close look at Cattails a feline-themed simulation RPG game available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

    Developed and published by Falcon Entertainment for PC, Mac and Linux on December 1st of 2017, the game has garnered very ‘paws-itive’ feedback since its release. Through the eyes of a cat, Cattails allows players to hunt for food, interact with other cats, gather herbs and explore an expansive world.

    Kotaku have said that “Cattails looks like Stardew Valley, except cats.” and IGN have said that Cattails is “an adorably silly game, but one that’s also a lot of fun.” Stardew Valley is arguably one of the most popular and beloved indie games among fans of the genre. Mixing the lovely farming game with the cuteness of cats just sounds like a lot of fun to me!

    Cat Activities and Open World Exploration


    In Cattails you will join one of three unique cat colonies and become friends or frenemies with its residents. Of course there are also cat like activities such as hunting mice and squirrels that will take you on a journey through the large open world.

    While adventuring you can also find love in another cat… and get married…. to another cat. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect cat-tastic mix between Stardew Valley and a traditional Harvest Moon game – then I don’t know!

    Seasons and Weather Changes


    The open world is full of treasures and things to do. While out exploring you can gather herbs and berries that you can give to your friends. They say small gifts keep a friendship alive! You will also stumble across all different areas like the woodlands, swamps and even beaches.

    Seasons and weather can also change at all times, making for an even more engaging and atmospheric experience. Each seasons like you may have guessed, feature festivals that you can participate in if you wish.

    Cattails is now out on Steam and Nintendo Switch and since I booted up the game again I have only ever put it down to share my experience with you. Cattails is a wonderful game for any cat lover or anyone who enjoys cute, relaxed gaming!

    In other cat related news, Calico: Magical Girls Running Cat Café is an Animal Crossing and Cat game hybrid that is just too adorable to pass on!

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    Here is a list of all the cutest farming games that you can play right now on the Nintendo Switch.

    Although I could probably spend the rest of my life just playing Stardew Valley, it is good to know that there is a variety of cute farming games on the Switch just waiting to be explored. Here, I have done my best to scour around and find all the cutest ones to put in one place. After all, it never hurts to have plenty of games on the back burner vying for your attention. Fortunately, the Nintendo Switch actually has quite a few games now that fit into the cute farming games category.

    Stardew Valley

    Obviously, this list has to start with one of the greatest farming games of all time. With the amount of content and constant updates, it is no surprise that SV can be found on near the top of the most sold games quite often. It is one that you can boot up at any time and have a completely new and unique experience. The update version 1.5 even brought an all new farm type. So now you can run a farm in your very own tropical beach paradise. Stardew Valley costs just 14.99 though the eShop.

    Doraemon: Story of Seasons

    Doraemon Story of Seasons for the ones who don’t know is a spin off hybrid game combining the best out of Story of Seasons and Doraemon in one game. Players will be jumping in the role of a young boy named Nobita (who also features in Doraemon’s original manga and anime), the Story of Seasons aspect of the game sees players growing crops, raising animals, and improving their farm, which is located in a town called Shizen Town. Doraemon Story of Seasons is available for $49.99 through the eShop.

    Doraemon Story of Seasons farm crops

    Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

    For those with their head in the ‘clouds’, who have not yet played or heard of Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, it is an aesthetically pleasing open-world adventure game. It was initially released for PC and PS4 on July 18th 2017. It was released for Switch on 17th May 2018. The games features everything one should expect from an adorable farming game! Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles is available for $29.99 through the eShop.

    Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles PC and playstation 4

    Farm Together

    Farming games are on the up rise. Everyone is starting to enjoy our favorite laid back and relaxing video games. The latest addition to the Farming Sim genre is Farm Together. A multiplayer or single player ( however you prefer to farm ) game made by Milkstone Studios. Farm Together released just a few days ago, and it is already stealing the heart of Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon fans. Farm Together is available though the eShop for $19.99.

    Farm Together

    The Stillness of the Wind

    The Stillness of the Wind is a beautiful and unique take on the traditional and very popular farming game genre. The game focuses on Talma, an elderly woman who is spending her late days on her farmstead growing food, making cheese and tending to animals. The Stillness of the Wind packs everything you come to except from amazing farming games, such as Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons to name a few. Stillness of the Wind is available for $12.99 through the eShop.

    The Stillness of the Wind

    Harvest Life

    Harvest Life is taking a cute approach to the oh so adorable farming life simulation genre. In this game the player will of course do some extensive farming, taking care of livestock and exploring the gorgeous environment. But beyond it’s usual farming features, the game also delivers an intriguing story line. Harvest life is available through the eShop for $19.99.

    Castaway Paradise

    Castaway Paradise has celebrated great success on other platforms such as Steam ( PC ), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is inspired by Animal Crossing but released its island adventure many years before New Horizons was even announced. In Castaway Paradise you begin the journey on your very own tropical island. This is your land, your adventure! Do whatever you like, whenever you like! Which happens to entail many of the great features that we have come to expect from in-depth life sims like this one. Castaway Paradise is currently available for $19.99 through the eShop.

    Castaway Paradise

    My Time at Portia

    My Time At Portia has officially been released on PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch! In this article, we are going to look at the key differences between the PC and Console versions as of the initial launch. Even though the two versions are very similar, there are some very noticeable differences on the console. My Time at Portia is currently available through the eShop for $29.99.

    My Time at Portia

    Dragon Quest Builders 2

    For the ones who aren’t familiar with the series, Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a game all about exploring, questing and building. Todays trailer focuses on the latter and showcases the amazing multiplayer capabilities of the game.A total of four Players will be able to team up and start creating their own tiny world. You will be bale to harvest recourses and create whatever you wish to build. From huge castles, to working mine carts and just so much more. Your creativity sets the boundaries in this visually pleasing game. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is currently available through the eShop for $49.99.

    Dragon Quest Builders 2

    Little Dragons Cafe

    Little did I know when I started to play Little Dragons Cafe that I’d become so invested in the story line and characters. A small family of a mom, brother, and sister run a cafe together. One day, mom gets sick and you find out that she’s half dragon. An old man appears and tells the brother and sister that if they run the cafe together and raise this baby dragon well, their mom will be cured. Little Dragons Cafe is currently available through the eShop for $59.99.

    Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

    Looking for a fresh start and some new surroundings, you set off on a voyage to begin your new life! Unfortunately, the weather has different plans, as your ship is hit by a monsoon, and goes down! You drift into a small harbor town, now in a shambles from the storm, where a young doctor named Jeanne saves your life. Harvest Moon Light of Hope is currently available through the eShop for $$39.99.

    HM: Light of Hope

    Rune Factory 4 Special

    Rune Factory 4 Special was announced almost a year ago during a Nintendo Direct. After the initial release back in 2012 on the popular Nintendo 3DS, the game finally made its way to Nintendo Switch in a more colorful, more polished and best version of it yet. Rune Factory 4 Special features enhanced visuals and a new mode called “Newlywed Mode” in which the player can experience special episodes with a spouse. You will also be able to get special items that can later be unlocked in Rune Factory 5. Rune Factory 4 Special is currently available through the eShop for $29.99.

    Summer in Mara

    For the ones who don’t know, Summer in Mara is a farming game where you can customize your own island by planting trees, growing crops, and raising livestock such as pigs and chickens. And when you feel adventures you can hop on your boat and travel to new islands full of people to meet and treasure to find! Summer in Mara is currently available through the eShop for $24.99.

    summer in mara


    For those that may have missed it, Littlewood is a cute little farming game that was fully inspired by games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. The game released last August on Steam and has received an overwhelming amount of wonderful reviews.  Players often mention how the game is super relaxing and addicting every moment. Its described as a laid back version of Stardew Valley. Just last month, developer Sean Young finally brought his masterpiece to the console it belongs on. You can currently purchase Littlewood for the Switch for just $14.99.

    These are just a few of the cutest farming games that are currently available on the Nintendo Switch. There are plenty more farming games currently available, and many more still on the way. If I missed any that you feel would fit this list, please let me know in the comments.

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    Check out all these wonderfully delicious cooking games currently available on the Nintendo Switch.

    Nothing beats kicking back and working up an appetite at the same time. Find wonderful new recipes for amazing dishes while competing with family members to be the best chef. Or just sit back, relax, and enjoy all the enticing food images as you rummage through your games library. Food and gaming just seem to go so perfectly together. Add a level of cuteness and you have the recipe for one tempting title. Here are some of the cutest cooking games that are currently available on the Switch.

    Little Dragons Cafe

    For the ones who don’t know yet, Little Dragons Cafe is the latest game by Yasuhiro Wada the original Harvest Moon creator. In little Dragons Cafe players choose between a boy or a girl, who are twin siblings. You will be able to gather ingredients and cook recipes in order to run your very own Cafe. Furthermore players will be able to raise a dragon. A fully grown dragon can even be used as a method of transportation to reach far away spots on the map. For additional information and gameplay footage of Little Dragosn Cafe head over here.

    Cooking Mama – Cookstar

    Cooking Mama is back with their awesomest and funniest video game adventure ever. Cooking Mama CookStar is a brand new Cooking Mama experience designed specifically for console. Cooking Mama CookStar offers over 90 incredible new recipes for players to master. The menu ranges from classic Japanese recipes to the most delicious home cooking and the culinary soul comforts of today. More info.

    Overcooked – All You Can Eat

    Overcooked and Overcooked 2 have been combined and upgraded for an all new experience in Overcooked! All You Can Eat. That’s right! An all new Overcooked! experience is on its way to the new upcoming consoles. All You Can Eat is a combination of the first two Overcooked games, but with all DLC included, a 4K visual upgrade, and all sorts of other new goodies (levels, chefs, recipes) to make this the best Overcooked experience yet. More info.

    Cook Serve Delicious 3

    Travel across the U.S. in a crazy food truck challenge as you cook hundreds of different recipes and visit all kinds of different locales with an all new amped up play style like never before seen in the series. If you love the Cook, Serve, Delicious series, then your not going to want to miss the best installment yet. More info.

    Cook Serve Delicious! 2

    Cafe Nipponica

    In Cafeteria Nipponica you will of course be tasked with running your own restaurant, provide good food and of course amazing customer service. However, the game goes beyond the typical simulation features we are accustomed to. In this restaurant management game you will also decide how your interior looks, from the table cloth to the mounted tv on the wall. Customers will also rate your dinner based on how good the food is, but also on how stylish your dinner looks. This is an interesting twist to an already great genre. More info.

    World Tree Marche

    World Tree Marche is an easy-going game that won’t make you feel rushed or under pressure. You are the Royal Food Adviser, and you must run the world tree’s market. To do so, you will need to guide six chefs (all named after spices!) in creating new and exciting recipes to earn money for the struggling world tree and stop the terrible plans of the Gourmand Corporation. Each chef you work with has their own personality and story, as well as unique strengths and weaknesses. (See our previous article on World Tree Marche for a more information and a trailer.)

    marketplace in world tree marche

    Waku Waku Sweets

    WAKU WAKU Sweets is a cooking game where you will need to master the expertise of pastry making. You can roll, mix, bake and create more than 100 recipes. Each recipe features unique baking goods special to countries from all over the world.Thanks to the amazing abilities of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers, players can look forward to using all sorts of motion controls to bring the recipes to life and bake up some delicious pastries. Aksys Games says that “players can sharpen their skills using realistic motions that have been designed t mimic real-life recipes, like sifting, pouring, baking and frosting.” More info.

    WAKU WAKU Sweets

    Good Pizza, Great Pizza

    Good Pizza, Great Pizza was set to release on Nintendo Switch back in July but that mysteriously never happened. The developers now finally provided a definitive release date for the game on Nintendo Switch.If you can’t wait to open your own restaurant and make a bunch of delicious pizza pies, you are in luck! Good Pizza, Great Pizza will release on the Nintendo Switch eShop on September 3rd. More info.

    Good Pizza, Great Pizza

    My Universe Cooking Star Restaurant

    Its clear that fans are craving for more food preparation games and My Universe Cooking Star Restaurant itches that scratch and goes beyond just being a cooking simulator. In this game you run your very own restaurant and it is your job to welcome new guests to your establishment and treat them as nicely as you can. From the moment they put a foot into your restaurant you have control over their experience, greet them, seat them and take their orders. Once you know what your guests would like to eat you will put a chefs hat on and prepare their delicious meal. The game offers over 30 different recipes so it will take some time to master every meal you choose to offer in your dinner. More info.

    my cooking universe star resturant

    More games

    These are al loth cutest cooking games I could find that are currently available for the Switch. If I missed any, please feel free to let me know in the comments.

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  • svgApr 5, 2021Animal Crossing

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    Don’t miss your chance to pre-order this limited print Animal Crossing and Polly Pocket inspired Tiny Village.

    If there is one thing that Polly Pocket and Animal Crossing have in common, it is their ability to take an amazing and beautiful world, and put it right in the palm of our hands. It is a skill that few others have mastered throughout the years, and one that I wanted to portray in my culmination of these two wonderful universes.

    The Tiny Village captures all the adorability of some of the most iconic characters inspired by the Animal Crossing series, and puts them in a little world all for you.

    The Tiny Village includes loads of little figurines that create a charming Animal Crossing style scene. You will notice such stars as Marshall, Isabelle, Ankha and Stitches. There are a few shops to explore, houses to decorate, or your tiny friends can just laze about in the beach area.

    The whole thing comes in a Sea Shell shaped outer, well, shell. With the Tiny Village, you can let your imagination run wild, and the possibilities are endless.

    Order Update – Available Now

    The Tiny Village Pals are now available for shipping in my shop as long as stock lasts.

    The Tiny Village will a be a single print run, as it is an intricate, difficult-to-produce, handmade product. I will be doing pre-orders to allow myself to keep up with resources. Pre-Orders will close without notice, so order while you can. I will begin shipping the Tiny Village shortly after pre-orders close this summer.

    A big thanks to caomor on Twitter for the inspiring artwork!

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