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    svgApr 2, 2024Animal Crossing

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    If you want to share a unique Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing themed gift this year, look no further. Browse some super adorable themed gaming merch and so much more – browse my shop to see my entire collection and on Etsy here.

    Stardew Valley Gardening kit & Stardew Valley Gaming Mat

    Stardew Valley Gaming May

    This Stardew Valley inspired DIY gardening kit comes with everything you need to grow your own beautiful plant. The printed weather proofed ceramic pot has a drain hole and a tray so that you can safely water your plant friend. The print features a wide variety of characters and memorable scenery from the game. The kit includes a reusable zipper pouch, a bamboo gardening stake to name your plant, instruction cards, stickers and so much more!

    Animal Crossing Themed Gardening kit – Tiny Garden Pals

    Much like the Stardew Valley kit, everything is custom made with the tiny world of Animal Crossing that fits in the palm of your hand in mind. Perfect to grow the included seeds or a succulent of your likings. It comes with a tiny shovel, made for the kit, the tiny planter is last imprinted so it won’t fade, it also has a drainage hole and a bamboo coaster. There is a small canvas soil bag themed after Leif. A no fail instruction card along with a tiny bamboo plant stick also themed after our gardening friend Leif from Animal Crossing. 

    Animal Crossing themed Coin Purses… and more!

    This super soft Animal Crossing inspired Coin Purse comes in the design inspired by everyone’s favorite video game. Choose between a midnight blue Fossil, golden Bell Bag or the ever adorable Celeste from ACNH inspired coin purse. If you want to go for the ultimate fan bundle you can choose the tripple pack that includes all three of them, perfect for gifting or to keep all to yourself.

    And so much more…

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  • svgJan 20, 2023Animal Crossing

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    These Animal Crossing features shaped the series back in the days but are now lost memories.

    Animal Crossing has been a long running franchise, in fact the first game was released back in 2001. Since then the series continued to thrive and has quickly become one of Nintendos biggest games with New Horizons selling twice as many copies as New Leaf within just a single year.

    However, since the launch of the game many features that have shaped the games into something so unique and special have gone lost. Lets take a look at 10 of the most unique features that never made it into New Horizons.

    Flower Fest

    animal crossing flower fest

    Animal Crossing Wild World was the only game featuring the Flower Fest. This event is a competition between you and the villagers on your island. The idea was to grow a beautiful garden around your home, Tortimer would host this event and eventually decides the winner. Taking the number one spot in this beautiful event will grand you a golden flower trophy.

    Given the small size of the event it was surprising how engaging and fun it was to participate in this cute competition.

    Crazy Redds Tent was Password Protected

    animal crossing crazy redd tent

    Some love him, some don’t love him so much. Crazy Redd has been a part of the Animal Crossing franchise for some time. In New Horizons you may have met him on the north side of your island where he docks his sketchy boat.

    In Wild World he would pitch a tent in your village ever now and then. To enter his tent and browse his selection of questionable pieces of art you would need a password.

    The password was not always easy to obtain, sometimes you find a letter from him in the mailbox containing the password but other times you may have to talk to your villagers who in return could share the password to enter his tent.

    Quests to get a Golden Axe

    animal crossing golden axe quest

    While the golden axe is still an item you can obtain, it was a lot more difficult than simply breaking a lot of flimsy axes to eventually get the DIY for the shiny version of it. In Wild World you actually had to embark on a quest to get your shiny axe.

    The Trading event is where this quest could be initiated. Once you come across our beloved Turnip seller Joan you will have to buy a special red turnip from her which you would then give to Wendall who will in return give you a turban. As you are holding on to this item you are waiting to meet Saharah who will gladly take the Turban of your hands and give you a big cozy massage chair.

    Handing the comfy chair to Tortimer will grant you a scallop, who likes scallops you ask? Pascal does – of course! Give him the scallop you just received and you shall get the golden axe.

    This seems fairly straight forward but all these steps can be changed by the villagers who can provide different items making the quest a bit a different. This was a lengthy but fun process that pulled in many different characters.

    The Bright Nights of February

    animal crossing brights nights february

    In the beginning Nintendo wanted to avoid including real life holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. Instead the big N added ” The Bright Nights of February ” something that looked a lot like Toy Day but instead was simply a day in winter where all villagers would decorate their homes with twinkle lights. The rewards for this even was “Winter” sending you a gift.

    It was absolutely charming to see villagers decorate their homes with lights and other seasonal items. It made the village feel so festive and fun.

    More Control over Villagers leaving

     animal crossing wild world villager moving out

    Whenever a villager is in boxes, it is pretty much set in stone that the villager will be leaving. However, in older games you could talk to the villager repeatedly and eventually convince them to change their mind to remain on the island ( or in the village ) even though they had already packed up their belongings.

    In New Horizons the moving in and moving out process is a lot more focused on using Amiibo cards. As you may have noticed, it takes 3 days for a villager to move out, the exact time it would take you to invite a camper with the help of an Amiibo card to your island.

    Lyle’s Insurance

     animal crossing wild world Lyle’s Insurance

    There was a time when you were able to buy an insurance in Animal Crossing. Lyle, the cute little otter would make you an almost undeniable generous offer by providing you with an insurance in case of miss happenings.

    The insurance plan only costs 3000 bells and would provide coverage for multiple occasions. It will provide you with 100 bells for 9 paintings that were not authentic, 100 bells for every 10 bee stings and other little things.

    The total of of the return you can possibly make would only be 2900 bells making this insurance provided by Lyle a little bit of a scam. Regardless it was a fun feature to have and defiantly added more variety to the gameplay.

    Dual Screen consoles and Gulliver UFO

     animal crossing wild world gulliver ufo

    In new Leaf and Wild World players would have the comfort of two separate screens and both games utilities this differently. In New Leaf the touchscreen was conveniently used for inventory management making organizing your many items a breeze.

    In Wild World the dual screen was used to shoot down balloons and it was also the only way to spot Gulliver’s UFO – yes that was a thing!

    Multiplayer mystery tours, souvenir shops and more

     animal crossing new leaf mystery island tour

    Mystery tours where somewhat of a new and old addition to Animal Crossing New Horizons. While they function in a similar way compared to previous game, in New Leaf there was a lot more to do.

    In Animal Crossing New Leaf you would ask Kapp’n to give you a ride to a mystery island and as nice as he is, he would even let you bring along some friends. Bringing friends to mystery islands was a lot of fun and gave the multiplayer mode a lot more meaning.

    Unlike in New Horizons you don’t have to shut down your gate and send your friends back home. Bring them along for some extra fun and resourcing. Everything is better together… Nintendo!

    The island even featured a souvenir shop where you could obtain special souvenirs to bring home with you. These could only be obtained using a special currency found on the island.

    In addition there were many multiplayer mini games you could enjoy with your friends, puzzles, hide and seek and so much more.

    There were actually things to do in multiplayer back then!

    Notes in Bottles

     animal crossing wild world notes bottles

    In New Horizons you find a daily DIY inside a bottle somewhere on your beach. DIYs and therefore crafting didn’t exist in this form in previous games so a daily bottles with a note could be found on the shore of your beach.

    These notes were adorable and could sometimes be from a villager you met but more interestingly you can write notes, purchase a bottle, seal the bottle and throw it in the ocean. This does seem like you polluting the big blue but it will eventually show up at your real friends beach shore who will find your note in a bottle. This was an adorable way to exchange little messages between you and your friends.

    Resettis Attitude

    animal crossing new horizons Resetti

    Resetti is not part of Animal Crossing New Horizons anymore, the grumpy character was part of many Animal Crossing games and was received, well – poorly.

    His attitude was toned down in New Leaf a lot but back in the days he would be yelling at players for time traveling or shutting down their console without saving. The lecture he would give you coming back into the game can take a long time and guides you through a lengthy, grumpy dialogue.

    The Resetti surveillance center was an underground faciltiy where Resetti would conduct his business of surveying your island. Players were able to enter it and talk to Resetti. This facility is no longer part of Animal Crossing.

    However, his grumpy charm is undeniable and his absence has left a sad void in Animal Crossing fans hearts.

    New Horizons is missing charm

    Of course there are many other features that have come and gone since the series first launched, Brewster and his coffee shop is just another example.

    I have played Animal Crossing New Horizons for more than 800 hours. The game is beyond adorable and so very polished and fun. But the lack of features that made the series so very adorable are noticeably missing.

    As of now Animal Crossing New Horizons is a collection doll house game with terra forming. There are very few features that have made it into the game that are simply there for cuteness, like the insurance, message in a bottle or other little bits and pieces that together create a big whole.

    Here is hoping that the content update Nintendo promised for this year will bring at least some of these beloved features back, or maybe even some complete new ideas?

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  • svgDec 24, 2022Animal Crossing

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    Weather effects have been the most advanced in Animal Crossing New Horizons compared to previous games, yet it never rains or snows.

    Weather has always been one of the most important yet most underrated features in any Animal Crossing game. The changing climate gives the game the immersion it needs.

    When rain drops are falling from the sky, it creates this special cozy atmosphere within the village that you can only find in Animal Crossing games. You see your beloved villagers stroll across the island in tiny cute rain boots holding a cute umbrella they may just picked up from Nook’s Cranny, you can even hear their splashy footsteps as they walk through the wet grass.

    Weather affects are the reason it is so fun to play the game in real time along with real life seasons. The color of leaves are changing just like they do in real life and weather gets colder and warmer and portraying that feeling in the game makes it just so much more fun and cozy to play.

    Nintendo put a big focus on weather in New Horizons

    I have played Animal Crossing New Horizons since the day it launched, actually a day before it officially launched and have since then put in a borderline unhealthy amount of hours into the game.

    When the Nintendo gave us a good look at the game during its E3 presentation in 2019, Aya Kyogoku the director on the New Horizons ( and previous AC games ) revealed that there was a big focus on the weather patterns in New Horizons.

    I was so excited to hear this announcement, as prior to the reveal I was hoping that Nintendo would take the weather effects a step further.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons Thunderstorms and Blizzards are beautiful

    Wind would brush through the trees and flowers, making them look like they are dancing, different rain patterns with thunderstorms and dark clouds mixed in within the sunny setting of a tropical island. I was truly excited to hear about all these immersive features that would bring my town to live even more.

    No weather on many islands…

    Now that I have played Animal Crossing New Horizons for so long I have noticed that these promised weather effects do occur but very seldomly. Every day I boot up my game I have either a clear blue sky or a blue sky with some tiny clouds and looking through various communities it is actually very hard to find footage of snow fall, rain fall or any of the even more rare weather patterns like thunderstorms.

    I have had the privilege of seeing a thunderstorm one time during the entirety of my New Horizons life span. Of course I have also been witnessing a couple rain showers but they were light and lasted only about an hour before the sun came out again. This defeats the purpose of having a rainy day. Why is Nook’s Cranny selling dozens of different umbrellas when really I never need them? Able Sisters are selling rain coats and boots but I never get a reason to put them on.

    I spent Halloween and the entire month of October with a clear blue sky even though I was hoping to get some spooky weather, fog, rain, wind… I would have taken anything but all I got was picture perfect summer weather.

    While I enjoy a sunny day I feel that Nintendo has done a poor job bringing variation into our islands using the weather as a means. I would like to see weekly rain, windy days and thunderstorms. It is obvious Nintendo put a lot of effort making the weather feel great and fun – why not give us a bigger taste of it?

    It shouldn’t be a rare occasion to have water fall from the sky when living on a tropical island. Especially now that we are entering the winter season, I have yet to see a snow flake fall from the sky and I am afraid that white Christmas may not be a thing on my island this year.

    Please Nintendo – give us some more weather variation.

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  • svgNov 5, 2022Animal Crossing

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    Animal Crossing New Horizons is one of the cutest games on the market, these gifts will delight every fan!

    The holidays season is upon us and with shipping speeds slower than usual early gift shopping is part of this years festives once again. If you want to delight an Animal Crossing fan or simply treat yourself with something very unique this year, these items might just be the perfect match for the occasion.

    All of these items are handmade and only available for a very limited time while stock last.

    Animal Crossing inspired Tiny Village Pals – Clamshell Diorama

    animal crossing and polly pocket inspired village

    The Animal Crossing inspired Tiny Village Pals are an adorable small world that fits in the palm of your hand. It comes with a couple of trees, 4 villagers and cuteness sprinkled all over. This entire bundle comes packaged in an adorable fold open gift box that closes with a magnet.

    For the ultimate experience you can have it packaged in an Isabelle themed Stocking or even a Bell Bag. Adorable!

    Harv’s Zen Garden and Tiny Village Pals Bundle

    For the extra treat, there is a Tiny Village Pals bundle that includes everything listed above but also packs Harv’s Chill Zone! A Tiny Zen Garden featuring Harv, a zen bridge, Harv’s Home, rocks, a cherry blossom tree, ultra fine white sand, a rake and so much more!

    The Tiny Zen Garden Pals is a perfect addition for every desk, shelf or other space that needs a bit of calm, zen and Animal Crossing flair!

    Animal Crossing inspired Ultimate Stuffed Stocking

    This is anything an Animal Crossing fan could ever ask for. The Isabelle themed Stocking comes packed with tons of goodies. An Animal Crossing inspired mini gardening kit that includes a ceramic planter pot, a tiny – one of a kind – ceramic watering can, colorful seeds, soil, planting instruction and caring cards and more!

    In addition the Ultimate Stuffed Stocking packs Harv’s Zen Garden and the Tiny Village Pals Clamshell Diorama.

    And to top it of it also includes a Letter, Card and Sticker set so you can personalize the package with your own touch.

    …And so much more!

    There are plenty of more Animal Crossing inspired goodies to explore, take a look for yourself and browse everything right here!

    Due to the high demand and slower than usual shipping times, processing times of all new orders may 1-3 days. The shop will close ahead of the holidays to be able to fulfill all orders in time. Please be sure to place your order early if you intend to get any of these items for this years holiday season.

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  • svgOct 31, 2022Animal Crossing

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    This Animal Crossing Island is one of the most detailed islands every created with some super unique and creative ideas.

    Happy Halloween everyone! It’s the spookiest day of the year and what better way to experience this day than to watch a walkthrough of one of the most insane islands ever created in New Horizons?

    There are tons of besutiful islands out there, while my personal island might not fit into that category, I have seen some shocking creations out there that made me question whether or not I am actually even playing the same game.

    This Island created by Dana however, absolutely blew my mind with its detail and some super unique ideas, like a giant spooky castles and tons of scary movie references, can you spot them all? Half of the builds on this island will make you wonder how it is even possible.

    Thanks to YouTuber Lex Play we can get a relaxed tour of the island. Turn your lights off, grab your favorite tea and enjoy the spook-tacular island tour.

    More spooky stuff with Wirchbrook, the Stardew Valley for magic!

    Crossplay, multiplayer and more, take a look at the latest on Witchbrook right here.

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  • svgOct 27, 2022Animal Crossing

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    Unsure as to whether we’d be getting new Halloween-themed in-game items, players decided to bring spooky season to the game prematurely with these inspiring island ideas and professional-looking pumpkin patches. Even if Nintendo doesn’t share many new items, the community always keeps it fresh!

    I was so excited to finally know for sure that Jack was back when Nintendo announced it during the games first year, that I didn’t even mind the return of that god-forsaken Halloween music (‘witch’ in New Horizons, sounds rather like it could’ve been played by Miles Davis himself…) *Hisses in Animalese!*

    But whilst I was busy clapping at the pumpkin seeds on sale in Nook’s Cranny, creative players were busy doing what they do best! Namely, creating creations such as these:

    But Wait; There’s More!

    For more spook-tacular creations from fans following on from the Animal Crossing: New Horizons fall update, be sure to check out these cool costume ideas here. And whilst you’re in the mood, you seriously need to take a look at these perfect little pumpkin patches (which now contain actual pumpkins!).

    Adorable Spooky Game Obakeidoro! Free this weekend

    take a look at this adorable lantern haunting game you can play with your friends on Switch for free this weekend only!

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  • svgJul 14, 2022Animal Crossing

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    Tiny Garden Pals are Animal Crossing themed garden kits, and come with everything you need to grow a variety of included seeds.

    Tiny Garden Pals pack everything you need to start growing your very own and adorable tiny garden. Pefect for your desk, shelf or any other place that lacks a bit of Animal Crossing love. 

    The gardening kit comes with a bag soil inspired and themed after no other than Leif! In addition to the soil bag you are also getting a growing and caring instruction card that will help you grow your tiny garden pals into a beautiful miniature Animal Crossing themed world.

    The kit also includes a small bag with seeds of your choice and of course the planter featuring some of the most beloved characters. All of these items come beautiful packaged in it’s own little box. 

    With the included and easy to follow step-by-step growing and caring card it does not matter if you have a green thumb or not. You can choose one of three seed kinds for your personal gardening kit.

    Included in the Tiny Garden Plans and Watering Can Kit

    • Ceramic Planter pot
    • Matching Ceramic Watering Can
    • Canvas Bag with Soil
    • Tiny Shovel
    • Instruction Card
    • Bag of Seeds
    • Leif themed Plant Tag
    • Beautiful gift boxes

    I am currently accepting pre-orders and I will be shipping this adorable gardening kit at the end of August. Tiny Garden Pals kit here.

    tiny garden pals animal crossing garden kit
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  • svgNov 25, 2021Animal Crossing

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    The long anticipated Animal Crossing Clamshell Village is finally here!

    If you placed your pre-orders are out on journeys to fans waiting for the adorable clamshell village. And new orders are still being accepted as long as stock last for this limited time run Animal Crossing inspired village toy.

    The Tiny Village captures all the adorability of some of the most iconic and nostalgic toys and games, and puts them in a little world all for you. This adorable little toy that opens and closes comes with four dolls ( more soon! ) and some trees you can place right away – and it fits right in the palm of your hand.

    The holidays are around the corner and if you want to surprise an Animal Crossing fan with something unique and rare this may just be the best gift a dedicated fan could think of.

    The Animal Crossing inspired Clamshell Village will only be available for a very limited time and will become a rarity shortly after!

    Take a peak at some of the unique holiday themed packs and grab your Tiny Village Pals today! Orders are fulfilled in the order received please understand it may take a few days for your items to ship! 🥰

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