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Catadel Update: Cats Have Traits and Moods

svgOct 22, 2019NewsJoelle

Catadel, developed by Bad Optics Games, is a cute town-building game in early development with cats, for cats, by cats. Wait. In-game, not in real-life. Manage your cat citizens’ wants, needs, and quirky personalities as you help them build a settlement in the wilderness. For more information about the basics of the game, check out my previous article here. Catadel is still set to release sometime in 2020 for PC and Mac, and giving us regular updates such as the new traits and moods feature!

Cat Traits

The developers are almost done working on 35 personality traits for your kitty characters that will affect a variety of things from mood and interaction, to preferences in sleeping location. Here are some examples:

  • Optimistic cats have a permanent mood boost.
  • Sleepy cats will get sleepy more often.
  • Tree cats don’t like sleeping on the first floor of houses.

You’ll be able to select your own traits in the cat customizer for personalized cats. 

Cat Moods

Cat moods affect whether they will listen to you or not. You’ll now see their mood on their info bar. Moods are affected through buffs and debuffs, so you can look at a cat’s buff bar to see what’s causing their mood changes. Cats will work faster when in a good mood and will work slower (and even become uncontrollable!) when in lower moods.


Another newly implement contributor to cat moods is their level of dirtiness! Cats will get dirty as they perform work. There’s now an action for each cat to groom itself clean. But beware of hairballs! How adorably cat-aware is this!

For the full update on version V0.8 for the closed Alpha, you can check out the official website blog here.


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    Catadel Update: Cats Have Traits and Moods