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Care for Cute Little Sheep in Happy Sheepies

Happy Sheepies by developer Berker Games is an adorable and cozy sheep farming sim. Kick back and relax with its simple drag and drop gameplay as you take care of your herd of sheepies. They’re your most valuable asset, so caring for them and keeping them happy is important! Feed them crops you’ve harvested, offer them water to keep them hydrated, and they’ll reward you with wool and milk. 

Use what your sheepies produce to craft different items at worktables. Make things like cheeseburgers and leather jackets, or one of the other 150+ items to make from recipes. Use the different workbenches and some fun automation tools in Happy Sheepies to increase production, which will increase profits. And every 3 days, sheepies will want to breed. More sheepies means more profit, too! Plus, there’s no enemies to fight off, so you can simply take care of sheepies and make money in a relaxing environment!

Release Date

Happy Sheepies is releasing on Steam July 8th. That’s just four days away! Add it to your Wishlist now to get notified of its release. 

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    Care for Cute Little Sheep in Happy Sheepies