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Camped Out! – A Frenzied Couch Co-Op

Build Your Camp Through Teamwork

For players who enjoyed the multiplayer chaos in such games as Overcooked and Moving Out, here’s your next fun couch co-op! Camped Out plays up to 4 players and your goal is to set up camp before dark falls. Work together as a team with family or friends to set up each camp and unlock more campsites. Players will rush to set up tents, build a campfire, and gather enough food in time to get into bed before night sets in. 

Each character in Camped Out has a camper’s backpack that holds a tent, lantern, and some shared tools. Each player also has a cook pot to cook their nightly meals in. You are in control of where to place things, so choose wisely or they may hinder you! Chop wood, gather stones, and go fishing in order to get the campsite ready. Just don’t leave materials lying around or they may disappear. 

Coming September 22

While a demo is available now on Steam, the game will be available fully on September 22nd. Camped Out! Will be on Steam for PC and Switch consoles.

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    Camped Out! – A Frenzied Couch Co-Op