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Calico — Pawesome Edition Update

svgDec 22, 2022NewsChelsea

Calico Receives a New Free Content Update Today!

In case you’ve missed it, Calico is an adorable community sim game where you’re tasked with restoring the town’s cat cafe. Fill the cafe with cute kitties, fun decorations, and delicious pastries. Don’t worry though, this isn’t your typical fast-paced cafe. Calico is a laid-back, low stress game.

Today, Calico received a new, free content update. It not only adds new animals and mini games, but addresses some bugs too. Plus, there’s some updates to the graphics.

Calico is currently available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Epic Games, Humble Store,, and Game Jolt.

Pawesome Edition Patch Notes

Feature Updates

  • Added over 25 new cooking minigames!
  • Added sales bonuses based on minigame speed and score
  • Added new animals! (Owl, Cow, Goat, Opossum, Chicken, Alpaca, Sheep)
  • Added ability to customize wallpaper and floor of café
  • Added new “Outline Potion” rewarded by Prism Break Quest (if you previously finished this quest it will appear in your inventory)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed player getting stuck in swimming animation
  • Fixed falling through the ground while dismounting birds
  • Fixed inventory preview of some garden furniture
  • Fixed some animals appearing to sink into the ground
  • Fixed some cases where animal physics and petting were configured wrong
  • Fixed issues with teleporting or entering furniture mode while player was in a chair or bed


  • Improved graphics and new outlines
  • Added setting for automatic camera rotation
  • New improved UI for character creator
  • Improved furniture mover selection, and the ability to place furniture on top of other furniture
  • Improved player movement and jumping
  • New, improved sound effects, and rebalanced sound effect volume
  • Character creator now closes faster if you don’t change skin or face texture
  • Renaming animals no longer reloads entire animal journal
  • New redesigned café kitchen
  • Added new grass
  • Animals now run faster
  • Improved textures for some animals
  • Made all menus compatible with mouse clicking
  • Improved button prompt images when playing with an Xbox controller
  • Improved performance

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