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Burger Time Party Yummy New Gameplay Trailer

svgJun 12, 2019NewsMax

Everyone loves Burgers and Burger Time Party captures the yummy and joyful feeling of consuming a burger! XSEED Games has shared a brand new gameplay trailer for Burger Time Party Today!

For anyone who doesn’t know the Burger Time Party game franchise has been around since 1982 and even though this is a long time, it did not get stale. In Burger Time Party it is the players job to put together all of the ingredients for yummy, juice and delicious burgers while avoiding the roaming enemies. With the E3 still being in full swing, XSEED games has released some brand new footage for the upcoming Burger Time Party Game!

Burger Time Party is set to release on Nintendo Switch this year. If you want to learn more about this delicious game, make sure to check out our previous coverage.

Check out the new video for the cooking game below!



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    Burger Time Party Yummy New Gameplay Trailer