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Brookhaven Grimoire is a Magical Take on Farm Sims

Learn Magic, Farm, and So Much More

Welcome to Brookhaven, a curious little town on a beautiful island full of friendly villagers and dangerous creatures. However, Brookhaven only exists inside a dark storybook, and a wizard has trapped you inside. Within the pages of this book you’ll encounter a cast of unique people with magical powers. Settle down and forge friendships, fall in love and start a family, explore, farm, and so much more in Brookhaven Grimoire!

The community of Brookhaven includes those who use magic. It is the backbone of this society, after all, and you’ll be able to join in by learning how to perform magic. You’ll also get to engage in a wide variety of activities. Fish for a variety of fish species in different areas of the world. Forage for mushrooms, flowers, and herbs. Grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, nuts, and fruit trees, then cook up a storm with your ingredients. You’ll also use these items in alchemy recipes, quests, or give them as gifts to villagers of Brookhaven Grimoire. You’ll also get to tend to a wide variety of animals on your farm who’ll provide you with animal products you can use, gift, or sell. There are 21 different creatures for you to raise, so no shortage of variety.

There are also over 100 mythical creatures for you to encounter on your adventures through Brookhaven Grimoire. Perhaps you’ll get to see some mermaids and werewolves in your search for dungeons to complete. Summon minions to help you in battle. Acquire supernatural abilities from one of five different supernatural creatures you can run into. And don’t forget your magic! Perhaps with all of these abilities, you’ll be able to uncover the mysteries of this storybook world and find a way back home.

Available Now!

This dark-style fantasy sim game is available now on Steam!


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    Brookhaven Grimoire is a Magical Take on Farm Sims