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Beautiful sandbox RPG game – Kynseed

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[dropcap]K[/dropcap]ynseed is a sandbox RPG simulation with beautiful graphics. It is not dissimilar in appearance to Rakuen and Stardew Valley. The game allows you to make choices and therefore carve your own unique story. You even get to continue your legacy after your character’s death by stepping into the shoes of your descendants. The game is being developed by the creators of the Fable series, and is set to be released as an early access on Steam at some point in early 2018.

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About Kynseed

Live your life in a quirky world where everyone ages and dies, including your pets! Take control of the mystical Kynseed and grow your family legacy over generations as you pass your skills and powers down to your children.

  • Run a tavern, apothecary, goods store or blacksmith. Farm your land. Go adventuring and battle dark faery tale creatures. Or do them all. The choice is yours.
  • Develop relationships with NPC’s who have their own lives and loves, and who will remember your deeds, actions and pranks!
  • Find and use Proverbs to unlock the secrets of each ingredient, creature and inhabitant of a place where folk tales are all true.
  • Gather the materials to create better items, craft beers or to mix cures for a range of bizarre maladies for the simple people of the land.
  • Deal with the mysterious Fae gentleman, Mr Fairweather and buy strange artifacts from him that aid your chores, help you in combat or let you just mess with the world….but be aware of the life tax he extracts annually!

In Kynseed, live your lives the way you choose in a lovingly hand-crafted and huge 2D open world.

Kynseed main Features

An Aging World
The land is affected by your choices and deeds. Seasons come and go and affect the world both visually and in gameplay.

Living Things Have Memory and Grow Old
Individuals and animals grow old and eventually die. Families remember your good deeds or wrongdoings for generations.

Unique Life Mechanic
Pay the mysterious Mr Fairweather for powerful upgrades and revivals, at the cost of years from your life! Will you miss out on your child’s development to buy that music box that makes dragons dance? Will your business suffer because you bought a pet cat that turns people to stone?

Real-time Combat
Wander from The Path and indulge in meaty combat against various nasty faery tale creatures that guard the materials and loot you need to become the greatest in the land.

Meaningful Relationship System
Build friendship into romance and produce heirs to continue your legacy. Do favours for others and not only gain friendship but also juicy information and gifts.



Event Calendar
A calendar keeps you up to date of festivals and events. Learn where and when the best ingredients grow. Attend various competitions, annual fayres, and don’t you dare be late for a date!

Monsters and Creatures
They’re more than just sword fodder. Each creature has a sim and their own traits that you can take advantage of. Remember, even dragons need to go to the bathroom now and then. (That wasn’t a pile of gold that Smaug sat on!)

Run Your Business
Own a tavern and craft beers with bizarre effects.  Be a blacksmith and forge weapons and tools to order. Manage your apothecary and mix cures for a variety of bizarre poxes and curses.

A Land Where Superstitions Are True
Heed the advice of the Old Fishwife and the locals to find out everything from where the rarest items can be found to where and when the best places to conceive are! We’re not just a little stitious. We’re super stitious.

Olde Traditions
Every village has their own customs and quirks. Visit the annual cheese bowling rite and encounter Wiki Men, Fred Barleycorn and wear the Trousers of Fertility, as passed down through generations. (I really hope they wash them…)

Hunger dictates combat prowess so a proper breakfast before some monster slaying goes a long way. Discover and use proper recipes though, and you can take your fighting to the next level, or even use the Traits in food to distract, weaken or even scare away enemies!

Item Traits
All items and materials, have unique traits. From medicinal to hallucinogenic, shrinking to fattening…Want to feed laxatives to herds of sheep and lead them through town? The creative possibilities for fun are endless.

Be Friends with Animals
Domestic animals and critters have opinions of you based on your actions. If they like you enough they may just let you ride them!

Lovely Music
No mythical world would be complete without music to go with it. The title music has been made by Russell Shaw but also helping us out with some beautiful world music is Matthijs den Daas. Here’s a couple of tracks you can expect to hear in our prototype. We’ll be adding much more music as development continues.


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