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Bandle Tale: A Cozy League of Legends Story

svgJan 17, 2024NewsChelsea

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena that released way back in 2009. It continues to be one of the most played online games worldwide, and now Riot has teamed up with Graveyard Keeper’s developer to take on a whole new genre: farming sims! 

Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story is a delightful farming and crafting sim set in the city of Bandle, home of the furry yordles. You play as one of those yordles, a shy one who lives in Yarnville. It’s an isolated little island obsessed with knitting, but 101-year long apprenticeship has come to an end, and you yearn to see what the world has to offer beyond the portals that connect the world. A party you attend goes awry, though, and the portals collapse as a result! 

Equipped with your unique knitting magic, you’ll embark on a grand adventure to restore the portals of Bandle Tale! Team up with some of the champions from League of Legends who will help you in your quest. Encounter a variety of curious creatures. Also gather resources to craft some neat items with, and awaken the magical portals. That’s not all, though! You’ll get to throw parties and festivals for the town to entertain your fellow residents. Grow crops, cook tasty dishes, and even build gadgets to delight your guests with. 

Will you restore the portals?


Release Date

Bandle Tale is listed on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Epic Games, and GOG. There is no specific release date, but it is expected sometime this year!


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