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    Coffee Talk is a narrative game currently in development and production by Toge Productions. You may know Toge for games like She and the Light Bearer or Magicat.

    Although seemingly dark, we find Coffee Talk to be a warm and relaxing story of everyday problems through the lens of magic.

    About Coffee Talk

    Set in an alternate version of Seattle, Washington, you will be a barista serving fantastical patrons. As rain fills the night outside, you’ll get a glimpse into the lives of orcs, elves, mermaids, and more. You will participate in dialogue with customers while also trying to perfect whatever drink they order.

    Unlike other narrative-based games, the storylines and decisions will branch not from your dialogue options but from “how you treat and serve the customers of your café.”

    A dark and earthy color scheme meets with a ‘90s anime-inspired art style that is both beautiful and calming. On top of that, the music is a jazzy assortment of lo-fi. Toge calls the game “an experience to make you think, feel, and help rest your body and soul.”

    Game Features:

    • Fantasy Characters: Although the problems are familiar, the characters are anything but. Meet mermaids, orcs, elves, and other yet-to-be-disclosed fantasy races.
    • Unique Outcomes: The way you treat characters while serving them will change the decisions they make.
    • Chill Aesthetics: Along with the look of the game, you will have a selection of chillhop music to help set the scene.

    Here’s the teaser trailer

    Coffee Talk is slated for a PC and Mac release “sometime after midnight” this year. A playable demo is available on Steam,, or directly from Toge Productions’ website. You can follow updates for the game on Twitter.

    Need a relaxing game while you wait? We recommend Unpacking. Want more visual novel games? We’ve got that, too, with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy and What Remains of Edith Finch.

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    City builders are the go-to genre if you want to relax and lose yourself for hours. There’s something the MyPotatoGames fam loves about being able to build a town or world and watch it flourish. Add in some gorgeous graphics, and the ability to colonize space…Before We Leave, in development by Balancing Monkey Games, definitely has our attention.

    About Before We Leave:

    Your people emerge from underground to a world they’ve forgotten about. You have to rebuild civilization, which includes an assortment of fun tasks. There are resources to manage, huts to build, and potatoes to harvest. Once you’ve expanded your world, you can expand across the universe.

    By expanding through space, you’ll create a multi-planet system of colonies to care for. The needs of your civilization aren’t going to be your only concern. There’s a reason your people were forced underground – disasters. These disasters left their mark on your planets and with improper management, they can once more cause issues.

    On top of that, there are ancient guardians – remnants of your ancestors – that will challenge cities and demand attention. Oh, and the space whales. Yup, there are giant planet-munching space whales floating about.

    Watch the announcement trailer:

    There’s no set release date yet but the game will be coming to PC. You can wishlist it now on Steam. You can also follow development updates on Twitter and the dev blog.

    We love talking about city-builders of all shapes and sizes! For the city-builders with a love for animals, make sure you’re up-to-date with Planet Zoo. Love to micromanage? Two Point Hospital is coming to consoles!

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    It goes without saying that the MyPotatoGames fam loves animals. I’ll say it anyway, though: we love animals! The latest animal game on our radar is Doggone – an in-development game where you adventure as a lost dog. Raconteur Games is the developer and publisher working on this new doggy adventure.

     About Doggone:

    Racounteur Games focuses on storytelling in their games. Doggone is based on the classic animal story that we’ve seen in so many movies and books – but never before in a video game. Doggone is touted as an emotional rollercoaster. Don’t worry though! They promise a happy ending.

    In this puzzle-platformer, you play as a lost English Foxhound trying to find their way home. The game features, what the developers refer to as, “dog things.” These things include smell-o-vision to guide you and the ability to sniff out pathways and hidden items. You can also bark and roll around!

    The game is 2.5D. The graphics are colorful and full of whimsy – inspired by the work of Eyvind Earle, a background artist on the animated Sleeping Beauty.

    The game will be episodic with a planned release of Episode I in March 2020. Episode II will follow in Summer 2020 followed by Episode III, the final part, in Fall 2020. It will be released on PC.

    You can support the game through Kickstarter which also has a playable demo. The Kickstarter runs until August 15th and will fund Episode I. You can also follow Raconteur Games on Twitter or join the Doggone Discord for updates.

    Love dogs? Of course you do! Here are some of our favorite games featuring doggos and puppers: The Good Life, To The Rescue, and Pupperazzi.

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    Imagine a giant inflatable waterpark on the sea. You’re with your friends racing through an obstacle course to rescue an inflatable mascot. Your only “weapon?” A Q-tip style joust pole. Now imagine it’s all virtual – with a customizable character and house. That’s UMI – a game currently in development by Another Coffee Games.

    About UMI:

    Online combat games have been popular for years and there’s no slowing them down. Despite the concept of these games being fun, the content isn’t really what we’re into here at MyPotatoGames. That’s where UMI steps in and solves the problem in an incredibly fun, colorful way.

    UMI will be a multiplayer online game. Set on inflatable obstacle courses on the sea, it’s “capture the flag” style. You’ll be on a team trying to rescue a cute mascot before the other team can. The matches will be 10 to 15 minutes long.

    There are currently 5 different sponsors in Umiland. There’s the minty stingray Stinray, the pink narwhal Sochi, the red and white whale Vanilla, the pink and black octopus Oktirome, and the black and yellow sea urchin Eridon. Assumedly, you’ll be choosing one of these teams to represent – or maybe vying to be chosen for one!

    In between matches, you’ll be at The Hub. The Hub is a place where you can play around, hang out with friends, decorate your own house, and even adopt an inflatable pet.

    You’ll also be able to customize your character. There will be accessories and a wide variety of colors to choose from.

    Watch the Gameplay Trailer:

    There’s no release date, yet, but UMI will be at Gamescom on August 21-24 so look for any potential news then! For now, you can sign up for the Beta Waitlist. You can also follow game development on Twitter or Instagram.

    There are more wholesome competitive games coming! Take a look at Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout coming out next year. Can’t wait? Splatoon may be just the thing for you.

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    Sky: Children of the Light was one of our favorite E3 Hidden Gems this year. The indie adventure game is out now on iOS! It is developed and published by thatgamecompany, known for games like the popular Journey.

    About the Game:

    In Sky, the kingdom used to have skies full of stars and constellations. You wake up as a Child of Light. It’s up to you to find and restore the fallen stars. This is no easy task, though, and you’ll need to team up with other players.

    The developers describe the game as a “social adventure.” The intention of playing with others is to share heartfelt moments with them. Along with completing the game, you can also just socialize. There’s a big focus on friendship.

    You can collect musical instruments and find special music sheets. You can also collect items to customize your character. There will be seasonal events and items. There are also plans to make more chapters (games) for the world of Sky.

    Game Features:

    • Enjoy 7 realms to explore and journey through
    • Team up & socialize with other players
    • Customize your character with an array of items
    • Find & gift candles to show appreciation and build friendships
    • Enjoy changing seasons with new events & items
    • Find instruments & create harmonies

    Watch the trailer:

    The world of Sky is chocked full of detail. For help getting started, there’s a helpful guide on the games’ website! If you don’t have an iOS device, you can pre-register for the game on the Google Play Store. It’s also being developed for other platforms and consoles!

    If you’re interested in the social aspect of this game, Kind Words might be for you. For lovers of emotional adventures, we suggest Nanokin.

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    It’s been 5 years since we’ve had any entries into the Super Monkey Ball series, and 7 since we’ve had any on a console. Fans of the series won’t have to wait much longer to catch up with Aiai and the gang, though. SEGA has officially announced an HD remake of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz!

    The HD remaster has a release date of October 29, 2019. Needless to say, October just keeps looking better and better for the MyPotatoGames fam!

    Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz was originally released for the Nintendo Wii in 2006. It introduced a new villain, Captain Crabuchin, and had a total of 8 boss battles.

    So far, we know that Banana Blitz HD will have 100 main levels and 10 multiplayer minigames. New graphics are, obviously, included and controls will be optimized for each platform. Also, for the first time ever in the series, there will be online leaderboards.

    The best news is that Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD will be released on all current major consoles. That means you’ll be able to play on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam! Although pages aren’t yet up for all the consoles, you can already pre-order on Amazon.

    Watch the announcement trailer:

    Super Monkey Ball is far from the only nostalgic series getting a remake. Check out our pieces on The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town remakes!

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    She and the Light Bearer is a point-and-click adventure developed by Mojiken Studios and produced by Toge Productions. Drawing inspiration from fairytales, poems, and music, this game looks and feels like a piece of art. We can’t help but feel calm just looking at the visuals!

    About She and the Light Bearer:

    In She and the Light Bearer, you play as Little Firefly. Little Firefly is journeying deep inside the heart of an unfamiliar forest in search of Mother. To do so, Little Firefly needs to gain the trust of the forest.

    You will be solving puzzles, unraveling riddles, and working through other, similar challenges. You’ll learn about the sacrifice of the forest, and about the Devourers.

    The visuals are hand-drawn and animated. This gives the game a unique, and breath-taking, look. The cast of characters includes angry mushrooms, teasing orchids, and great, wise trees. Tying it all together is an acoustic soundtrack that’s relaxing and gorgeous. In fact, the developer refers to the game as also being a music album.

    Game Features:

    • Hand-drawn and animated graphics
    • Instrumental acoustic soundtrack
    • Interesting fairy tale characters

    Watch the Trailer:

    She and The Light Bearer is out now on Steam and Nintendo Switch! It’s also available for iOS on the App Store.

    Looking for Point-and-Click games? You might like LUNA or Trüberbrook. If you’re looking for another beautiful game, take a look at Mr. Tic Toc & the Endless City.

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    Role-playing games are a classic video game staple, but many don’t fit the MyPotatoGames vibe. Every once in a while, though, we are lucky enough to stumble across one that puts a unique, and more wholesome, spin on the genre. We think Skjoldur Story will do just that.

    Skjoldur Story is an RPG currently in development by Snoozing Pixel, LLC. Set in a bright pastel fantasy world, the game puts the spirit of adventure right at its heart. We can’t wait to try it out.

    About Skjoldur Story:

    In Skjoldur Story, your only weapon is your shield. You can use the shield to block attacks, of course, but it also absorbs the abilities of your enemies. To defeat enemies, you combine these abilities with puzzle-solving.

    The game is non-linear, so you are free to advance in any direction at any pace. The only caveat being that the final tower can’t be beaten until you’ve taken care of everything else. Even dungeons can be opened in any order you want. The power stones needed to open them are found scattered throughout the entire world.

    There are a number of hidden areas. Some of these areas are similar to minigames and help advance your progress. There are also various shops where you can buy items to increase your success!

    Game Features:

    • Full Gamepad Support
    • Original Soundtrack
    • Hidden Areas
    • Multiple Varying Puzzles
    • 5-10 hours of gameplay
    • Simple and accessible controls
    • Non-linear world
    • Planned collector’s items

    Watch the Reveal Trailer:

    The game will be available on Steam in early 2020. Make sure to go ahead and add it to your wishlist! For updates, you can check out the website, or follow the dev on Twitter.

    Other upcoming RPGs we think the MyPotatoGames fam will enjoy include Town and Scrap Story. Check them out!

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