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  • svgApr 26, 2019News

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    Forager was released April 18th by Indie developer HopFrog and published by Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle is the same company to work on other popular titles such as Mineko’s Night Market and Inkenfell. Within a short week, Forager has already begun to take over the internet through streams and videos. It has also already received many very positive reviews!

    Automate your farm and stay well fed.

    Forager is best described as a “Clicker” game where you click repeatedly to do almost all of your actions. Click, gather, and collect various resources to build items and structures to help you get to the next island. You can also solve puzzles and take out enemies with different types of weapons. To read more about Forager’s gameplay, check out an article myPotatoGames wrote a few months ago, HERE!

    Collect tons of resources while defeating adorable enemies.

    All of these features along with adorable 2D graphics are beautifully put together into this wonderful game. Forager is currently available on PC through Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store for $19.99. It will also be available on Nintendo Switch in Quarter 2 of 2019 so stay tuned for more information on the official release date!

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  • svgApr 25, 2019Animal Crossing

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    The Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Twitter account shared a delicious video yesterday. This video included some rocking brand new items coming to our beloved mobile game!

    Timmy and Tommy helped bake a devilishly delicious cookie for Cherry the Dog. This cookie gives the player a chance at receiving a piece of the “Li’l Devil” furniture and clothes series! Check out the items that you can receive:

    Just look at those Li’L-Devil Wings!

    Cherry’s Rockin’ Cookie is only available on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp from 4/25 at 11pm PT until 7/24 at 10:59pm PT. Each cookie will contain a random item and keep in mind that these fortune cookie items may become available again in the future.

    Check out the full video and Twitter post below! And click HERE for an update on Animal Crossing Switch. Happy Gaming!

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  • svgApr 24, 2019News

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    Looking to get your child into gaming and to spend some quality time with them? Baked Games Studios has developed Theatre Tales which is an adorable puppet story-telling game that is focused on the youngest gamers.

    Lots of various kinds of mini games to play!

    Theatre Tales is a mini game driven game that is stylized with puppets displaying the story your young one is putting together. Your little one and you can enjoy listening and playing through your favorite fairy tales. This is a game that you can enjoy with your young ones or just the young at heart can have a relaxing afternoon with.

    Relive the fairy tales of your childhood.

    Theatre Tales is coming to Nintendo Switch on April 24th and will cost a very low price of $1.49. If you’re looking for a more mature story game to play through, check out Deponia which also comes out on the same day!

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  • svgApr 24, 2019News

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    Nintendo has just announced the official release date for Super Mario Maker 2! The release was originally rumored to be on June 21st but the public will have to wait one extra long week.

    Super Mario Maker 2 will be released on Friday, June 28th!

    Super Mario Maker 2 let’s you build your very own Mario level!

    This will give players an extra week to brainstorm their dream levels for Super Mario Maker 2. What kind of level will you be making? A spooky level filled with impossible to pass Boos? A whacky level of ups, downs, and death defying jumps? The possibilities are endless.

    Super Mario Maker 2 is available for PreOrder from all major game sellers for $59.99. For those wondering, there is no PreOrder bonus at this time. Use your imagination to build your very own Mario level on the Nintendo Switch.he 28th of June!

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  • svgApr 23, 2019News

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    Deponia is a dumpster diving point and click adventure game. This game has been out since 2012 on Steam and has received very positive reviews. As of April 24th, 2019, you can now own this game on your own Nintendo Switch!

    Deponia is a story about a young man, Rufus, who lives his life in mountains of trash in the garbage dump. One day, Rufus finds a lovely women who fell from the city in the sky, known as Goal. Rufus comes up with a scheme on how he will be able to stay with this woman and live with her in the heavens and leave behind his dumpster life.

    This is a point-and-click game that will take the user on a journey through this whacky world. There are hours of dialogue and challenging puzzles to solve.

    Deponia is available on the Nintendo Store as of April 24th and is $39.99. For more new games coming out on the Switch, check out Cafeteria Nipponica!

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  • svgApr 20, 2019Reviews

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    This article is a review of the Nintendo Switch version of Little Dragons Cafe.

    Little Dragons Cafe is a game that was made by the creator of Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, and Little King’s Story. With that in mind, before the game even came out there were high expectations for it. It was released on Nintendo Switch back in August of 2018. This game has a delightful story and brings a refreshing spin on the usual game formula.


    Little did I know when I started to play Little Dragons Cafe that I’d become so invested in the story line and characters. A small family of a mom, brother, and sister run a cafe together. One day, mom gets sick and you find out that she’s half dragon. An old man appears and tells the brother and sister that if they run the cafe together and raise this baby dragon well, their mom will be cured. Along this journey, they meet some interesting characters which you’ll quickly find yourself wanting to hear all about. The strongest part of this game is the wonderful story it tells you with almost every brand new in-game day. Some times I would sleep through a day just to get to the next part of the story!

    Different foods given to your dragon will change its color. My dragon, Vincent, is purple!


    The gameplay has three different modes in a way. One is where you’re running your cafe, another is a cooking mini-game, and then the third one is exploring and gathering ingredients. Rinse and repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

    One of the interesting customer’s you’ll meet at your cafe.

    Running your cafe was my personal favorite part of the game. Your cafe becomes most busy during lunch and dinner where you can help out by taking orders, delivering meals, and cleaning dishes. Even though this was a very small part of the game, I enjoyed it and enjoyed the role playing aspect of this part. Running your own cafe is such a lovely thought. The only downside to this part of the game play was that it ultimately didn’t matter. If you let your employees slack and leave your customers disappointed, there was no negative effects. There was really no reason to go back to your cafe and help run it. I feel like they could’ve integrated this quite a bit more to make it have more meaning.

    Picking and choosing your recipes for the menu is a nice customization option.

    The next part of gameplay is the cooking mini-game. In order to make any sort of recipe in-game you need to cook it by doing this. This mini-game is just a quick few seconds of following a rhythm and hitting the keys at the proper time. Nothing new but always fun to do.

    Getting all “Excellent” in the cooking mini game can be quite the challenge!

    The third part of the gameplay is 90% of the game and I felt the most lacking and repetitive. Gathering ingredients. For this part of the game, you run around the world shaking bushes, shaking trees, fishing, slaying some animals, collecting chickens, and so forth. This got repetitive within the first couple of in-game days. However, this is the most crucial part of the game and you MUST gather ingredients. There are some features in the game to make this part easier but overall, they didn’t help fix the repetitiveness of this.

    Sound & Music

    There is some great music in the game that I enjoy listening to but the sounds got annoying fast. The dragon sounds absolutely adorable the first couple of times he squeaks at you. However, a lot of these noises are used so many times within the game that they go from cute to annoying. I was constantly trying to avoid my dragon so I wouldn’t hear him squeaking at me. I also ended up muting my game when I was going around exploring and whistling for my dragon to come help me.

    On the other side of the noises becoming annoying after a while, the music is absolutely wonderful. It was such a pleasant experience to be sitting in-game watching a beautiful sunset while listening to the serene music play.

    Enjoying the music and ambiance of the game with my pet dragon.

    Final Thoughts

    Besides the fact that this game can get very repetitive, very fast, this game has some very promising features to it. It was a refreshing style of game with very different graphics than is commonly seen. The music is beautiful and who can say that the baby dragon isn’t crazy adorable?

    Little Dragons Cafe is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4. For more games similar to this one, stay tuned to myPotatoGames! Happy Gaming!

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  • svgApr 18, 2019Interviews

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    Littlewood is a new village simulator game coming to early access next month on Steam. myPotatoGames was able to sit down with developer, Sean Young, and get some exclusive details about this highly anticipated game. As an extra bonus, below are some never before seen screen shots of the game! This is all quite exciting so let’s jump into it!

    Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been developing games? What is your favorite game and why? (Anything else you’d like to share.)

    “I’ve been developing games for 7 years, since my very first semester at UCF! I started making mobile games in my dorm room, but it wasn’t until I made my first PC game, Magicite, that I realized that being a game developer could be my lifelong career. Once Magicite’s Kickstarter was a success, I dropped out of college to fully commit myself to making games. I haven’t looked back since! My favorite game is Monster Hunter World. My friends and I would set up 4 TV’s and PS4s in my living room and we would just have a blast hunting monsters.”

    Where did the inspiration for Littlewood come from?

    “My friend convinced me to try Animal Crossing so I tried New Leaf on the 3DS. I quickly found that I was addicted! I was having a blast hanging out with my animal friends and… Doing odd chores around town. This really perplexed me, because how could players have fun picking weeds and doing things that we might find boring in real life? This had such a profound effect on my views of game design, that I had to try to make a game that could capture such a charming and relaxing world. That’s when Littlewood was born!”

    What feature(s) are you most excited about in Littlewood?

    “Interacting with the Townsfolk, for sure! Fulfilling their requests, discovering their personalities, and even doing some romance makes me feel like the world of Solemn is a real place. I look forward to seeing the players’ reaction to the Townsfolk, and which ones they find to be their favorites!”

    Are you considering to add any sort of multiplayer mode to the game?

    “There currently is no plan for multiplayer in Littlewood. If the game generates enough interest and there is a demand for something like that, then I will definitely consider adding it to this game or maybe even making a sequel. My primary goal with Littlewood is to deliver a solid single player experience in which the player can escape to their own little world.”

    The background story so far for Littlewood is about a hero who has finished their journey and is now rebuilding the town. Is there more story about our adventurer? Or the town?

    “There sure is! You can actually learn more about your past adventures and past relationships with certain Townsfolk as you progress in the game. I hope players will find this method of storytelling to be as exciting and interesting as I do! There’s something charming about being dropped into a world where everyone already loves you.”

    There are so many villagers in this game and we have to ask, who is your favorite and why?

    “It’s so hard to pick a favorite out of the current cast of Townsfolk. But if I had to go with one, I would pick Dalton. His high energy, silly jokes, and innocent stupidity has been so fun to write for. He is a primary way for the player to relive their past adventures because he was one of the Townsfolk who knew you best when you were on your journey to defeat the Dark Wizard.”

    Will players have the option to get married to any townsfolk they like?

    “Yes! As long as the player increases the Heart Level of a Townsfolk, they will be able to romance and get married to them. Actually, there is one Townsfolk that players cannot romance. Dudley already has a wife that he loves very much :)”

    Will there be an option for custom content such as utilizing the Steam Workshop?

    “This is another feature that I currently don’t have plans for, but if there is enough demand when Littlewood hits Steam, I will definitely consider it! If I could allow players to design their own Townsfolk or game content, that would be amazing to see.”

    We are excited to see the announcement of Littlewood coming to Nintendo Switch. Are there any plans to make the game available on PS4 and Xbox as well?

    “My primary goals are to bring Littlewood to Steam and then Nintendo Switch. Once both of those launches are complete, I intend to bring Littlewood to as many platforms as possible!”

    With the Kickstarter finished, is there still a way to support the game before launch?

    “Despite the many emails I get about people wanting to pledge or donate before launch, I am currently not accepting anymore donations outside of the original Kickstarter campaign. I appreciate the interest and the growing community so much, and launch day will come soon enough!”

    “Thanks for your interest in my game and I hope that you will enjoy escaping to the world of Littlewood when it launches on both Steam and Nintendo Switch. Cheers!”

    Final Thoughts

    It was great to get some exclusive information regarding Littlewood and get to know the developer, Sean Young a little better. Littlewood will be out in early access on steam NEXT MONTH so there’s not much more of a wait! You can add it to your wishlist HERE and be ready for when it launches next month. Happy Gaming!

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  • svgApr 16, 2019News

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    Sony has officially released some information about the Next-Gen Playstation! Even though all of this info is focused on the hardware, there are some technological leaps being made. Here is what we know about the system so far:

    Console Name

    • The name of the next console has yet to be announced. Sony developers are referring to it as the “next-gen console”. For this article, we will refer to it by it’s unofficial fan-given name of “PS5”.

    Release Date

    • The PS5 will not be released in 2019. So there is still time to save up some money!

    What games will be available?

    • Sony recently accelerated the deployment of Devkits for the system. Many game studios are already working on PS5 content.

    CPU / GPU

    • The PS5’s CPU is based on the 3rd generation of AMD’s Ryzen line and will contain eight cores.
    • “Ray tracing” support will be part of the GPU. This is a newer technology commonly seen in movies but has yet to be used for a gaming console. Basically, this technology mimics how lights bounce from object to object.

    3D Audio

    • 3D Audio support which will improve the quality of sounds in-game.

    Hard Drive

    • To help support game file sizes growing bigger and bigger as years go by, the system will have it’s own hard drive. An example given during Sony’s interview with was with the new Spider Man (2018) title. Loading screens that once took 15 seconds, now take 0.8 seconds on PS5!


    • Just bought a 4k TV? Well now it’s time to purchase an 8k as the PS5 will support these graphics!
    • Last but not least, the system will have backwards compatibility so all your PS4 games will still work on the PS5.

    With all of these new technologies being utilized in the PS5, there is no doubt that the next system is going to be visually amazing. Stay tuned to myPotatoGames for more info on the PS5 and current Playstation 4 games. Happy Gaming!

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