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    You know what we hear a lot when talking to fellow fans of games like Story of Seasons, and sometimes even Animal Crossing? That FISHING is their favourite part of the game! After hearing this sentiment so many times, we’ve decided to compile a list of games dedicated entirely to fishing, all coming soon to or already available on Nintendo Switch. Get your fishing games here, ladies and gentlemen!

    Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure releases on September 17

    Natsume’s most recent tweet about this game lauded it as having “Crafting, cooking, a full RPG storyline, and of course – fishing!” The idea of a full RPG storyline is intriguing! Most fishing simulation games have goals and maybe a bare-bones framework of a story, but if Road Trip Adventure really has a full RPG storyline, that’ll be pretty unique. We’re looking forward to learning just what this story entails when the game releases on September 17th.

    The game is not yet available to view on the Nintendo Switch e-shop, nor the Playstation Store. But it is available to pre-order at GameStop for both Switch and PS4 for $29.99. It can also be seen on Natsume’s own site. Or you can watch a video right here!

    Fishing Star World Tour: Is it new, or isn’t it?

    Fishing Star World Tour Aksys

    Aksys Games has a new game coming up, due for release in September (no specific date given) and already available to pre-order a physical copy of at most retail game sites. And it looks great! Colourful, slightly ‘cartoony’ graphics, much cuter than most fishing games have, and over 180 fish to catch across 40 different locations! You even have the option to use motion controls.

    Screenshot from Aksys Games

    So what is the confusion? Well…Fishing Star World Tour is ALREADY on the Nintendo Switch e-shop. It has been since January 2019, with the publisher listed as WFS. The screenshots used to promote each version of the game show no noticeable difference in content. Except for a disclaimer screen at the beginning of Aksys’ video, both the trailer on the e-shop page and the trailer Aksys uploaded appear to be the same one. Aksys’ trailer can be watched here:

    Colour us confused! Is it that Aksys picked this up so that the game can be offered in physical form, or is Aksys’ version different in some way? And if so, is it a very minor way, such as text changes, or is there some difference in actual gameplay? We have contacted Aksys for some clarification and will update this article if we receive an answer. Until then, we are assuming that the digital version (already available from WFS) and the physical version (available from Aksys in September) are the same game, or with minor localization changes only.

    You can get this game on the Switch e-shop ($29.99) or order it on Aksys’ site (regular $29.99 but at the time of writing, on sale for $23.99)

    Fishing games already on Nintendo Switch

    Fishing Universe Simulator

    We like that in this game, every time you catch a fish, you will have a ‘keep’ and ‘release’ option. So you can catch fish to sell, or release them to swim away after you’ve had the accomplishment of catching them. You can even stuff your fish to turn them into trophies for your wall. It’s all up to you! (Publisher: Forever Entertainment. Added to Switch e-shop Jan 2019. Regular price: $9.99)

    Fishing Universe Simulator

    Dynamite Fishing

    This…is NOT your typical fishing game. For one thing, the art style has no semblance of realism…it’s very colourful and entirely cartoony. And very tongue-in-cheek, too! “Fly fishing is boring! Grab your guns and explosives and let’s catch some fish REDNECK STYLE!” And all in a boat made of a repurposed bathtub, it seems. (Publisher: World Games. Added to Switch e-shop Dec 2018. Regular price $9.99)

    Just a few of the features Dynamite Fishing has to offer: a multiplayer mode, ten boats with different equipment, 5 player characters to choose from (each with plenty of their own customization options), and competitive matches against virtual opponents. Of all the fishing games we found for Switch, Dynamite fishing sounds the most unique. And the most chaotic!

    Dynamite Fishing

    Rapala Fishing Pro Series

    Rapala Fishing Pro Series offers you the opportunity to take part in “world class tournaments and daily challenges”. You can earn money and climb the ranks as an angler until you become a professional You can even become the best in the world! A feature unique to Rapala is that you must gain sponsors in your quest to become the best angler in the world. Weather conditions will also affect your fishing. Catch not only legendary fish, but also monster fishes! (We wonder if this means you can catch Nessie.) (Developer: Concrete Software. Publisher: GameMill Entertainment. Added to Switch e-shop Oct 2018. Regular price $29.99)

    Rapala Fishing Pro Series

    Legendary Fishing

    In Legendary Fishing, you spend most of your fishing time viewing the underwater world, witnessing the fish dart this way and that on the line. There are over 20 types of fish to catch, and 80 missions to complete that will see you rise from ‘casual angler’ to ‘legendary fisher’. Four seasons, ten venues, and various weather conditions to fish in. Four people can play together, in classic control style or with motion controls. (Publisher: Ubisoft. Added to Switch e-shop Sep 2018. Regular price $29.99…but 50% off at the time of writing.)

    If you love fishing games, then you may also love farming games, because almost all farming simulation games include fishing. Check out our list of farming games on console!

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    We have a cute, colourful action-adventure platformer game (featuring Fin, the fennec fox!) coming up very soon on the Nintendo Switch. Fin and the Ancient Mystery is 30% off during the pre-order period, which will end on September 3, when the game is released. At $4.99 regular price, that makes it $3.49 until Tuesday!

    fin pushing boulder

    Fin and the Ancient Mystery follows a young fennec fox named Fin. And he has no small task ahead of him! Fin must unravel the mysteries around him to be able to defeat the ancient “Destroyer”. If he doesn’t, the whole world will be in jeopardy.

    Fin’s adventure is not only of the world-encompassing type, though. He will also have to deal with personal tragedy. He must also learn to cope with betrayal and find new friends on his journey.

    Your journey will see you solving puzzles, battling enemies with might and magic, navigating platforms and even taking on quests. There are many environments and many secret rooms and hidden artifacts to find. We love the look of this colourful world already. If you love it, too, head over to the Nintendo Switch eshop, where you can pre-order this game on sale right now.

    If you like family-friendly fun on Nintendo Switch, check out these three games that are all either available now, or coming up in only a day or two!

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    About a week ago, we gave a sneak peek at the final bachelor (male marriage candidate) in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. Though not officially revealed to us by Marvelous, a screenshot of ‘Brandon’ came out at the ChinaJoy convention. Brandon and the final bachelorette…a brand new character…have now been officially revealed! You may now formally be introduced to Brandon and Jennifer. (Names not final until localizer XSEED confirms them.)

    Mystery candidates no longer a mystery!

    Brandon is an artist (and seems to specialise in wood sculpting) and a brand new character to this remake, not in the original Friends of Mineral Town. Jennifer is a wandering artist who wants to be in tune with nature. Perhaps for that reason, her home appears to be a tent. Will she find a permanent home in your town? At the very least, we believe she is a free-spirited young woman who lives at her own pace.

    Marvelous Japan also put up a new trailer where these two new candidates and various other new things were shown. It’s in Japanese, but sharp-eyed viewers have still managed to spot lots of interesting things in it, such as upgraded tools and what looks to be the chocolate cow wandering around in the barn, and many other things. You can see the video right here!

    The full line-up

    And with this, all known candidates have been revealed. The line-up of candidate silhouettes Marvelous showed us at the beginning has now been filled in.

    It is unknown as of yet if the ‘secret’ candidates in ‘More Friends of Mineral Town’, Gourmet, Kappa and Won, will be returning as marriage options in this remake. At the current time, it seems that they are not. Up until now we only saw a very quick, blurry image of Kappa, now sporting a beret and long hair. We did, however, get a very quick (and tiny!) look at Won at the end of the video. A screenshot of Gourmet was also recently uploaded to Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Towns official (Japanese) site.

    And a few other characters, too

    Also revealed on the official site are villagers Gotz, a carpenter, and Zack, who in the original Friends of Mineral Town, took care of of shipping your goods for you. He also gave you your first fishing rod! We wonder if events will follow the same path in this remake.

    Did you spot anything intriguing when watching the video or perusing the official site? We’d love to hear about anything that caught your interest!

    If you’re looking forward to Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that Doraemon: Story of Seasons will be out on October 11th.

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    We love cute, affordable Nintendo Switch games, and are happy to bring another rapidly-approaching one to your attention. The first Gnomes Garden released onto Nintendo Switch at the end of 2018. We are now very close to the Switch release of another Gnomes Garden game, called Lost King!

    Gnomes Garden: Lost King storybook screen.

    Follow the story…

    The Gnomes Garden games are listed as “strategy” games. You must plan out your moves carefully to be able to complete each level before the time runs out! But because time is such a big factor, we also feel that these games qualify for the time-management genre. Like its predecessor, Gnomes Garden: Lost King is an affordable, family-friendly game that operates on a basic story. You are the queen, and your husband went out to hunt, and he doesn’t come back! You must go find him. And the path is full of obstacles!

    …past all the obstacles!

    Gnomes Garden: Lost King level screenshot with tasks

    Gameplay in the Gnomes Garden game is quite simple, but becomes difficult more quickly than expected. In some levels you will need workers to clear some obstacles. So if the first thing you did was not to add another worker to the hut, you won’t have enough help to clear obstacles to other important points on the map. If that happens, you’ll fail to get through on time and have to restart the level. Or maybe on another level you’ll need a magician. Or perhaps you’ll need to build bridges, which makes resource gathering as important as bringing in more workers. Each level has different challenges, so you can’t use the same strategy every time.

    Perform with skill

    Gnomes Garden games are simple but quite diverting. And if you’re goal-oriented, Lost King has lots of trophies to earn. Aim for the best possible performance and you’ll be able to admire the results of your accomplishments any time you like.

    Gnomes Garden: Lost King trophies page

    Gnomes Garden: Lost King will release on the Nintendo eshop on September 5th, for $9.99. If you’re eager to try your wits against the many tasks on the road to your goal in Gnomes Garden, you can buy the first game on the eshop for $4.99 right now! In the first game the king falls ill because his beloved garden has withered, so his daughter must save the gardens to save her father. (We must say…this Gnome King sounds like a high-maintenance kind of guy!)

    For other affordable, family-friendly Nintendo Switch games, why not take a peek at our little list of cooking games, all available now on the Switch eshop!

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    On August 30th, we will finally get our hands on the game we’ve been pining for. Re: Legend, by Magnus Games! With early access opening so soon, Magnus Games has used their regular 25th-of-the-month update on Kickstarter to talk about what we can expect to see in the world of Ethia. Quite literally, too. We got a good look at the world map.

    Magnus Games also made a second map to highlight the smaller islands, which will be of much interest to explorers. Is that island basically just one HUGE STATUE? “Sunken Valphyr”? And the other island looks like one enormous, jewelled turtle shell! And over there is a massive shipwreck! We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to explore these islands for ourselves! What will we find? Treasure? Special materials? Rare magnus? OH MY.


    With the Re: Legend just about to enter early access, everything we see now is still very much subject to change. Magnus Games is looking forward to player feedback during this period, to refine and add to their game to make it the best it can be. Those of us who will be waiting for the full release are grateful to the pioneers who will play the game in its rougher, not-entirely-finished state. Re: Legend already looks great. Imagine how much fun it will be when it’s polished to its final lustre! Magnus Games hopes to complete the early access phase in 9 to 12 months.

    Farm and go questing

    Even in early access, there’s going to be lots to do. Not just finding and taming the game’s many magnus, but also farming and questing. In the screenshots Magnus Games posted, we saw evidence of several quests, such as to find the ‘forest island’ and to search for someone in trouble. We also need to get answers from a guardian? Answers to what? Who is the guardian! Our intrepid (and lucky!) early access players will get to learn these things for themselves in just a few days. We can’t wait for that sweet, sweet farming, whether on land or water.


    Also newly revealed in this update was the existence of shadow magnus. They are special (and difficult-to-see) versions of regular magnus, but with special stats that make them well worth carrying around lots of taming goods for. They really are tricky to see, though. We think one is supposed to be in this screenshot. Do you think it’s that blue bit by the spot of light?

    If a regular Draconewt has stats like this, what kind of stats would a Shadow Draconewt have? And what will it look like?

    re legend draconewt magnus

    We have so many questions, and look forward to all the feedback that will be coming from early access players very soon. If you want to get in on this great action, go wishlist Re: Legend on Steam and get set to sail the seas on the back of one of your aquatic magnus buddies!

    In the meanwhile you can also check out some of our previous coverage of Re: Legend and its upcoming early access period.

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  • svgAug 25, 2019Quick Bits

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    My Nintendo rewards is offering something new. A pair of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp X Sanrio smartphone wallpapers! One is has a green theme with Japanese text and features Toby the rabbit. The other has a blue theme with English text and stars Chai the elephant. This set of phone backgrounds is completely free! They don’t even cost any points. Go grab them now at My Nintendo rewards!

    Free Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp x Sanrio smartphone wallpapers from My Nintendo rewards

    Love Animal Crossing or Sanrio? Check out the Hello Kitty items you can get in Pocket Camp!

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    At myPotatoGames, we love cooking games. We love tycoon and management games, too! And we’re so happy when we uncover games on Nintendo Switch that are like hidden gems that encompass one or all of those genres. Check out Marenian Tavern Story, Automachef, World Tree Marche and Gym Hero for affordable family-friendly games with lots of foodie fun! All available right now.

    Marenian Tavern Story: Patty and the Hungry God

    You may not know this, but Marenian Tavern Story: Patty and the Hungry God is actually a sequel to Adventure Bar Story on the 3DS. But you don’t need to play one to enjoy the other! Patty is a young woman with a brother who has been possessed by the god of poverty. Because of this, her family has been saddled with terrible debt! You’re going to have to pay that back, and opening a tavern seems like the best way to do it. Explore, gather, fish and garden to get your ingredients, and uncover over 600 recipes to use them in. Level up by eating great food so that you can conquer dungeons and discover ever better and rarer ingredients. What kind of menu will YOU put together?

    World Tree Marché

    World Tree Marche is an easy-going game that won’t make you feel rushed or under pressure. You are the Royal Food Adviser, and you must run the world tree’s market. To do so, you will need to guide six chefs (all named after spices!) in creating new and exciting recipes to earn money for the struggling world tree and stop the terrible plans of the Gourmand Corporation. Each chef you work with has their own personality and story, as well as unique strengths and weaknesses. (See our previous article on World Tree Marche for a more information and a trailer.)


    In Automachef, you may be more engineer than epicure, but that won’t stop the hijinks! Your job is to design (and build) automated restaurants. To do so, you will need to solve puzzles in spacial placement, resource management, and scenario-specific situations. You can do this in campaign mode, contracts mode, or let lose of all constraints in sandbox mode. Guide your somewhat hapless protagonist, Robert Person, to success, with lots of laughs along the way. See our pre-release article about Automachef for a full list of features!

    Gym Hero – Idle Fitness Tycoon

    At this point, you may have gotten TOO MUCH great digital food. To our surprise, the Switch has a game to balance that. In Gym Hero: Idle Fitness Tycoon, you get to take an unmotivated couch potato and spiff their empty little room up into their own personal gym. Buy exercise equipment, motivational posters and health supplements and press your character to use them properly. After all of that cyber-cooking, you can also reach your digital dream weight! Who knew?

    If you’ve already drained the Nintendo Switch e-shop dry of cooking content, there’s more to look forward to in the future. Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3 is entering early access on PC in January and we hope it will end up on Switch someday, like its predecessor. For the mother of all cooking games, check out Cooking Mama: Cookstar, latest in the Cooking Mama series, coming to Switch and PS4 in October!

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    If you have been eagerly awaiting award-winning Planet Zoo’s release on November 5th, this is important news. Planet Zoo is offering not only the soundtrack, wallpapers and three unique animals (listed below) but is now going to give eager players access to a beta period of this Steam game that will run for two weeks, from September 24 to October 8. You can order on Steam right now. (Please note that this offer applies specifically to the Deluxe Edition.)

    Planet Zoo Pre-Order bonus

    Planet Zoo seems like a no-brainer for animal lovers. It has a huge variety of animals, and in building habitats for them, you can pamper and care for all of them. For more information on keeping your animals happy, you can read our article on managing animal behaviours. But despite how it may seem, Planet Zoo is about much more than just the animals.

    Planet Zoo ostriches eating in enclosure
    planet zoo animal status

    Great for builders and managers, too!

    Even if animals aren’t your thing, perhaps you like to plan, strategize or build. Or make money! You’re going to need to do a lot of those things to create habitats, make happy animals, and lay out a beautiful zoo that brings in the visitors. Because you need to make money, or your zoo will go under.

    There are many objectives to fill. Planet Zoo also has a Career Mode, which is like following a story stuffed with unique characters. And your animals aren’t the only ones you have to keep happy. Nor are the customers! You also need to look after your employees. You’ll need to build staff-only pathways for your employees to traverse the zoo. And they won’t be very happy if you don’t build enough staff bathrooms, either!

    So even if you’re not particularly interested in animals, don’t write Planet Zoo off just yet. It has a lot to offer to any simulation-game lover. Read our articles (linked throughout this article), visit the game on Steam, or peruse the official website to get an in-depth impression of what this game is all about.

    If you’re at Gamescom this week, you can try out Career Mode and the new online Franchise Mode, about which Frontier had the following to say: “You’ll also get to try the brand-new Franchise Mode, where you can build, research, develop and manage your own zoos alongside a global community of players. And even use the online Animal Exchange where you can trade animals to increase the genetic diversity and well-being of your animals and zoo.” See for yourself if you think it deserved to be chosen as Gamecom 2019’s Best Simulation Game!

    Gamescom 2019 Trailer

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