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    On February 5th, 2019, Ghost Town Games, the developers of Overcooked 2, just added another update and it’s completely free! To celebrate the Chinese New Year, they’ve added two new traditional recipes of the festival; the fruit platter (cutting up mangoes, grapes and oranges) and a hot pot (meat, bok choy, prawn and noodles)! They’ve also added two new chefs; a traditional Chinese dragon and a pig as 2019 is the Year of the Pig!

    2 new chefs – playable up to 4 players co-cooperatively

    Go under “Story”, then “Extras” and select “Seasonal Updates”. There you will find the previous Christmas special, Kevin’s Christmas Cracker, and the 7 brand-new levels to play through from the Chinese New Year special! You start off in what looks like a hub world where you can see portals to enter both holiday updates so it looks like they might be planning on adding even more!

    Watch out for those pesky dragons!

    For more added features with the latest Overcooked 2 update, go here. For a more in-depth look at the levels, you can view Team17’s hour-long livestream at the top of this article!

    Make sure that pot is over the open flame to cook your ingredients!
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    The big N has announced, during this Nintendo Nindies, all of their upcoming indie games for the Nintendo Switch. See below for a list including release dates all showing dates of no later than this summer!

    Nintendo has just announced on March 20th, 2019 all of their upcoming indie games for the Nintendo Switch. We have highlighted below everything you need to know about these games releasing by the end of this summer.


    Cuphead will be ported to Nintendo Switch and is available for pre-order today. Developed by Studio MDHR, this classic co-operative, action, arcade and platformer game is releasing on April 18th, 2019. Play as Cuphead and Mugman and pay back your debt to the devil.


    Developed by Finji, this strategy and adventure game is releasing this Fall 2019. Fight, scavenge and make other hard choices in order to survive this post-apocalyptic world.

    My Friend Pedro

    This action game is an exclusive for the Nintendo Switch, developed by Deadtoast and is releasing in June 2019. It’s about violence, destruction and a talking banana.

    Neo Cab

    Developed by Chance Agency, this adventure and simulation game is releasing this Summer 2019. Play as Lina, the last human driver, and interact with a slew of passengers.

    The Red Lantern

    Developed by Timberline Studio, this dog-sledding game is a story-driven adventure that will be releasing later this year. You play as The Musher along with your team of dogs and train for a race through Alaska.


    Developed by Acid Wizard, this horror action-adventure and RPG game is releasing in May 2019. Craft weapons, prepare traps and fortify your hideouts before dark because that’s when the monsters come out.

    Katana Zero

    Available for pre-order now and developed by Akiisoft, this action, strategy and platformer game is releasing on April 18th, 2019. Kill your enemies of few different ways including manipulating time.


    Developed by Double Fine Productions, this action game is releasing this Summer 2019. Save the world from its barren wasteland state and learn interesting new abilities.

    Creature in the Well

    Nintendo’s world exclusive trailer revealed this action-adventure game developed by Flight School Studio which is releasing this Summer 2019. Fight off attacks and have them bounce off multiple obstacles in a way that’s reminiscent of pinball.


    Developed by Paper Cult, this top-down action game is releasing this Summer 2019. Play as Mr. Wolf and enact your revenge.


    Developed by Twirlbound, this 3rd-person action adventure game, where you have to craft and barter to survive, is releasing in August 2019. Play as a boy named Hue and find a new home for your tribe.

    Super Crate Box

    Developed by Vlambeer and is an arcade game, where the multiplayer feature is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, is releasing in April 2019. Fight co-operatively or competitively against tons of enemies.

    Nuclear Throne

    Developed by Vlambeer, this action, arcade and rogue-like game is available today. Fight against mutants and other monsters in this post-apocalyptic world.

    Ultra Bugs

    Ultra Bugs is the first of many games that will be part of Vlambeer Arcade and will be releasing later this year. Pilot a ship and fight off swarms of space-bugs.

    Swim Sanity

    Developed by Decoy Games, this underwater shooter, co-op and online multiplayer game is releasing this Summer 2019. Complete challenges and collect orbs.

    Blaster Master Zero II

    Developed by Inti Creates Co and Sunsoft. this action-adventure sequel game is available today. Play as Jason and venture through space to save Eve.

    Stranger Things The Game

    Developed together by BonusXP and Netflix, this retro-style game, that will revolve around the events of Season 3, will be releasing on July 4th, 2019 which is the same day the TV show will release on Netflix.

    Cadence of Hyrule

    Which brings us to one of the games that we here at myPotatoGames are most excited about; the surprise announcement of Cadence of Hyrule – Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring the Legend of Zelda, developed by Brace Yourself Games in partnership with Nintendo. You get to play as Cadence, from the Crypt of the NecroDancer game, along with Link and Zelda. This action-adventure game, which is set to release this Spring 2019, will feature 25 remixed classic Zelda songs as you rhythmically battle in randomly generated dungeons.

    Firewatch and Yoku’s Island Express are among the many games that will be on sale today on the Nintendo eShop here in celebration of all indie games as was mentioned by Nintendo in their showcase.

    Let us know what you were most excited to see and which games you will be playing this year. If you missed the last Nintendo Direct on February 27th, 2019, you can check it out here as we talk about Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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    Style Savvy: Styling Star is a fashion simulation game for the 3DS published by Nintendo and developed by Syn Sophia. It was released in North America on December 25th, 2017 on the Nintendo eShop only. It’s the third iteration of the series with the previous titles being Style Savvy: Trendsetters and Style Savvy: Fashion Forward. I can’t figure out why this hidden gem is so poorly advertised when compared to other games of this genre. This particular one stands out for its heart and messaging; be yourself and anything is possible.

    About Styling Star

    At the very beginning you get to customize your female avatar. You are then told by your uncle Tim that you are now in charge of your own clothing boutique. Customers begin to walk in and ask for items and it’s up to you to choose what they specified (i.e. purple earrings). You can search your inventory via item request or do your own in-depth search via patterns, colors, styles, etc.

    Each customer has an information card that you can view. It has their name, personality, a friendship rating, their hobby and their job. It even shows items they may have previously purchased from you. This way you can keep tabs on their history with you and remember who they are. As the game progresses and you start to make a name for yourself, the customers start trusting. They let you decide on their entire outfit as long as it’s within their budget and preferred style.

    At first I just wanted to find a game where I can match some outfits. I fully expected it to be as frivolous and shallow as that sounded but quickly began to change my mind. The game tells you that wearing an outfit that truly expresses oneself and makes you feel beautiful can give you confidence. I was a valued member of the town and was truly making a difference in these fictional women’s lives.

    Customer request/sale

    Story and Content

    The main story of the game centers around three main characters Rosie, Alina and Yolanda. They come to you for help in creating their persona as you help them along their singing careers. You get to be a part of their rise to stardom and see them perform songs on stage. The song selection varies on the style of clothes and accessories you gave them. All their performances can be reviewed by going to your menu and choosing MewTube (I see what you did there). You get once again proudly watch them sing and dance in the outfit you have chosen for them.

    You get to truly build a rapport with these girls as they frequent your shop. They tell you about big or small moments as they keep you updated on what’s going on in their lives. There are also several other events with minor characters. As you dress them for success, they start building their own shops such as a beautician’s, hair salon, flower shop, bakery, and concert hall. It’s almost impossible to fail at this game. If a customer is not be happy with your choice, they will return at a later time to try again.

    The main point of this game is to make people feel comfortable in their own skin. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your customers coming back into your shop wearing the last outfit you sold them. It’s exciting when they tell you that it helped them nail an interview, feel good about their date or make a new friend. This is a step up from Fashion Forward as that game did not have so much as an overall story but just an objective of putting on the best fashion runaway show.

    Yolanda’s first live concert


    This game can basically go on forever. The sheer volume of items accessible can offer millions of different combinations of outfits. This includes hats, bags/purses, dresses, glasses, earrings, necklaces, shoes, gloves, scarves, etc. The different styles are Lively, Eastern, Basic, Girly, Psychedelic, Boho-chic, Gothic, Baby Doll, Bold, Rock, Chic, Feminine and Preppy. Once you start earning some money, you can make a trip to the Exhibition Hall. There you can shop at the brand stores you have unlocked. You can add what they have in stock that day to your checkout basket and later find it in your store’s inventory.

    Once you have purchased an item, you can always easily reorder it from your menu and will always have it in your personal inventory for your avatar. When you’ve done that, you can head over to the beautician’s to do their make-up which includes eye-shadow, lipstick, eyebrows, eye color and nails. Then you can also head to the hair salon to recommend a color (with or without highlights), length and style. However, I found both of those things to be more of a chore as you had to go somewhere else to do it. It randomized which customers would go to the other shops so you can’t really choose who you want to give a makeover to.

    This game features a decorating aspect as well. You can change the floor, walls and furniture of your apartment or boutique. For your boutique, you can change the music playing in the background, dress up your mannequin in your display window, dress up your shopkeeper, and customize your storefront’s layout, color and style both indoors and outdoors.

    Comparing Games

    I’m about 50 hours into the game and have yet to complete the story-line. It’s very slow-moving because you have to wait for the main 3 characters to show up randomly in your store with no other means of progression. Thankfully in this sequel, you don’t have to wait as long as the in game clock is not in real-time. This works really well for Animal Crossing as every day is fresh with new items and holidays are special. In Fashion Forward, if you ran out of clothing that matches, you had to wait an actual entire day for the shops to cycle through their inventory. It reminded me of a mobile game that you can only play a little every day rather than sink in quite a few hours into a game whenever possible (which is how I prefer to play).

    The content in this game has been cut quite a bit compared to its predecessor. Fashion Forward used to have “treasure hunts” for make-up sets and a clothes designing option. It also had Caprice Chalet which was a feature where you can design several rooms in a building and rent them out to customers. Your customers also used to invite you out to places to take photos together and there was a modeling studio where you were paid to do a photo-shoot. That feature was honestly my favorite part of the whole game and saddened me that it wasn’t included.

    Window display of my boutique that I called Jojo’s

    Graphics, Sound and Music

    The graphics of the game are great for the 3DS with every scene and character interaction being in 3D. Where the game truly shines however, is its music, if you’re a fan of pop. The different styles of music go along well with their clothing style counterparts and the soundtrack during certain moments is adorable.

    I really love the main theme song Fight For Your Style by Anna of Japanese girl group FAKY whom sings for both the English and Japanese versions. This song perfectly encapsulates the whole feel and point of the game with lyrics like “Getting judged by everyone can make you feel like you’re worthless. It’s so hard to be yourself. But it’s your way; gotta fight no matter how hard it can get (Why are you giving up?). Your style, hold your own. Don’t ever let yourself forget!” and the upbeat tempo has me singing along to this song every time I hear it and it stays stuck in my head for days afterward.

    If you’re a fan of fashion, music or you just like to get creative, I highly recommend this title for the Nintendo 3DS, which you can purchase here. I’m hoping that it will get a Nintendo Switch port so that more people can be aware of its existence and we get another bigger and better sequel. For more fashion games by us click on this link.

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