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    April 9th is officially National Unicorn Day so myPotatoGames presents you with another poll! Even though unicorns are mythical creatures, they are widely loved and have been ever since Ancient Greek times! We can find both friends and foes out the fierce and majestic unicorns in video games so here are our top choices!

    If you missed our last poll on National Puppy Day, you can still vote by going here. Looks like K.K. Slider from Animal Crossing is winning by a long shot!


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    We’re not even halfway through the year and the games keep on coming! There have been quite a few announcements from us of indie projects in the making or with set release dates that you may have forgotten. We at myPotatoGames have compiled a list of our favorite games and most recent news with their dates and platforms so you can mark them on your calendars!

    If you haven’t the time to play all of these wonderful titles, we’ve narrowed them done by categories so you can decide what you like the most in your games. Most games will fit in multiple categories but we’ve let you know where the main focus seems to lie.

    Games for Cat Lovers

    We wanted to emphasize that there will be games where you can either be a cat or pet and play with cats. Most games below are about farming and exploring but cats will always get a special mention from us!

    Games that are Remakes or Switch Ports

    Many games are either being remade/remastered or simply being ported to the Nintendo Switch which is definitely still exciting. Rune Factory 4 Special for example was originally on the Nintendo 3DS and will be getting the new addition of the Newlywed Mode. Click on the links in the titles for more.

    Games for Zelda Fans

    The Legend of Zelda may not be getting a new core game anytime soon but there are still great things in store with the series! Link’s Awakening, a remaster from the original Game Boy game, looks quite charming, and the Cadence of Hyrule spin-off is an interesting choice for a mash-up. Tunic, has a cute lovable fox that looks like Link and was heavily inspired by the series.

    Games with Monster/Creature Pets

    If your favorite part about farming games are raising the animals or you like to be able to capture or befriend monsters/creatures, then these games are for you! In Ooblets, you get to actually “grow” said creatures in your garden.

    Games for Animal Crossing Fans

    What makes an Animal Crossing game so great is all of its features combined with customization, decorating, and performing daily activities. However, what really stands out is its socializing aspect. In these games you will be able to interact with all of the townsfolk and make new friends!

    • Littlewood – May 2019 – PC and Nintendo Switch
    • Sunvale – TBD 2020 – PC, Linux, Mac, and potential for consoles
    • Hokko Life – TBD – PC and potential for Switch and mobile

    Games with Crafting/Building & Exploration

    You might enjoy being able to build or create objects with items you have found by foraging and traversing wondrous landscapes. If so, check out the games below.

    Games with a Large Focus on Farming

    These games offer many things to do on your farmstead with crops and animals to care for. These are games similar to the ones we all love; Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons. However, Atomicrops has added the use of guns and fighting off mutants in your gardens so click below for details.

    Games with Platforming or Puzzles

    Platform games have a lot of precisely-timed jumps and puzzles to solve to progress further in the levels. From Etherborn’s anti-gravity mechanic, to Super Mario Maker 2’s ability to create your own courses, these games all offer more than your average games in the genre.

    Games with Unique Twists

    It’s a little harder to describe these games as they have combined elements and genres together to form quite a unique gaming experience. Untitled Goose Game is one such game where you play as an annoying goose, and sneak up and play mean tricks on villagers.

    Hopefully you have found this guide helpful and don’t forget to click on the links provided for more information on every game. Stay tuned as we announce more new and exciting games coming our way!

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  • svgApr 5, 2019News

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    EGX Rezzed 2019 is a gaming event in London taking place at the Tobacco Dock Thursday, April 4th, 2019 to Saturday, April 6th, 2019 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm every day. There’s still time to check it out if you live in the area!

    About EGX Rezzed 2019

    The event will consist of playable pre-release games on both PC and consoles (with a strong focus on indie titles), developer sessions by well known game designers and the opportunity to chat with developers on the show floor.

    Xbox has just announced that their booth will have 30 indie games to play during the entirety of the show! If you can’t make it to this event, we here at myPotatoGames have highlighted a couple of games below that stood out to us that you may be interested in as well.


    Atomicrops is an action rogue-like farming simulator, developed by Danny Wynne, Toby Dixon, and Joonas Turner, and published by Raw Fury. It has a release window for 2019 on PC and consoles.


    • Grow mutant crops and reap a bountiful harvest to sustain humanity… and make a huge profit.
    • Woo and marry a kindred spirit from the local town to fight and farm alongside you.
    • Fight bizarre post-nuclear pests starving for a piece of your crops at night. Hunt and forage in dangerous surrounding biomes for seeds and loot during the day. Turn your enemies into fertilizer to increase your crops quality.
    • Explore the far reaches of the biomes to find useful relics of farms long past. Discover rusty farm equipment, antique gardening tools, and tomes of how-to garden guides to increase your farming power. Spend your money in town to upgrade your gun and abilities. Permanently upgrade your farm house for bonuses that persist across playthroughs.
    • Recruit an entourage of pig pals, chicken chums and cow colleagues to automate farming tasks. Cultivating atomicrops is a tough job, you’ll need all the help you can get.


    Etherborn is a relaxing environmental puzzle and platformer built on exploring and understanding gravity-shifting structures, developed by Altered Matter. The game will be releasing in spring of 2019 for PC (Steam and Humble Bundle Store), Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.


    • Gravity-shifting platforming and exploration.
    • Navigation puzzles based on your unique sense of gravity.
    • Surreal levels in an atmosphere inspired by artists of the 20th-21st centuries.
    • Dynamic and captivating original soundtrack tailored to each level.

    Regarding other gaming events across the world, we’ll have you covered for the PAX East 2019 with highlights of the Animal Crossing panel coming here soon.

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  • svgApr 5, 2019Interviews

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    Platypus Studios, a newly-formed indie developer, is comprised of Jean Francois Poulin (lead programmer), Khris Finley (music and sound design), Joel Boucher (level design, programmer – during the competitions) and Paul Ungar (art and animation). The idea to officially become their own game studio came after they’ve competed in 2 game challenges and won awards. Rock Bottom, their latest game, is currently being expanded upon.

    Northern Game Design Challenge

    The group entered into the 2nd annual Sudbury Game Design Challenge, now known as the Northern Game Design Challenge, in 2017. The contestants of the challenge were given a theme and 48 hours to create a complete and playable game. They also had to have no more than 4 team members. They presented Frozen Dungeon Saga, an asymmetrical puzzle game. You play as 2 mages simultaneously, each with their own unique abilities. You need the abilities of both mages to escape the dungeon. This game, created by then Platypus Paradox, took home the first prize. The team decided to enter in the same challenge in their local hometown of Sudbury, Ontario, the following year.

    Paul Ungar with the game Rock Bottom

    The 2018 challenge was to create a 2D Platformer and Platypus Paradox (original name) won the “High Concept Art” award for their game Rock Bottom. We’ve all had difficult times in our lives that seem impossible to overcome. Rock Bottom starts you off in a pit where you have to climb up and go through the stages of grief. You have to collect letters and read through someone describing their emotions. Players will hopefully have a better understanding of how these struggles can take form.

    Original version of Rock Bottom

    My Potato Games decided to interview this up-and-coming indie developer and to further discuss their passion project, Rock Bottom. The focus now for them will be to create a longer, more fleshed-out game. They would also like to deliver an experience that will teach people about mental illnesses such as Depression.

    Platypus Studios Q&A with Paul Ungar

    Q: It sounds like the Northern Game Challenge would have been a grueling experience, how did you manage to stay sane during that ordeal?

    A: I won’t lie it does help that I’m a new father to a rather rambunctious 3 year old, so I’m used to running on little to no sleep. However, my team (Jean Francois Poulin, Khris Finley, and Joel Boucher) developed a great schedule for keeping ourselves on track so we knew what milestones we had to hit at different points in the competition.

    For example, once the theme for the competition was announced and kicked off at 5:00 pm, we gave ourselves 2 hours to lock in the direction we wanted to take and rough out the game we wanted to make. Then we set up and got to work. A few times each day we had a group meeting to make sure things were on track and we were all happy with what the others were doing. Feedback and criticism was encouraged. By 6 hours into the competition we were pretty well organized and had our game mapped out. We finished with only 30 minutes to spare. Also, there was unlimited coffee at the event. The coffee helped.

    Q: After creating a short game about the stages of grief, what made you decide to expand that game to instead tackle mental illnesses?

    A: While the character in the Northern Game Design version goes through the stages of grief it was always with the thought of someone coming to terms with their own mental illness, eventually reaching acceptance. Unfortunately when you’re writing the story after a day or so of little sleep it doesn’t come across so clearly. It was a really important issue for the team to do it justice. Therefore, we wanted to emphasize the mental illness aspect in the full release of the game. We’ve really been digging deep into the research and talking with others to make sure that we do it right.

    Q: What are some of the differences we will be seeing in the bigger and better version of Rock Bottom?

    A: The team has a lot more planned for the full release of Rock Bottom. While I still love the 48 hr version of the game, it is not without flaws. Lots of flaws. When we started making the new version of the game we had to toss out almost all of the code and assets and rebuild the game from the ground up.

    The plan is to create a more engaging story with NPCs, focusing on exploration, puzzle solving and improving the platforming elements. We’re also working with mental health professionals locally in Sudbury to include education about it as well as tools for coping with depression and anxiety. We’ll also be changing the art design from pixel style to a much nicer animated style. Someone with much more artistic skill than is currently working on it.

    Q: You all seem to be working so hard to get this game released, when can we expect the full version. Do you intend to make it available on Steam or consoles?

    A: Platypus Studios will be looking at a full release of Rock Bottom on consoles and Steam (and any other platform that will have us) sometime in 2020.

    Q: Can you tell us what other future projects you may have in mind for your studio?

    A: We have a lot of ideas that we’ve been kicking around we would like to flesh out our first game jam entry, Frozen Dungeon Saga. We want to develop games that focus on storytelling, puzzles, and teaching players about a wide range of different topics. We’ll keep you updated when we have a more solid idea of what’s coming down the pipeline.

    More Information

    See the video in this article for a full playthrough of the original Rock Bottom by Joel Boucher. You can also go here to try it out for yourself! For more information you can also follow them on Twitter. Click here on our review of Celeste, a game that also deals with similar issues.

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  • svgApr 2, 2019Reviews

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    Yoshi’s Crafted World is a side-scrolling platform game developed by Good-Feel and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. The theme of the game is that everything looks like cardboard. It looks like a child made an arts and crafts project and it’s visually stunning. This is like how the previous title, Yoshi’s Woolly World, was made to look like a world of wool. The adorable Yoshis are now back with their “ho-hum” and oh-so-cute licking sound effects and all.

    The Story

    The last game I can remember that had Yoshi as the main playable character was Yoshi’s Story for the Nintendo 64 back in 1998. Many enemies from then make a comeback, such as Ravens and Burt. That was a nice dose of nostalgia for me. Yoshi’s Story was an excellent game that also let you choose between different colors of Yoshi. It also had a very similar plot to what we see in Yoshi’s Crafted World. Those Yoshis had a Super Happy Tree, a fruit-bearing tree that gives joy. This made Baby Bowser jealous, so he steals their tree and transforms their island to a storybook.

    Burt – a boss fight.

    Yoshi’s Crafted World is about a Sundream Stone that can make anyone’s dream come true. Kamek and Baby Bowser see that this stone is in the possession of the Yoshis and begin to fight them for it. This causes all five of the Dream Gems inside to scatter across several different islands. Yoshi games have never had elaborate stories so this is fine as the gameplay is where the focus of the game lies.

    Kamek and Baby Bowser taking the Sundream Stone.

    You travel across 45 levels collecting 254 total Smiley Flowers in order to advance. However, not all of those Flowers are needed to access all the islands. You can do all the levels over again on the Flip Side – more on that later – in 40 Poochy Pups Courses (minus the bosses) to get 160 Smiley Flowers total (4 in each level). You can pick two Yoshis to go with you, if one of them will be your Player Two in a local cooperative mode.


    Most levels are exactly what you’d expect when you compare this game to others from the series. There’s a lot of jumping around from platform to platform and avoiding falling to your death. You can stomp on the heads of most enemies, eat them to make eggs, hit them with those eggs, or ignore them all together. Eggs are very much needed in this game to not only kill certain enemies, but to also grab certain items.

    Making an egg out of an enemy information.

    You can walk toward the background in specific areas but not everything you see is reachable with your character. You’ll have to keep an eye out in the distance and aim your eggs at fishy cardboard objects for extra coins. This may also yield important red coins or Smiley Flowers. It feels almost like a shooter with how important this element is in the game. You can get more eggs from certain blocks but you still need to use those eggs sparingly.

    Hitting things with eggs in the background.

    The Goals

    Before you enter a level, you’ll be able to see just how many Smiley Flowers there are to collect which will increase in number as the game becomes more difficult. Three other Smiley Flowers will be awarded at the end of the level if you managed to get 100 or more coins, full 20/20 health (hearts) and all 20 red coins. Having these goals to accomplish in every level makes it a lot more fun and engaging. Everything is hidden so you have to fully explore every nook and cranny before exiting the level. Sometimes there will even be little puzzles to solve and other missing items to gather to assemble larger objects.

    Mini-Games and Other Fun

    Unfortunately, a lot of levels felt repetitive with just new scenery (i.e. forest, beach, sweets) even when they tried to break things up by adding different mini-games. I will say that there was one level in particular that threw me for a loop and frankly did not belong in a Yoshi game. That was the level where the information block gave you this message: “If he sees you, run away…” Then you promptly get bombarded with creepy axe-murdering clowns that chase you around.

    Look at that terrified Yoshi face.

    Poochy and Vehicle Rides

    Some levels have Poochy who you could ride on to traverse lava or rivers, or just to bulldoze enemies and reach higher platforms. Then there were levels that let you ride vehicles. You could ride planes and trains and shoot fast-moving targets from them. There was even a level where you had to race to the finish line and one where you could ride a pirate ship and shoot cannonballs. There were interesting levels that let you use extra objects like the Go-Go Yoshi; a giant Yoshi machine that let each player control a boxing-type arm to punch obstacles out of the way. Also, a level where you used a skeletal dinosaur head to break boulders.

    There were levels that were once unique but in the end I found repetitive. Those where the ones where you are being chased by something (i.e. skeletal dinosaur, lava monster). It just felt like a recycled idea when the developers could have thought of something else to do in the level.

    Running away from the skeletal dinosaur.

    The Flip Side and Side-Quests

    Instead of just adding more levels or content, they also created the Flip Side to every single level. These levels were the exact same but everything was backward. You were seeing everything from behind with the duct tape on cardboard to keep it together. It was cute at first until you realized you were just doing the same thing over again but with less beautiful things to look at. They did add three Poochy Pups to find in these levels however with a time limit if you wanted to attempt that challenge for an extra Smiley Flower.

    Poochy Pups Courses – finding three Pups.

    You could repeat every level because a character in the hub world wants you to find a hidden cardboard item and hit it with an egg (i.e. 5 cardboard seagulls). That would have been a lot more fun if I could do it the first time around but the game waits until you finished each level before you can do this.

    Finding more items as per request.

    Adorable Costumes

    A feature in the game that I quite enjoyed was the fact that there were costumes that you could collect. You had to purchase them with coins from a vintage gumball vending machine except there were Yoshi eggs in them. Inside each egg was a randomized selection of the costumes. Costumes not only looked incredibly adorable and hilarious but also gave you added protection against enemies.

    The vintage gumball vending machine.

    Green eggs are Normal costumes with three health bars, red eggs were Rare costumes with four health bars, and golden eggs were Super Rare with five health bars. Once you depleted all of the health bars by taking damage, you would lose the costume only for the rest of that level. This gave you a great reason to collect coins in every level beyond the 100 that give you a Smiley Flower.

    Wearing different costumes.

    Playing Two-Player

    Normally, I absolutely love playing local co-op but there was one element in this game that soured my experience; the ability to jump on your partner’s back to then be carried around until you jump off. The reason for my hatred of this is because it happened by accident all of the time which can ruin the current move you or your partner where performing. When you are on each other backs, only the person on top can shoot eggs and the person on the bottom can lick or jump.

    Jumping on your partner’s back.

    Aside from performing a stronger ground-pound, there wasn’t much benefit to this action. All the developers had to do was make this a button choice rather then something that could just happen by jumping. I also hated the fact that you can accidentally swallow your partner, when your intention was to swallow the enemy. This not only interrupts them but causes them to lose all of their eggs. My partner and I spent so much time yelling at each other out of pure frustration that we made sure that our Yoshis were separated as far as the screen would allow.

    Partner getting in the way of a shot.

    Mellow Mode Vs. Classic Mode

    The game offers two modes; Mellow and Classic. Mellow gives you the addition of wings on your Yoshi which makes the game very easy – maybe a little too easy. With the wings, you can jump and then stay hovering in the air or continue to float up even higher until you reach the top of the screen. It can give you a huge advantage to overcoming certain difficult bosses but if you use it the whole time during levels, you miss all of the puzzles that were designed to make you figure out how to get to new heights.

    Flying away from the creepy axe-murdering clowns in Mellow Mode.

    It honestly felt like cheating the game although this may be more fun for children. You also get more health, enemies hit less hard, and enemies give you two eggs instead of one. Something that’s very handy is an alert for when Smiley Flowers are nearby and the fact that the amount you have to find is visible. It shows you which Flower you collected in which order.

    Extra levels at the end of the main game for an added challenge.

    Other than the few issues I personally had with the game, the overall experience was a good one. Next time however I hope we get something a little more creative or innovative with the Yoshi series. Like what Nintendo did for the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Mario Odyssey. The graphics, music, and costumes were all part of what made this game great as well as certain levels that stood out from the rest.

    Unique Ninja level – playing with silhouettes.

    For more reviews on cooperative games go here for Chocobo’s Mysetry Dungeon Every Buddy and here for Unravel Two. To purchase Yoshi’s Crafted World, go here.

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  • svgApr 1, 2019News

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    Yooka-Laylee, the 3D platform/adventure game developed by Playtonic Games and published by Team17, has just received an update today! When you boot up the game on your Nintendo Switch or PC, you will need to download the latest version. Then, head to any Vendi in the game and select the 64-bit Tonic option.

    About Vendi and the Tonics

    Vendi is an NPC vending machine that supplies Yooka and Laylee with tonics that you can unlock and equip. These upgrades can give boosts to stats and abilities, can help the player with useful guides such as a tracker for certain collectibles, or even give you an option to make the game more challenging.

    The Vendi Tonics on the PS4 version.

    The 64-bit Tonic gives you a “pre-rendered” appearance to make it look like you are playing a Nintendo 64 game! All backgrounds in Yooka-Laylee will now have limited texture and shading. The PS4 and Xbox One version will only receive this update at a later date as Playtonic Games says there are a few bugs that need fixing first. See what the developers have to say about their choice for this hilarious addition here.

    When we decided we were going to implement the 64-bit Tonic, we knew we wanted to create something reminiscent of “the good old days”. Naturally, we looked back at Nintendo 64 games that we had both played and worked on.

    Jens Restermeier

    About Playtonic and Yooka-Laylee

    Playtonic Games, founded by former Rare employees, wanted to create a spiritual successor to their Banjo-Kazooie series (which Microsoft now owns the rights to). Therefore, they started a Kickstarter campaign which raised a record-breaking £2-million, an amount of well over their goal.

    Yooka-Laylee has everything that the fans loved from the Banjo-Kazooie series; wacky cast of characters, an amazing soundtrack, cheeky humor, and googly-eyes on everything! They’ve heard what the fans had to say and definitely delivered – unlike a certain other game *ahem*.

    For more information about the game Yooka-Laylee you can head to our article here.

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  • svgMar 31, 2019News

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    Snacko is a farming simulation game developed by an indie studio called bluecurse, based in Vancover, BC, Canada. The founders, husband and wife Jordan and Erisa, wanted to create a world “where cats rule the land” and so the project began in 2018. Snacko is expected to release sometime in the year 2021 for PC and Nintendo Switch.

    We here at myPotatoGames obviously can’t get enough of cat games so the game Snacko, where you play as cat, is the purr-fect game to talk about! Who doesn’t love those furry, squishy, soft, adorable balls of fluff! On the Island of Snacko, where a terrible event happened, corrupting the native creatures and causing the inhabitants to leave, it is up to you to find the source of the evil and bring the land back to life.


    • Classic farming sim gameplay: farm, fish, cook, and craft!
    • Customize your farmland: craft different types of fences, storage units, and more. Use these objects to spruce up your plot of land.
    • Customize your town: choose from a variety of exterior styles for houses, decorate with different items your villagers could interact with.
    • Recruit a variety of villagers: send out letters to seek help in rebuilding the island. Based on what you write, different types of animals will reply. Who will you choose to move in?
    • Explore and unlock new areas: recruiting different types of villagers will unlock new areas to explore. Each area has their own unique resources, monsters, and mysteries to solve.
    • Play your way: experience a cute and cozy island with a simple story. It’s up to you to fill in the details! What’s your ideal island?

    One of the newest features that was recently announced is the use of many more tools, starting with sprinklers. For more on information on what the developers are currently working on, go to their website here. For our latest news on a similar farming game, Stardew Valley, go here.

    Sprinklers will help to speed up your farming!
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  • svgMar 29, 2019Reviews

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    Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy is a remake of Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon released on the Wii in 2008. This new and improved game is available now on the Nintendo Switch and the PS4, the latter being the version used for this review. Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy remains largely the same compared the previous game.

    The minor differences are that some story scenes have changed, some dialog has been removed, the card-game has been removed, the dungeons have gotten a little better and there are new classes and challenges. The most significant addition has been that of the Buddy system which allows you to play cooperatively with a friend! Another player can now take control of monsters that you encounter and acquire with enough points! You will also gain human allies throughout the game that you can bring along with you in place of a monster.

    The Story

    You begin the game as Cid and Chocobo, treasure hunters, who are looking for a mysterious jewel called the Timeless Power which is said to be located at the Tower in the Sands. When it is just before their reach, they are suddenly transported to a long-forgotten town called Lostime. The mayor tells them that no one in this town has their memories because the Bell of Oblivion will erase them every time it rings. A girl named Shirma gives us a safe place to stay and helps us along our journey. Back at the town square, a beam of light emerges from the sky and leaves behind an egg on the ground. It hatches and a baby named Raffaello is now in our care. It seems that Raffaello can create dungeons within people’s minds so that we can enter them and recover their lost memories.

    Cid and Chocobo at the Tower in the Sands.

    As you continue to help more townsfolk, new shops and areas become accessible, such as a flower shop and item shops. The Storage facility becomes available quite early on in the game where you can go to Noiroo to buy and sell spellbooks (i.e. Blind or Poison), and go to Blaroo to deposit and withdraw gil and items for safekeeping. If you chose Normal mode (instead of Hard), you still lose all of your money if you die in a dungeon but you only lose all of your unequipped items. To be clear, that means you keep your equipped items. You will always be able to return to Stella’s Farm to get letters and to ask the animals for gameplay tips (yes you can talk to all animals).

    The shops and villagers in Town of Lostime.


    When you enter a dungeon you have to find the stairs on that floor to continue down a set number of floors. Once you get to the last floor, you will battle a boss. You then find Raffaello and can leave the dungeon. You can leave at any time with the Teleport Wings item but when you return, the layout, enemies and items will change.

    In every dungeon you need to be prepared before you enter. Gysahl Greens are needed to replenish your stamina as every time you walk around, it depletes. If you get to 0%, you start losing HP. You will need Potions to refill your HP and Ethers to refill your SP which allows you to use special abilities. Your Chocobo can equip two items that will remain in your inventory; talons and saddles. Talons will boost the stats of you attacks and saddles will boost the stats of your defense. There are also other items like the Appraisal Glasses that will come in handy to identify unknown items right away. Remember that you have a carry limit with your items and you will need to purchase bags to extend that limit.

    Playing Two-Player

    At the start of every dungeon and before moving forward, you can access a crystal. The crystal will allow you to change your Job and access the Buddy Registry.  Each Job has different abilities and stats, as well as weaknesses and resistances. When you defeat enemies, you will gain Job Points to increase the level of your current Job which will in turn give you new abilities. You will also occasionally receive Buddy Points to access more monsters. The points go towards the monster type that you defeated.

    The crystal at the start of each dungeon.

    When you bring a second player along with you, that player will gain levels when you gain levels. If they die, you can get them back after advancing to the next floor. They have HP and SP but will not have stamina so they can move as often as they like except with enemies. They also cannot be given any items or wear any equipment. It is therefore safer for them to be ahead of you at all times, although they cannot uncover the map as they walk.

    Personally, I cannot imagine doing a dungeon alone as they can get very long, redundant and tedious. You can push or swap places with your Buddy at any time. It is possible to accidentally skip your Buddy’s turn if you button mash too fast. When you “miss” the words will display on your screen. You can also technically miss the enemy if you aren’t facing them properly.


    The way the game works is on a grid of squares. Every time you move or attack, the enemies get a turn to do the same. This is not to say that you are “locked into battles” but you are free to roam the dungeons as you please with the exception that enemies don’t always stay where they are unless they are sleeping.

    It is best to strategize by taking one step at a time when approached by enemies and to not get cornered or surrounded by them. You can always take steps backward and heal a bit while doing so. This also heals your Buddy at the same time. You not only encounter enemies and items in the dungeons, but traps and buttons as well. Certain buttons when stepped on could either deplete your stamina or wake up certain monsters. I recommend using the D-pad to move as the joystick is harder to control and can jerk your character in weird directions.


    Once you unlock the blacksmith and their Forge in town, you can upgrade your saddle and talons. You can Hone, which adds a level to your equipment, you can Fuse equipment together to strengthen them, or you can Unbrand them. Some items will have brands which have special effects such as elemental properties or negative effects. You can only use the Honing option up to five times before you have to advance ten floors in a dungeon to regain that ability. Dungeons will start to get excessively longer as you progress the game but there will be checkpoints. At checkpoints you can leave and go back to the town, then return to the same said checkpoints.

    Unlocking Freja’s Forge after regaining her memories.

    There are four Oracles and Guardian Beasts that protect four elemental crystals which have an effect on the town. Those elements are: fire, water, darkness and light. Every time you fight one of the Guardian Beasts, you receive a magicyte which allows you to summon them. Every magicyte can only be used once.

    Phoenix; first summon available.


    The graphics in this haven’t improved very much but are still quite charming. They show off how adorable your Chocobo is by letting you play out scenes in certain parts of the town map. You can go to the playground and slide, swing, and go on the see-saw with another Chocobo friend. Square Enix also animated your Chocobo going to sleep on a bed and swimming in a pond. Once you get a fishing rod there are even three areas where you can go fishing. It’s all very playful and cute and a nice little extra feature.

    Playing on the see-saw with another Chocobo.

    Unfortunately, the aesthetics of the dungeons aren’t so amusing. Every floor is flat and various shades of brown. The edges will vary slightly depending where you are (i.e. Fuego Mines has fire below) but has not much else to offer in terms of scenery. The paths change directions on different floors and the stairs are always in a different area of the map but it is always just a massive square that you navigate.

    Fire enemies and the fire levels.


    The music isn’t much better either inside of the dungeons. If you add a Buddy as Player Two, the same music will be playing on repeat unless they die. Then when you’re alone, it’s either the music that was supposed to be playing in the background all along or it triggers only because your partner has fallen. I’m unsure because this has only happened to me once and the tone shifted to a serious and dramatic music rather than the happy cherry music I was just listening to. There are however other familiar songs in town and during scenes such as Memories (get it) from FFIX which is nice for nostalgia’s sake. There is a remastered Original Soundtrack CD which will be available on April 24th, 2019 which includes arrangements from both old and new versions of the game.

    If you enjoyed the game on the Wii, then you have to try this better version. If you’re a newcomer to the series, it’s worth it to play as an adorable Chocobo. You can purchase Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy through the Square Enix store here. If you are interested in games that involve dungeons, check out our newest announcement of ReadySet Heroes here.

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