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    An hour ago Bethesda released to their Facebook page the “Please Stand By” screen that precursors a new Fallout game. Current speculations are a GOTY or a port to Nintendo Switch given the relationship between Bethesda and Nintendo has been blossoming this year. Others speculate it may be time for a new game to be announced. With it being this close to E3, I am in the boat with the people thinking it may be a new game. Stay tuned for more information as it is released!


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    It’s now easier to play Disney’s Tsum Tsum with friends! The super popular LINE game is now available to play on Facebook with no need for extra downloads. Just click and play!

    About Disney’s Tsum Tsum with friends

    LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum is the fluffiest puzzle game ever! Collect, connect and pop Tsum Tsum based on the popular Disney Tsum Tsum plushes.

    Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Frozen and more beloved Disney characters are here!

    Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains social media links to connect with others and in-app purchases that cost real money.

    How to Play
    -Collect Tsum Tsum and set your favorite as your MyTsum.
    -Connect 3 or more of the same Tsum Tsum to pop them.
    -The more Tsum Tsum you connect, the more points you’ll get!
    -Trigger off Fever Mode to rack up a whole bunch of extra points!
    -Each Tsum Tsum has a different skill. Use the one that matches your play style! Find a strategy that works for you!

    LINE Disney Tsum Tsum is published by LINE under license from Disney.

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    We finally have a release date for Harry Potter: a Hogwarts Mystery, and it is a lot sooner than expected. Ready your owls and parchment, because class is in session starting April 25! We’ll keep you up to date with news from the developers as it comes to us in the meantime. Here’s a trailer as if you weren’t already hype enough for it.

    About Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

    Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is the first game in which players can create their own character and experience life as a Hogwarts student. The game will launch under Portkey Games, a new label dedicated to creating experiences inspired by the magic and adventures of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World.

    For more magic games, check out Stardew Valley’s publisher, Chucklefish, latest game Witchbrook here.

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    Shortly after posting the review, I noticed bugs being fixed more and more. On 4/3, I noticed there was a question mark tamagotchi icon in the collection book. Had it always been there? Does this foreshadow a big update to the amount of tamagotchi the game contains? Yes, actually! The morning of 4/4, Bandai Namco released a major update to the game including ways to play with friends, more tamagotchi to collect, and more! The time has never been better to play. We will keep you updated as the game progresses.

    For more information on the Tamagotchi Forever check out our review here. There is also a fun gameplay trailer you should not miss over here.

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    I was one of the many people who heard the rumors, the quiet mutterings: Tamagotchi is going to have an app game. I waited with bated breath for what felt like forever and then? The app came out, seemingly out of nowhere. I’ve compiled, what is probably combined, hours into this app and I’m still not bored. But how? Tamagotchi is such a simple concept. How could an adult with a busy life still be playing such a simple app game almost a week later and not be bored. It’s a rough combination of nostalgia, which that’s to be expected, and also oddly enough the fluidity of the way the game runs.


    Bandai Namco did something right, that’s for sure. If this game has anything going for it, it’s definitely the way it seamlessly integrates itself into your day to day life. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’ve played it multiple times in one day until it’s brought to my attention. Just like the original Tamagotchi, you care for a baby, then a toddler, teen, and then an adult. Once the cycle is finished you start the whole process over again. My first tama took less than a week to fully transform. The game does have something that I wish the other games had. Before you send your adult tama on their merry way to do whatever it is they do, they have a dream career. You help them along their way to that career by playing mini games and getting the uniform outfit for that career. I think this is a welcome addition to vintage Tamagotchi gameplay and is super cute. I felt much more of a connection to the adult form afterwards. You also fill pages full of specific pictures on playground equipment. This is what you will spend the bulk of your coin currency on. Filling up a page unlocks rarer outfits.

    Basic care

    When in baby form, which only lasts a few hours, they will push notifications to you to be fed every 15 minutes or so. Once they hit toddler form, they won’t need as much maintenance. I’m on edge about how I feel about this. On one hand, it’s similar to taking care of an actual baby animal. On the other, it breaks the flow of gameplay integrated into your daily life. So if you don’t mind babying your app a few hours every week, this could be a plus for you.

    Care consists of happiness, hunger, cleanliness, bladder, and sleep. Happiness is pretty straightforward. You can fill their happiness meter by petting them for about ten seconds or play a mini game. Happiness is low on the priority list compared to other care meters and your tama will not allow you to maintain your happiness meter until other red meters are taken care of. Hunger is second on the priority list. Your tama will tell you what it’s craving. As far as I have noticed, by all means correct me if I’m wrong, giving your tama what they are craving does not do anything for XP or happiness. Sleep is tied for a second on the priority list with hunger. When your Tamagotchi sleeps, it can take upwards of a few hours, depending on age. You can use gems or watch a short ad to immediately refill the meter, however, if you need to maintain your other meters as well. Bladder is ultimately the most important priority for your tama. It’s a simple bit of button mashing to get them to go to the bathroom and refill their meter. If you don’t get to your app quick enough, your tama will poop everywhere and become dirty. You will need to clean these up and give your tama a bath which brings us to the next factor in care. Cleanliness is maintained by bathing and for whatever reason does not have a meter. I suppose how dirty your tama looks is a meter in itself. You soap them up and then shower them. Care is simple, just like the keychain games.

    Mini games

    You have a match three game, planet jump, band practice, and a game called “hide and seek” which unfortunately needs VR to be compatible with your phone, so I haven’t had an opportunity to test it. Match 3 is a basic candy crush style game. You have a certain amount of moves you can make to earn points towards a goal. Planet jump is all about timing. A little too soon or late of a tap can cause your spaceman to fly off into the void. Band practice gives you 4 lines and sends music note buttons down it, a little like guitar hero.

    Bugs and issues

    When I first played it, it had just been released and there was a massive amount of bugs. Most have actually been patched out, to my surprise. The dev team is very responsive to getting problems fixed. I had mentioned specific problems day two or three in the comments of the App Store and the bugs are already better or completely fixed. However, there are still a few issues. Sometimes when playing mini games, the game will have input lag. When the game was released, this lag was upwards of 3 seconds. Now it’s down to 1 or 2 at the very worst, but it still makes precision games like planet jump unplayable at times. The game does crash on occasion. Specifically for me, when trying to share photos to Facebook or looking at the leaderboard of high scores for mini games. It used to also crash after clicking on an ad to be taken to the App Store, but this seems to have been fixed. The frustration with these problems is minimal and I’m sure the dev team are on their way towards getting these fixed.


    All in all, this game is great for a casual player that doesn’t really have a ton of time on their hands. Those with a completionist complex will also love the different Tamagotchi you can collect. The bugs are minimal and the replay ability is great. The game seemingly has no end until all the Tamagotchi are collected, which will take quite a long time.

    Gameplay: 8/10

    It’s what you would expect from a Tamagotchi game with a little twist from the career mode and photo achievements. Points were taken off for input lag issues.

    Replay ability: 4/5

    If you enjoy playing the same game to collect things, this is for you. If not, you may end up quitting after the first cycle.

    Mini games: 2/5

    To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t seem like much effort was put into the mini games. They are all clones of well known games. There are also so few of them, playing them almost seems like a chore. If they add new mini games, ones that have a little more thought put into them, and don’t require expensive purchases to play them, maybe this score will change.

    Overall score: 14/20.

    Above average, but needs a little work in the mini game area and bug correcting. I genuinely expect to see good things come out of this game if the dev team continues to add mini games and correct existing problems.

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