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    Harvestella is a new life simulation game by SquareEnix, creator of Final Fantasy.

    Harvest Stelle at it’s core feels like a Final Fantasy and Fable hybrid game with the typical beautiful graphics, unique characters and absolutely stunning looking environments that just invite you to go exploring.

    But unlike most Final Fantasy games, Harvestella also features farming, cooking, crafting and more. You will be able to grow a large garden and use the ingredients to craft items to help you on your journey.

    As you explore the vast open world you will notice that the entire world changes as the seasons pass by. On your expedition you will come across many villagers who will guide you on your way. As days progress you also choose if you want to spend your time by the lake to see if you can catch some fish, crafting a bunch of new items or even accept a job.

    Jobs provide a variety of different gameplay mechanics, become a fighter. Shadow Walker or a mage and explore the many dungeons the game has to offer!

    Harvestella Release date and platforms

    Harvestella is now available on Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC. Take a look at the gorgeous release trailer below!

    Doraemon Story Of Seasons

    For more farming adventure take a look at the brand new installment in the Doraemon Story of Seasons franchise!

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  • svgFeb 3, 2023Indie Highlight

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    Pixelshire is an adventure, farming and life simulation game that is a reminder how Harvest Moon shaped the genre. 

    At the heart, Pixelshire offers everything you come to expect from games like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. You find yourself in a little town with a starter tent much like Animal Crossing New Horizons. The town is inhabited by many villagers that all feature unique personalities.

    As you find your way around town you can choose to interact with the town folks, you will eventually make friends or… frenemies? If socializing is not a priority on your mind, you may want to spend your day by the lake and cast your fishing rod to hopefully become an expert fisherman. 

    Town building and Terraforming add a cool new vibe

    In addition, the towns look and feel is entirely in your hand, build up the town and decorate it as much as you like! There are no limits to your creativity. The option to terraform your land is a great tool to make everything your own.

    Resourcing is also a big part of the game, mine, cut trees and plant crops to grow your favorite vegetables and fruits – then turn in your harvest for a juicy profit. In addition you can also care for various animals and raise livestock right on your very own farm.

    Pixelshire Demo out now

    the indie game has been in development for a while and I couldn’t have been happier to find out that we can finally play the demo! Head over to steam and get started!

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  • svgFeb 1, 2023Indie Highlight

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    Dinkum let’s you play with friends in an Australian inspired outback island.

    Dinkum, an RPG and simulation game developed by sole developer James Bendon much like how Stardew Valley started.

    If you are not familiar with the game, at heart Dinkum is a life simulator with town building elements, farming, fishing and just so much more. The game is inspired by classics such as Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon.

    In Dinkum you arrive with a group of explorers to a previously unexplored island. You will be be able to let your creativity roam free as you place and build a home for yourself as well as helping other villagers create the house of their dreams.

    James has recently released a first good look at the game revealing the feature packed life simulation game. In addition the trailer gives you a glimpse at the exciting multiplayer part of the indie game, as you can watch two people on a mining spree together.

    Play Dinkum Now

    Dinkum is currently available on Steam. A console release is currently not planned but may still happen in the future!

    Palia an open world fantasy life and Animal Crossing like

    If you enjoy Animal Crossing you may also want to take a peak at Palia.

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    The next farming and life simulation game in the Doraemon Story of Seasons series will put a big focus on connecting with villagers.

    Doraemon Story of Seasons for the ones who don’t know is a spin off hybrid game combining the best out of Story of Seasons and Doraemon in one game. Following the great success of the first game, Friends of the Great Kingdom is set to make a great game even better.

    Bandai Namco released an adorable new gameplay trailer showcasing everything you can do to help the lovely residents in your village. Make friends, share little gifts and even receive rewards for your acts of kindness.

    Kingdom of Friends even supports two player co-op, a feature fans have been asking for a long time. The game will also have a beautiful world that Bandai says looks like it came “straight out of a picture book”.

    Plenty of new farming features, new crops and recipes are also part of the upcoming experience. Doraemon Story of Seasons Kingdom of Friends sure looks to be this holidays most cozy game to play!

    Take a look at the adorable trailer below.

    Doraemon Release Date and Platforms

    Bandai Namco published a new trailer with even more gameplay footage to announce the upcoming release of the game. Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom is available on Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Steam. 

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    Palia is aiming to capture hearts of Animal Crossing fans with its charm and beautiful open world.

    Palia is an upcoming game inspired by gems such as Animal Crossing. The huge open world MMO takes place in a time where all humans have disappeared and it is up to you and your friends to rebuild a lost world as humans have just started to reappear again.

    The developers describe the title as a “Cozy Life Simulation Game ” and while not too much information about Palia is available just yet, the first trailer revealed some interesting details about the MMO.

    Much like in Animal Crossing you will be able to build and decorate your house from the ground up. You are also free to roam the large open world in hopes to find a piece of land that suits you the most. Find a quite plot by the lake or climb the mountains and place your house high up in the sky with stunning valley views.

    In addition to placing, building and decorating your house you will also be able to grow a garden, plant and harvest crops as much as you desire.

    palia fishing

    Palia aims to capture the spirit of games like Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and even a little bit of the adventure from games like Fable and Zelda Breath of the Wild.

    Palia offers the best out of life simulation games with expansive building tools for your own home and combines this with farming and adventure elements. Spend some time farming in the morning, embark on an adventure with your friends and close the day by doing some fishing in the nearby river – there is always something to do in the world of Palia.

    Palia Release Date

    Palia has no set release date yet, but a 2nd pre Alpha test went live a few months therefore nearing an open beta test soon!

    The game will most likely launch on PC first with console releases likely to follow. I have reached out to the developer for clarification on this and will update this article accordingly.

    More Animal Crossing Like Games

    If you would like to play some more Animal Crossing like games, take a peak at this expansive list of similar cute, cozy and laid back games.

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  • svgJan 27, 2023Indie Highlight

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    Hokko Life let’s you customize furniture or even build them from the ground up.

    If you are not familiar with Hokko Life, it is an indie game much in the spirit of Animal Crossing. The life simulation game lets you hunt for bugs, spend a day fishing, decorate your home and meet plenty of friendly villagers.

    Hokko Life also features an incredibly easy to use but yet powerful customization tool that lets you make your own furniture in the game. From chairs, to beds, arches and even bridges. There is no limit and letting your creativity run free in this game is just so much fun.

    Many updates over the past year added plenty of new features such as a shopping district where you can check out other players creations or even showcase your own. In addition you will find plenty of shops to grab some new items for yourself. You may even find some brand new seasonal items just in time for this years spooky season!

    New Nintendo Switch Update

    Since it is now December 1st, Winter has arrived in Hokko Life, players from all over the world are sharing their holiday creations and the stores in the game now carry festive items you can use to cozy up your game!

    In addition the latest patch fixed multiple issues, such as disconnecting issues, problems with the game stuttering and more. You may check out the full patch note right here.

    Hokko life

    Hokko Life is Now Available on Console

    The game launched as a Steam exclusive but since September you can now also play Hokko Life on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. If you haven’t played it yet, I recommend checking out the adorable trailer below to see this village simulation game in action!

    Wylde Flowers – Relaxing Open World Game

    Wylde Flowers is all about relaxing, magic and gardening, take a look at this hidden gem for Nintendo Switch!

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    Cozy Grove is an adorable survival and camp building game inspired by no other than Don’t Starve and Animal Crossing.

    If you have ever played Don’t Starve you will most likely be very familiar with the concept of Cozy Grove. For the ones who haven’t – much like in Don’t Starve – a survival game as the title already gives away, In Cozy Grove you will find yourself on a haunted island and you will be tasked to bring color back to it.

    The haunted island may appear empty and overtaken by florals but as you continue to explore and gather resources you will quickly begin to build up a new camp on the deserted and remote place and breath some life back into it.

    The game features a huge hand-drawn world that becomes more colorful as you help the haunted spirits around. As you embark on your adventure you will meet dozens of different and interesting characters and spirits.

    Everyone you meet will have his or her own backstory that you uncover over time.

    Cozy Grove

    While the game has plenty of storyline that you may indulge in, just like in Animal Crossing New Horizons you will be able to gather resources to craft all the items you desire. Build up your camp and create the coziest place you can possibly imagine.

    In addition you can also fill your spare time by spending an afternoon fishing, gardening or other activities you find joy in. In Cozy Grove there is always something to do and only you decide which directions your very own haunted island will take.

    Cozy Grove update

    Cozy Grove is now available on Nintendo Switch and Steam and has received many updates since the launch of the game.

    Games for Magic Lovers

    If the haunted island in Cozy Grove got you in the mood for more spooky and magic focused games, take a look at this list filled with magic focused games.

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  • svgJan 25, 2023Indie Highlight

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    Coral Island is finally here and fulfills every dream and expectations I had about this farming game.

    If you follow myPotatoGames for some-time you may know about my obsession with Coral Island. I have shared my love for the game since it was still in early development and I am so happy to see the game finally being played by so many players today.

    In case you are not familiar with Coral Island, this indie game is a farming and life simulation game where you have to take the health of the environment into account – as you start out on an island and your task is simple – help restore the island to its former glory.

    There are more than 70 villagers you can meet, befriend and even take the relationship a little further and find that special someone. As you may have guessed, each villager has its own quirky personality so pick and choose the ones you would like to invite into your life.

    So much more than just farming

    While the game features amazing farming abilities, tons of different crops and fun ways to make your garden thrive – there is a lot more to discover in Coral Island.

    Meeting villagers is just the starting point, you can go fishing, explore the large beautiful island and even enter mines in hopes to find something valuable. You can also raise livestock or work on your ever growing farm to decorate and expand as much as you like to.

    Play Coral Island today

    Coral Island is a wonderful game and if you enjoy games like Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing this might just be the next game for you. take a look at Coral Island now in early access on Steam. Take a look at the latest gameplay trailer below!

    If you like farming with a bit of magic and multiplayer take a look at the oh so cute Fae Farm.

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