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Animal Crossing New Horizons – 100 Things We Know For Sure

svgJun 19, 2019Animal CrossingMax

Its been well over a week since the long awaited Animal Crossing New Horizons reveal during the Nintendo Direct at this years E3 in Los Angeles. Many details have emerged in regards to the games enhanced multiplayer mode, weather, crafting, Nook miles and more. BitBlock the creator of the stunning Animal Crossing Switch mockup video, has once again pleased his fans with an amazing look at all the facts and details known so far.

BitBlock is a YouTube channel created by Josh, who has catered to the Animal Crossing community for some time now, with the legendary Make Believe series where he created an in-depth mockup of what Animal Crossing Switch could have looked like before we knew it was even coming! if you missed it, it’s still worth a watch.

This week BitBlock released a video about Animal Crossing New Horizons where 100 facts and details have been put into a nifty video that is a must watch for any fan of the upcoming game. You can sit back, grab some potato chips and watch it below!

If you are looking for more games to carry you over untill March 20th, 2020 the Animal Crossing New Horizons release date, you should give Littlewood a try! The Stardew Valley inspired game is now available on steam and will be coming to Nintendo Switch soon!



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  • Kikki

    June 28, 2019 / at 12:24 amsvg

    I watched this video a while back and it’s fun that he’s so excited. But rather than watch his video again here, I’d rather hear about the tidbits you potatoes are most excited about, personally! Everyone seems pretty hyped about laying paths and being able to approve villager house/tent placement, but one little item I’m a bit excited for is being able to move rocks! (It was shown in one of the videos that a rock was at the corner of a house and then later it had been moved…I’m not sure which video I’d need to rewatch to pinpoint the exact part that showed that, though!)

    Gonna do an article on your own most-anticipated features? (I like the tiny things people notice. Not just the wind in the trees, the rain ripples and the hair glow, but even the character models having beautiful shading, such as a bit of a blush to their cheeks or etc.)

  • Kikki

    June 28, 2019 / at 12:30 amsvg

    Oh yeah and, I’m a backer for Littlewood, too 🙂 But I gave my Steam key away in exchange for a Summer in Mara Switch key. I’m going to wait until Littlewood is complete and out on Switch before I start playing. 🙂

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    Animal Crossing New Horizons – 100 Things We Know For Sure