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Among Trees Build a Cabin in This Beautiful Survival Game

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Among Trees is a beautifully and carefully crafted indie game about building a cabin in the middle of a forest for the sole purpose of survival.

In Among Trees players will find themselves in the middle of a mysterious but colorful forest with a tiny cabin at hand. You will start the game by gathering resources, food, wood and anything else you can get your hands on. The tiny starter cabin can of course be expanded by adding new rooms to it, make the cottage your home and survive with style!

Among Trees also offers an expansive crafting system where players can plant food, harvest the crops and cook them into delicious and much needed food. You will also be able to go on a fishing trip, catch some fish and cook them for a delicious dinner as well – choices are yours! Of course there are also other side activities you came to love from similar sandbox survival games. Players will be able to enjoy tool crafting, exploration, cutting down trees for a steady wood supply and more.

Cooking in Among Trees

But sometimes the beauty of the forest can be misleading. The wild can get back at you when you least expect it, so it is important to stay stealthy and healthy to make sure to avoid the deadly beasts hidden down in the forest, as you go on an exploration journey through the beautiful woods and caves surrounding your cabin.


Among Trees Key Features

  • This is your little wood cabin. Located in the heart of a lush forest, the cabin is expandable: build new rooms and unlock additional game mechanics, including food cooking, plant growing, and tool crafting.
  • Explore a colorful, breathing world that is filled to the brim with life. From dense forests to dark caves.
  • Stay safe as you explore. Do what you need to do: scavenging for food, catching fish, and chopping down trees.Stay stealthy so that you can avoid the wild, deadly beasts that roam the forest. Stay warm during ice cold blizzards – and who knows what other dangers the night brings.

Among Trees is currently in a limited pre-alpha state. If you’d like to support this stunning project and get access to the early version of the game you can get your key for Among Trees right here! You can also wishlist the game on Steam already!


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    Among Trees Build a Cabin in This Beautiful Survival Game