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Almatetra – A Cosmic Mystery Adventure

I love fall, and especially love Halloween. I eagerly await it every year. I’m always in search of cozy games to play that get me in the right mood for the time of year, so I’m excited to share games I think fit that mood. And next up on my list of games to get you into the spirit of Halloween is Almatetra! This adorable little game is another perfectly cozy, yet spooky game to add to your to-be-played list. Overall, it’s a short little action-adventure game with some combat and mystery! 

Embark on a journey that will have you questioning your reality. You play as a girl living in a world ruined by mysterious cosmic forces. You’re also haunted by a ghost named Mary, and on a mission to find your missing friend. The rest of your friends join you in your search and a very unlikely companion joins you too. 

Will you find your missing friend? And exactly what happened to your friend?

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You can find Almatetra on now!


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I'm just a girl with a love for traveling, video games, books, and writing. My favorite games are Stardew Valley and Wylde Flowers. I also enjoy spending my time with my significant other and our cat, Charlie, and going to concerts. You can find me on Twitter @PlanetHauth and Threads planet.hauth where I interact with game devs and other metal fans!


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    Almatetra – A Cosmic Mystery Adventure