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Alchemy Story Update and Steam Early Access this Month

svgAug 10, 2019NewsJoelle

Alchemy Story is coming to Steam Early Access this August 22nd and you’ll be able to transmute six villagers and complete the first part of the storyline. Meaning, there will be some adorable animals walking around town that were former humans but have been cursed by the Witch. They need your help to remember who they are! You’ll also get to farm, fish, garden, forage, chop some trees, mine, and brew potions. See below for Éloïse Laroche’s, the sole creator of the game, newest update which includes one last spellbound character and some other amazing new additions.

Devlog – July 2019

After helping this mysterious cat complete his transmutation, all spellbound villagers will be liberated from the Witch’s curse! While the village will be restored, this doesn’t mean the end of your quest. On the contrary, a new chapter will begin once you meet the Witch…

Luckily, a few villagers weren’t spellbound and this fisherman, Aiden Luckywave, is one of them! You’ll be able to chat with him to get your first fishing pole, learn some fishing tips and complete deliveries to earn some gold.

Research and brew six new potions, such as the Forester Potion which will increase your luck when cutting down trees, or the Golden Brew to gain a random amount of gold when you drink it! 


Unlock different outfits and hairstyles in the villager’s shops! Once an outfit is purchased, it’s placed in your dresser and you can change clothes from home. The plan is to add more clothes you can unlock from quests and secret areas around the village later on.

If you missed the last update for Alchemy Story, you can read our article here: Snacko, Alchemy Story, Ooblets, & Button City Indie Updates. You can also view some of our gameplay footage of an earlier demo of the game here: Alchemy Story – Demo Version Summary. Something that was mentioned in our demo was how adorable the chicks are with their little red bows so naturally we here at myPotatoGames will be all over that new in-game T-shirt.


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    Alchemy Story Update and Steam Early Access this Month