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A Little to the Left Getting New DLC

A Little to the Left is a relaxing game all about organizing. Play through 100 unique logic puzzles featuring charming illustrations and satisfying gameplay. Play through levels at your pace and in whoever order you choose. Each puzzle has multiple solutions, so you aren’t forced to figure out the singular way to solve. The puzzles are all hidden among common household items, too. Organize books, the kitchen junk drawer, chess pieces, and so much more. You can even utilize the Let It Be function to skip puzzles that have you stumped. Or use a hint to help you along! 

Now, developer Max Inferno and publisher Secret Mode, have announced a brand new DLC to add even more cozy puzzle fun to A Little to the Left! This new DLC, called Seeing Stars, adds 33 new levels for you to enjoy. These new levels are a mixture of multiple solutions type puzzles and traditional organizational puzzles. There are also 5 new bonus levels to complete. Fold, flap, crush, join, stick, bounce, stack, strum and smash your way through each of these pleasant puzzles. Each level has up to five different possible solutions, with 100 total different intriguing solutions to uncover. As you play the levels, keep an eye out for collectible stars. There are 100 in total to collect. You’ll even get to see some cute kitties as you tidy up! 

Release Date

You can pick up the fabulously relaxing A Little to the Left: Seeing Stars on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch now!



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    A Little to the Left Getting New DLC