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    Ooblets, a life simulation and creature collection adventure game from developers Glumberland, is an outstandingly adorable game. Players customize their own character and move to the run-down little town of Badgetown. There, you’ll learn all about the cute little creatures called ooblets. These fun and whimsical little creatures come in all shapes and colors, and can even help you on your farm where you’ll grow crops as well as new ooblets! Join an Ooblet Club, have dance battles with other trainers and their ooblets, and complete quests to liven up the town. Also decorate your home, buy new clothes to match your style, open your very own shop, and much more.

    The Ooblets and Dance Battles

    If you’re familiar with Pokemon, then you’ll be familiar with the idea behind collecting Ooblets in all their shapes and colors. Some are rarer than others, of course, and each town and biome you visit will feature their very own types of ooblets. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock more ooblets for each area, too. 

    What really tickles me is the use of trainer battles, but instead of trying to hurt and knock out the other team, you compete in a dance battle. Dance battles involve a deck of cards that have certain abilities on them. The contents of your deck (and your opponent’s) depends on the ooblets you’ve chosen for your team. Each ooblet type has certain abilities, and as they level up, you’ll unlock new abilities and cards. For example, dumbirbs add in a card that lets you add “trepidation” to the opponent’s deck, which is adding useless cards to their deck so they’ll draw blank cards. That makes them unable to gain points, which are needed to win. The first person to the point total (which depends on the size of the group you are battling), wins. 

    Ultimately, it’s a simple little change to the usual creature collection battle style, but it’s wildly successful for a cozy game, in my opinion. The music used is fun and upbeat without being annoying. The dancing animations are adorable. The use of cards to choose moves is creative, too. Plus, when you win, kind words and congratulations are given to the opponent. It’s heartwarming. 

    Aside from the battles, your little ooblet friends are useful on the farm! Build them small Oob Coops, assign them specific jobs, and they’ll help with the farm chores. They can water crops, pick crops, battle weeds, break up rocks, and harvest logs so you can focus on dance battles and quests. Don’t forget to dress them up in the cute ooblet accessories you’ll collect from completing quests. Make them even more adorable than they already are.

    The Overall Game

    Glumberland really nailed it with this game. Aside from the adorable creatures and fun dance battles, the humor is just spot on. Overall, the game is goofy. There’s a wide cast of characters with wildly varying personalities and dialogues. Some are scathing, some sweet, and some just don’t make sense, adding to the silliness of their image. Items have weird names (like the sprinklehot or the dribbly can). People’s names aren’t standard, every-day things either. You’ll meet people like Churles who runs the clothing store, and Rugnolia who’s the local scientist (think Professor Oak). Whatever I’m doing in the game, it usually succeeds in making me giggle at least once here and there at its cute absurdity.

    Ooblets uses a beautifully vibrant color scheme without being painfully bright. Plus, each area features its very own look and introduces a new unique biome into the mix, allowing for some fun exploration. Add in a variety of quests, home renovations, farming, and ooblet dance battles, there’s a lot to do and love in this game.

    Final Thoughts

    I don’t know if I adequately captured the silliness and beauty of Ooblets, but perhaps it’s better to just experience it first-hand. I cannot recommend this game enough. It is adorable. It’s funny. It’s cozy and relaxing, too. Ooblets is a great addition to the farming sim genre, and should be added to your list of games to play

    Ultimately, I give it: 

    Ooblets is available on the Epic Games store, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. There are plans for a Steam release at some point, too.

    Check out Monster Harvest or Palworld for more creature collection fun.

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  • svgAug 18, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Farm and Dance Your Way to Success

    In Ooblets, you will get to fully customize your character with a ton of different styles and accessories. Then, spend your days renovating your farm. Turn your ramshackle home into a beautiful place with numerous design items and pieces of furniture you can collect.

    Grow some otherworldly crops, make them into treats, and sell them in your shop located in town. Raise weird, magical creatures called ooblets to participate in dance tournaments. Build your team of ooblets and level them up to win the card-based dance-offs with wild ooblets or other ooblet trainers.

    You’ll also get to explore numerous unique regions, all of which have different characteristics and plant life to discover. Forge new friendships with the townsfolk, and help the mayor save Badgetown. Perhaps even join a club that suits you. Play mini games and take part in daily challenges, such as dance-offs, quests, and earning badges. You may even unearth some secrets along the way! 

    September 1st Release for Nintendo Switch

    Wholesome Games announced on their official Twitter that Ooblets is not only releasing on Nintendo Switch on September 1st, but that version 1.0 will also be available. Unfortunately, no release date has been released for the Steam version, though you can add it to your wishlist. Xbox players can also find the game here. You can also find it on the Epic Games store.

    You can check out our coverage of previous Ooblets updates here.
    For another game that takes place in an alien world, check out One Lonely Outpost, or Peridot for more creature collection.

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  • svgMay 15, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Full Version Includes New Areas, Wildlands, Shopping, Card Battles, Friendly Neighbours, Mini-Games, Farming, Dancing, Rollerskating and More!

    During Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase (May 2022), we were treated with a never-before-seen Ooblets trailer. Announcing, version 1.0 coming to the Switch this Summer! That means that the adorable creature-collecting dance-partying adventure simulation game will be leaving Early Access and releasing in full!

    A lot of updates have been added since Ooblets launched in 2020. Most recently the additional feature of running your own store. In case you have been waiting for the full version of the game and haven’t kept up with news, Ooblets will now have new levels and a complete campaign. For example, Port Foward includes a boardwalk where you buy tokens to play arcade games/mini-games. Furthermore, Pantsabear Hill is an area which is covered in snow, puzzles, and Pantsabears. You’ll also have many more accessories, clothing, furniture, and over 45 Ooblets to clutter and decorate your farm with.

    Ooblets 1.0 Coming to PC, Xbox, Switch This Summer

    You can find Ooblets’ official Nintendo Switch listing right here. There isn’t a more specific date other than Summer 2022, however the developers, Glumberland, assure players that “unless something goes really wrong” they will have one soon.

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  • svgApr 18, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Your Own Shop, New Wildlands Quests, and Missing Ooblets

    In Ooblets latest update (0.99), you can run your own shop, complete new Wildlands quests, and embark on missions from townspeople to find their missing Ooblets.

    The Ooblets developers already gave us the ability to “put things on things”, which now seemed like the perfect precursor to being able to display things for your very own store! Remember that one door in town you just couldn’t open? Well, now you can! With tables and shelves, you can sell your extra accessories, food you cook, and any other items! No more deleting items out of existence and gaining nothing in return! Furthermore, you can customize your shop’s wallpaper and flooring, and use whatever else you already purchased for your home to decorate.

    Another new major feature is to add things to do in the Wildlands. Before, you had to just leave your duplicate Ooblets alone and forget about them. Now, you can visit the Wildlands for seed requests, mystery can cleanup, watering plants, and retrieving Ooblets that have wandered out. It seems that even the townsfolk of Badgetown have runaway Ooblets in need of retrieval!

    Available Now in Early Access

    This adorable creature farming sim is created by indie team Glumberland. If you missed their last big update, check out what was added here. Ooblets is available in Early Access now on PC here and Xbox here. Although, note that there now has been a small price hike since the game’s humble beginnings.

    Interested in customizing your own shop or restaurant? Check out Cat Cafe Manager here: Cat Cafe Manager is Out Today on Switch and Steam.

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  • svgJun 14, 2021Indie Highlight

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    Ooblets latest update introduced a new region, recipes and a bunch more.

    For the ones who don’t know Ooblets is an Animal Crossing and Pokemon hybrid game, the creators of this game call it ” sort of something like Harvest Moon meets Pokémon meets Animal Crossing meets the weird awkward people we are “.

    In Ooblets you will not only be able to plant, water and harvest crops, but you can also manage and expand your farm, collect all sort of items, make friends, go exploring and just so much more!

    Ooblets Port Forward Content Update

    The free content update introduced 6 new arcade games that you can access on the main boardwalk. Once you achieve a high score on all six games you will be granted access to the new region called Port Forward.

    In addition to a whole new area to explore you will also find a new mini seed shop for your gardening needs, this little shop may also offer two new crops – Thimbi & Cellulettuce.

    There is plenty of more to discover in the latest update to make it easier and to celebrate the latest update the two developers behind Ooblets shared a little gameplay trailer showing off everything new in Ooblets Port Forward.

    The content update is now live, if you own the game you can download Port Forward now.

    Palia – Open World Animal Crossing Style Game

    For more adorable gaming news, take a peak at the recently announced Palia, an open world Animal Crossing game you can play with your friends.

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  • svgDec 8, 2020Quick Bits

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    Time to enjoy a new winter wonderland now that the Coldyrain Update is live in Ooblets.

    What is basically the cutest creature collection game currently on the market has gotten even cuter. The winter update for Ooblets is now live, and the whole world has been coated in a blanket of fluffy snow. That’s not all! There has also been all kinds of new content added to the game with this update. So, if you are yet to give it a try, now is the perfect time to pick up Ooblets.


    About Ooblets.

    For those that have been living under a rock, Ooblets is farming sim/creature collection game with a ton of charm. The creatures that you “collect” (actually you have to grow them yourself) are called Ooblets, and they love to dance. They are the most adorable little squishy creatures that jump at the opportunity to do your bidding.

    Ooblets is currently available on Xbox and PC via the Epic Store. The developers mentioned that the update will also bring “New snowy weather, plant heaters, meltilizer, snowplops, and a brand new friend…”.

    Ooblets Trailer

    More info

    For more information on Ooblets, you can check out my coverage here.

    For more great creature collection games, check out my coverage of Temtem coming to PS5.

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  • svgSep 15, 2020Indie Highlight

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    The developers of Ooblets have announced that they will be releasing a new spooky update this month!

    Ooblets is the cutest creature collection indie game that everyone should currently be playing. Ooblets are little creatures that you grow from the ground, befriend, and then use their help to get into dance battles with anything feelin’ froggy.

    Well, the game is already getting even better with its very first big content update. The update will bring an all new zone to explore. This new area will be totally themed with an all-too-familiar and always welcomed Halloween vibe.

    Ooblets Early Access

    What is this new region?

    The new zone is called Nullwhere, and give us access to all new Ooblets, ones that will undoubtedly fit the same theme as the rest of the update. The update will also bring a few new characters to meet and interact with.

    The developers also went on to mention that…
    “It’ll [(the update)] be permanent. The game should auto-update (if you bought it legally!) when the update comes out sometime this month.”

    Announcement Tweet

    More info

    For more information on Ooblets, you can check out my coverage here.

    For more super cute creature collection indie games, check out my coverage of Ova Magica.

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  • svgAug 24, 2020Indie Highlight

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    Ooblets just received its first Roadmap and it is packed with a bunch of new features fans have been waiting for!

    For the ones who have been living underneath a rock, Ooblets is a Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and Pokémon inspired game. You are free to go fishing, do some farming or jump into a spontaneous dance party.

    The game has already launched via Early Access and since then received a whooping 25 patches since its release back in July, 2020.

    Ooblets Content Update brings new Ooblets, Regions and more!

    Todays Roadmap announcement promises major new content updates to come in the next few months.

    The first update will become available sometime in September and will make Nullwhere a visitable region in the game where you can find some new Ooblets. In addition to that Rebecca and Ben might also add some new clothing items – but these might come with the Halloween event in October.

    The two developers are also trying to introduce the first ever Ooblets Halloween event in the form of a scavenger hunt but no other details have been revealed just yet.

    In December players can look forward to exploring the Wildlands where you more Ooblets fun takes place! During the winter months we may also get to see some snow falling which is a great way to experience the joy of the Holidays in video games!

    Pikmin 3 Coming to Nintendo Switch

    For even more adorable creatures, take a peak at the first look of Pikmin 3 Deluxe coming to Nintendo Switch.

    If you want to get in the mood for spooky season, the Stardew Valley of Magic, Witchbrook – received an updated art style, it looks… beautiful!

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