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  • svgNov 24, 2021Indie Highlight

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    Garden paws is awaiting its next free update and its going to be magical!

    If you haven’t heard much about Garden Paws yet, the game has it all as you can garden, farm, fish, mine and even run your very own shop, tame wild animals, decorate yourself and your home, build new stores and cute homes for the town, and just so much more! 

    All in one its an adorable game where you live in an even cuter world with sweet villagers.

    The developers recently announced that a major new update is heading our way. The free update will introduce a bunch of new and highly requested features. First of we will be getting a “ton” of new quests which will further enrich the gameplay.

    In addition to new quests we can also look forward to new rice crops that we will be able to plant in our garden. Crops can of course be harvested to cook them into delicious meals or even sell them in your own tiny boutique.

    The team behind the game also sprinkles in a little bit of wonder with the upcoming magical mannequins but no more details have been revealed on this as of yet.

    These are just a few things that we can look forward to playing around with once the update hits later this year!

    Garden paws Release Date and Nintendo Switch Version

    Garden Paws is currently available on Steam and on the Nintendo Switch eShop. If you haven’t given it a try yet I highly recommend you take a peak, its adorable!

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  • svgSep 12, 2021Indie Highlight

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    Its finally happening, Garden Paws arrives on Nintendo Switch following multiple delays.

    If you haven’t heard much about Garden Paws yet, the game has it all as you can garden, farm, fish, mine and even run your very ownshop, tame wild animals, decorate yourself and your home, build new stores and cute homes for the town, and just so much more! 

    One of the best things about Garden Paws is the almost unrestricted multiplayer. Everything you can do in the game you can enjoy with a friend or even multiple friends – because the developers know, everything is better together!

    The small team behind the team announced today that Garden Paws is arriving on Switch this week! This announcement got fans excited as the Switch port was delayed multiple times throughout the last year.

    Nintendo Switch River Map and More!

    The Nintendo Switch version is currently a few updates behind the PC version which includes the Human DLC, some furniture and the River Map. The developers shared on twitter that the river map is being added to the Switch version sometime this week ( week of September 13th ). The other missing content pieces are expected to follow later, with no specific release date given just yet.

    Garden Paws Nintendo Switch Release Date

    Garden Paws is now available on Nintendo Switch, as of August 26th. Take a peak at the celebration trailer below!

    Palia – an Animal Crossing and Fantasy Life hybrid game

    If you love farming and life simulation game with a bit of adventure, take a look at Palia!

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  • svgAug 3, 2021Indie Highlight

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    The developers of Garden Paws recently announced that they are making headway for the Switch launch of their game.

    Since its release on PC, players have been absolutely head over heals for Garden Paws. It is a farming and life sim game that has charm to beat the band. Not only that; it also contains just about every feature you could hope for in a farming sim game.

    With the successful release on Steam, the developers have decided that it is time to bring their game to the (imo) best console currently on the market, the Nintendo Switch. The devs recently mentioned in a Tweet that they have been making great progress toward their Switch release.

    In the Tweet the developers mention that there is a good chance that Garden Pals will release on Switch this month, August 2021. For those that are just discovering the game, and would like to know more, you can find everything you need on their Steam page (don’t forget to wishlist while there).

    For more great news from the farming sim genre, My Time At Portia will soon be getting a free content update.

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  • svgMay 11, 2021Quick Bits

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    Update: Garden Paws will be hopefully still be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

    One of my favorite adorable life SIM games, Garden Paws, has been growing and changing all the time. I have even had the chance to get my hands on it personally, and I absolutely love it. I have noticed, however, that when I share what I know about this wonderful title, I always get the same question; when is Garden Paws coming to the Nintendo Switch?

    The most recent information given in regards to the Switch port was via a Tweet response, in which the developers mentions that they are still plugging away at the port. I reached out to the developers of the game and they mentioned that they are certainly still working on the Switch port, but that there is still no eta.

    Garden Paws Switch

    For those of you that missed out on this super charming game, you can view some of my coverage to find out more. The most recent update, ten things you might not know, and even a review of the title are available here. Keep an eye on MPG to find out what the developers have to say about a more solid date.

    Garden Paws Steam Trailer

    For up to date information on the game, be sure to follow the official Twitter account. For more info on the game as well as a chance to play it for yourself, visit the Steam page.

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  • svgOct 17, 2020Indie Highlight

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    Garden Paws is an adorable Animal Crossing inspired game where you build and live inside an animal filled village.

    Garden Paws was one of the surprise indie game in the recent years. It is feature packed and absolutely adorable.

    The game has it all as you can garden, farm, fish, mine and even run your very ownshop, tame wild animals, decorate yourself and your home, build new stores and cute homes for the town, and just so much more!

    You can always pick up a new quests to either progress the town or to help out some villagers makes it so that everything you do has a grander purpose, aside from just being cute that is.

    Animal Breeding coming to Garden Paws

    And yet another update is coming to Garden Paws, expanding the list of features once again. The latest update will introduce animal breeding. At first you will have the choice to breed chickens, sheep and cats and more choices are coming in future updates.

    Once you breed a certain animal you have a small chance to get a rare color and even size variations.

    The update will be a free addition to the game and if you own the game on Steam you will be able to download it once available. If you are new to the game make sure to check out this Garden Paws beginner guide for the game!

    Garden Paws Release Date

    Garden Paws is already available on Steam for PC and Mac. A Nintendo Switch version of the game is already confirmed and in progress. I reached out to the developers for a release date of the Switch version and was told that its making great progress and more news will be shared closer to the actual release date!

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  • svgNov 23, 2019News

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    I last spoke of Garden Paws when there was a special community event in Creative Mode online to celebrate the release of Bitten Toast Games’ new crafting game Potion Paws. Potion Paws will be available very soon to everyone on Steam Early Access here which means you’ll have access to those cross-over items I mentioned (such as the ride-able pet cat ghost) if you own both games. With this new Garden Paws update, we’ll not only have access to the aforementioned penguin pets and jewelry workstation, but also new workstations, animals, items and over 80 quests!

    New Animals

    All animals in Garden Paws can be tamed with the proper items and habitats and then placed anywhere, including your farm! Some examples include deer, hippos, bears, and ferrets! See below for the new additions that you can find around Florens!


    We knew about the possibility of spotting penguins on the northern island in the Winter season and about taming them to place them in an igloo habitat. But did you know that these adorable cuties can be found in black, pink or blue? There is even a cute baby penguin that’s smaller than the rest!

    Once you have this companion tamed in its igloo, it will bring you rocks, fish and even geodes once a day! If you find yourself with 100 tamed penguins you may even spot the Legendary Penguin that is so large it can be ridden!

    Kitsune Fox

    Regular foxes can be found in Garden Paws in the forests during all seasons and in the Winter you can tame an Arctic Fox! Now there’s another rare and unique fox to tame; the Kitsune Fox!

    Tame a total of 25 foxes and you may spot the Kitsune Fox in the forest! This fox can be tamed in just one day with a Bright Damsel fish. If you tame 100 Foxes you may even spot the Legendary Kitsune Fox that is large enough to be a mount! The Kitsune Fox and Legendary Kitsune Fox have a higher chance to bring rare fish and can even bring you a Mystery Box.

    The Robot

    O.K. this isn’t really an animal but bring this little helper home and it will collect all dropped animal products and will even milk your cows and goats! Ferrets would collect items and products but there was previously no other way to collect milk as you needed to use a milker! If you’re in your 3rd year, you’ll get a certain quest from Mooney to pick up a mystery crate from Conrad. Follow the beeps to your very own collection robot!

    New Workstations

    Aside from the Jewelry Workstation where you’re able to craft 30 jewelry items from metals and gems to sell for a profit, there are 2 new workstations and they are as follows:

    Decoration Station – At this station you’ll be able to cook decorative cakes that are too pretty to eat but sell for a great profit.

    Dungeon Workstation – Been exploring the dungeon? This may be the workstation for you. With it you’ll be able to craft items and even a healing powder from dungeon loot.

    New Items

    Admiring all of the objects and homes of the villagers in Florens? Well now you’ll have access to new building materials and a lot of those same items for yourself! Create your dream bathroom with an adorable new bathtub (it was my vote to add the rubber duckies) or embellish your gardens with wooden benches and gates. Take a look below at your new options!

    Furniture – Looking to add to your home? We’ve added a few new crafting recipes to compliment any home including; an outhouse, ladder, overpass, small tables, a toilet and a bathtub with duckies.

    Garden Items – We’ve added quite a few new items to spruce up any garden including decorative benches, hedges, small trees, and a street lamp.

    Decorations – Ask Roman about the new decoration items including book piles, diamonds, coin stacks, wood piles and more.

    T’is the Season!

    You may have come across my article for the Spring Festival that includes finding Easter Eggs for amazing prizes. We’ve also received a new Summer Festival a few updates ago that includes even more mini-games such as Balloon Popping, Lawn Mowing and Memory Game! With your tickets you can buy new summer items such as floaties, swimwear, and beach balls! Since the Memory Game was such as fan-favorite, there will be one to play in the Winter as well! This mini-game will also give you the chance to acquire exclusive items that can only be obtained this way.

    There are 21 new and unique winter themed items including a Candy Cane Fence, Ice Table, Ice Shelves, a Sleigh and a Winter Tree.

    Next update will bring a huge new island to Garden Paws. This island is larger than the main island and will feature rare and unique creatures never before seen in Garden Paws! I have it on good authority that you’ll be able to tame some ride-able dragons and gain access to Creative Mode’s Flying Carpet and Jetpack in the main game! The developers are also working on the dungeon to add more floors and bosses.

    With all of these exciting new additions to Garden Paws, it is possible that the developers may have to delay their December 2019 Nintendo Switch release although that still remains to be seen. Can’t wait any longer? You can purchase Garden Paws on Steam right here.

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  • svgSep 7, 2019Event

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    With the Kickstarter campaign of Potion Paws going live last Thursday, September 5th, 2019, the developers at Bitten Toast Games decided to throw an online community event within the multiplayer mode of Garden Paws. You may remember our review of the most adorable simulation RPG here and how we haven’t yet had the chance to try out the online feature of the game. Since it has been one of our favorites this year, we backed its spookier potion-making counterpart Potion Paws and took part in the giveaways and party! Besides, if you own both games on Steam, you’ll get crossover items in Creative Mode.

    Online Multiplayer and Creative Mode

    When you play online in Garden Paws, you have the choice to create a server room and allow up to 4 players into your world. They can help you farm, fight monsters in the dungeon, and pretty much anything else you can do in single-player campaign. This is also a particularly useful way to share rare items. Creative Mode is basically a sandbox mode where you already have access to every single item the game has to offer with some added bonuses which include: a jetpack and magic carpet to fly around, the lawnmower from the Summer games festival, confetti canon, and more! If you’re looking for players to join you can always check out the awesome community of Garden Paws on the official Discord channel here.

    Garden Paws Online Community Event

    The developers Dan and Kristina are frequently live-streaming on Twitch showcasing gameplay, accepting requests from followers while they continue to add new items and features to the game, and occasionally put on a “creative challenge” out to the community. Meaning, they tell you the theme and you can use the tools and items at your disposal to build and paint anything you can imagine! As mentioned above, to celebrate the Kickstarter launch of Potion Paws, Kristina opened a Dev Server allowing up to 32 people to join and create something carnival themed. You can catch the full 8-hour stream on Twitch here, or see below for our particular experience!

    Photo Gallery of Online Party

    Since the theme was “carnival”, fellow tater Joelle (that’s me!) decided to join the fun and created her own Balloon Shop! In Garden Paws you can either have your character hold balloons in their hands while running around, or place them anywhere for decoration. As seen in the screenshots below, you can build foundations, fences, paths and place furniture, and then you can paint them with solid colors or patterns. There are even letters of the alphabet to use! I gave anyone who walked up to my booth a balloon because I was so proud of my contribution to this event.

    Next up we took a look at Kristina’s (the dev) half-built Ferris-wheel using wood pieces and cabana benches. We all took the available seating for a wonderful photo-op overlooking the sea and islands.

    Here we have a wonderfully creative way to build a merry-go-round using in-game farm animals and pets! The details here must have taken quite a long time! Everyone hopped on for a ride! I chose the glittering rare unicorn because I could; I got there first.

    There were 3 major attractions that actually turned into little mini-games for all to try out. Someone took garden hedges and created quite the challenging maze, another created a huge 3-story glass house maze, and finally at the tallest point on the island you could glide through some hoops and bounce off of trampolines at the bottom. It took me a while to complete the glass house maze but I had some excellent cheerleaders by my side!

    During Creative Mode, you still go through the day/night cycle so that all of your hard work saves at the end of the day. Every time we start the day, we end up together in a specific location which lead to shenanigans. This area of the gallery contains immature screenshots because, well, there exists a fart mechanic. “Look Ma! I’m farting on Twitch TV!”

    We redeemed ourselves afterward by celebrating with many fireworks and confetti! This is what happens when you can place as many fireworks as you want before lighting them and being able to equip a confetti canon that you can fire off to your hearts content!

    Here are a few other buildings created by the community, including a floating deck perfect for relaxing and enjoying the view. No worries about falling, we’re all wearing jetpacks. We’d also really like to know who built that boat from scratch and how!

    After a long day of partying, we all relaxed inside a forest sanctuary built by placing quite a few trees to form walls. I have my pet deer with me and I’m roasting some marshmallows by the fire.

    I had a really fun experience with the online multiplayer of Garden Paws and would like to thank everyone that joined this party! Hopefully this brings even more players to the game and to this amazing community full of really great people. If you have any extra screenshots of this event, please feel free to share them with us on social media or comment/tag if you see your character. If you’re just starting out, you can check out some of our Garden Paws tips for beginners here.

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  • svgSep 5, 2019News

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    Potions Paws is created by the developers of Garden Paws; Bitten Toast Games. It’s a shorter standalone game with a spooky theme that includes potion-crafting and dungeon-crawling. If you own both Garden Paws and Potion Paws on Steam you’ll unlock a spooky furniture set, a cat ghost companion, and more! The Kickstarter is live right now (September 5th, 2019) and you can make a pledge for a Steam key and many exclusive rewards right here. We backed this project right away and wanted to point at that the higher tiers will include a pet black cat with a cape! See below for a summary of the Kickstarter page.

    About Potion Paws

    You’ve decided to take the risk and purchase a run down house in the middle of a spooky forest near a dungeon overrun with monsters. Lucky for you you’ve been trained in the art of Potion making! Explore the land and dungeon for ingredients to create powerful potions and tasty delicacies. Sell your extra potions and prepared foods to the merchant for a bit of coin. You can use this coin to purchase recipe books, and even expand the land around you. When you unlock new areas you’ll find new ingredients, crafting recipes, crops, animals, secrets and more.

    The Pet Ghost Cat

    Unfortunately for you, you’re not a fighter. Many potions have powerful effects which can aid you in battle, whether it’s to make you smaller, faster, blow up areas and monsters or a potion to summon a cute ghost to just hang out.

    Exploring and Unlocking the Map

    Your adventure starts at the spooky old house you just bought, which is right by the entrance of an old mysterious dungeon. Heavy fog covers this lands but don’t worry! You can use your resources to clear the fog and uncover more land to explore and find more items to collect! With each area you unlock there are new materials, secrets, and even creatures you can find and carry home. You will want to explore as much of the map as you can and unlock all its treasures. Any item that is larger than you will have to be carried so grab those sheep and toss them into your pen!

    Potion Crafting

    With your alchemist skills at hand you can use your cauldron to create a wide variety of potions. Potions can be sold or used for its effects. You can use a potion by drinking it or throwing it to alter the world around you or defeat monsters. For example, if you make a Cactus Potion and drink it, you’ll grow spikes and enemies that touch you will take damage. But if you throw the cactus potion at a group of enemies, spikes will grow out of the ground hurting them.

    Cooking Recipes

    This world is full of monster parts, plants and more that you can use to craft into unique goods to sell! You can cook delicious monster treats and craft powerful potions that have plenty of different effects! You can fight monsters in the old mysterious dungeon for treasures and rare ingredients.


    Go here for Potion Paws and Garden Paws merchandise on sale for a limited time and customize your design of choice on t-shirts, tapestries, phone cases, tote bags, mugs, pillows, stickers, and more!

    Release Date Timeline

    Potion Paws is coming up on being fully complete! Garden Paws will continue to receive updates and don’t forget that Garden Paws is also coming to the Nintendo Switch in December 2019 so stay tuned with myPotatoGames!

    • September 5th, 2019 – Kickstarter Starts
    • October 1st, 2019 – Kickstarter Ends
    •  Early October 2019 – Beta Test Copies are sent.
    •  Mid October 2019 – Release on Steam
    •  Q4 2019 – Crossover items implemented to Garden Paws
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